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Video: Ma Huateng's blockchain ambitions of Tencent



As Ma Huateng said, under the huge Tencent ecosystem, the blockchain is fully embracing Tencent's industrial Internet, and Ma Huateng's blockchain ideal has just set sail.

The National Archives Administration held a video lecture on blockchain technology: On June 19, the National Archives Administration held a video lecture on blockchain technology, inviting relevant experts to discuss "the development trend of blockchain technology and its application in archiving evidence" made an explanation. A total of 350 people, including Chen Shiju, deputy director of the General Office of the Central Committee, members of the leadership team of the State Archives Bureau, and some representatives of cadres and workers, participated in the special lectures at the main venue and branch venues. Lu Guoqiang, director of the State Archives Administration, presided over the lecture.

IOST co-founder Terry, as an industry expert and keynote speaker, led relevant parties on "Blockchain technology development trend and its application in file storage" and "IOST blockchain underlying core technology (IOS--Internet of Services)". made an introduction.

When hosting the lecture, Lu Guoqiang pointed out that it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the significance of applying blockchain and other new generation information technologies in archival work. General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the application and development of information technology, emphasizing that "informatization has brought a golden opportunity to the Chinese nation", "without network security, there will be no national security, and without informatization, there will be no modernization." [2020/6/22]

Scammers use SpaceX videos to defraud more than $2 million in BTC: According to previous reports, criminals are using the names of Tesla founder Elon Musk and his company SpaceX to carry out Bitcoin scams on YouTube. There are often videos on Youtube that promote a scam claiming that Elon Musk gave away 5,000 BTC or 10,000 BTC. There have been recent scams asking people to send them bitcoins, promising twice the amount of sent BTC back immediately.

Justin Lister, chief executive of cybersecurity firm Adaptiv, has tracked bitcoins sent to scam promoters' vanity addresses containing names like Elon Musk, Telsa or Spacex over the past month. He tracked down 66 addresses that were reported to, a public database of Bitcoin addresses used by hackers and criminals. According to its research and data, a total of 214 BTC was sent to such vanity addresses, worth more than $2 million. Since scammers don't just use vanity addresses, their combined earnings from this type of scam can exceed $2 million.

Note: A vanity address is a bitcoin address that begins with a specific word. ([2020/6/21]

A large number of pictures and videos of Pengci "TACU Asian Exchange" and "TAC Longteng Coin" are false news: Recently, there have been "ACU Mother Currency", "YAC Sub Technology" and "Sub Technology" on the Internet. " and "TAC International Wallet" as the core of the promotional pictures and videos were disseminated in the "TACU Asia Exchange" community. After verification, these promotional videos and promotional pictures have nothing to do with the TACU platform and TAC Dragon Token. The TACU Asian Exchange officially stated that please do not trust unconfirmed news, and please refer to the announcement to avoid economic losses. If there is a negative impact on TACU Asia Exchange, TACU Asia Exchange will reserve the right to pursue its legal responsibility. [2020/3/23]


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Video: Ma Huateng's blockchain ambitions of Tencent

As Ma Huateng said, under the huge Tencent ecosystem, the blockchain is fully embracing Tencent's industrial Internet.

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