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Golden Good Article Collection | How does Polkadot, the king of cross-chains, build a public chain empire?



Polkadot, as the king in the cross-chain field, can also occupy the attention of users in the currency circle from time to time through its own continuous development under such a hot DeFi market this year.

Polkadot is a next-generation blockchain protocol capable of connecting multiple specialized blockchains into a unified network.

Polkadot has a main chain based on Substrate, which is called the relay chain. Other blockchains linked to this main chain are called parallel chains. Well-known public chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can all become parallel chains. chain. The relay chain realizes cross-chain communication between different blockchains, and establishes a unified ecosystem for decentralized parallel chains.

Jinse Finance Market Report 丨 BTC fluctuates slightly, bulls still need to gain momentum: According to the Huobi market, BTC as a whole maintained a slight shock today and the platform was sorted out. The daily chart maintained a volatile pattern after pulling up the day before yesterday, under pressure at the moving average MA30, and the pressure near 9400USDT was relatively high. The downward channel on the 4-hour chart ends, standing above the moving average. The 1-hour chart shows a breakthrough in the platform, but the bulls still need to gain momentum if they want to exert their strength. As of 10:00, the specific performance of mainstream currencies is as follows: [2020/7/8]

Parallel chain is an indispensable role in Polkadot ecology

To become a parachain, projects need to lease parachain slots, which are “slots” for connecting parachains to the relay chain. Slots will be allocated through auctions, which take place every six months.

Jinse Finance’s mining revenue data broadcast on March 4: According to Jinse Finance’s report, according to the data of Inbit, based on the BTC reference price of 61,500 yuan and the electricity price of 0.38 yuan/kWh, the market price and payback period of mainstream BTC mining machines currently on sale For: Whatsminer M20S-68T (new stock 11950 yuan, 306 days payback), Innosilicon T3+-57T (new spot 9500 yuan, 370 days payback), Avalon 1066-50T (new spot 5750 yuan, 268 days Payback), Ant S17+-67T (March futures 12,480 yuan, payback in 288 days). [2020/3/4]

How to bid for Polkadot Parachain?

Golden Morning News | Baidu Superchain cooperates with Beijing Internet Court The "shutdown" of the US government may affect the digital currency market: 1. Beijing Internet Court's blockchain evidence platform has collected more than one million pieces of data in three months.

2. India's Reliance acquired a 5.56% stake in Vakt, a blockchain oil trading platform.

3. Baidu Superchain cooperates with Beijing Internet Court. releases newly designed website and development roadmap.

5. The SEC's 2019 review priorities include digital assets.

6. China (Beijing) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone released the blockchain implementation plan.

7. The Central Bank of Israel is seeking public opinion on the regulation of virtual assets.

8. The study found that news events in Asia have a significant impact on Bitcoin price fluctuations.

9. The "shutdown" of the US government may affect the digital currency market. [2018/12/23]

How does Polkadot maintain the security of itself and its parachains?

How does Polkadot perform effective sharding between parachains?

The Polkadot network will have a phased launch plan, with each phase being a more decentralized milestone.

Gavin Wood's latest speech: Polkadot mainnet launch process

The online process starts with the "alternative chain", which will be released by the Web3 Foundation in the form of a proposal for the Polkadot relay chain. The alternative chain will generate a genesis block, which means that the chain is officially launched.

This new chain will run in the form of PoA (Proof of Authority), and the Web3 Foundation will fully control this chain.

Polkadot CC1: What does it mean that the main network has not reached the initial stage of PoA Polkadot?

The Polkadot blockchain will implement Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS), a relatively new scheme for selecting validators to participate in a consensus protocol.

Gavin's own handwriting: Polkadot launches the second phase of NPoS network

At the beginning, the governance function of the blockchain will be controlled by the Sudo module. The Sudo module is a very special functional module that allows a role, the Web3 Foundation, to completely control and rewrite all operations of the blockchain, including the chain logic, reprogrammed.

It includes four modules: The first is the referendum module, which allows the use of a token-weighted voting system, which means that token holders can control the fate of the Polkadot network to a certain extent.

Gavin Wood's personal letter: Polkadot's first on-chain governance vote is about to begin

The second is the Polkadot network council module, the third is the technical committee, and the fourth part is the department responsible for governance—the financial library.

Polkadot Governance Three Axes: Collective Consciousness, Change and Arbitration

The final operational logic upgrade initiated by the Web3 Foundation will remove the Sudo module and in the process remove its own omnipotent status, since it can delete chains just as it can generate new alternative chains.

DOT is the native token of the Polkadot network, just like  BTC  is the native token of Bitcoin, or ether is the native token of the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Polkadot DOT used for? What is the lock of DOT?

The most powerful support for the stable Polkadot ecosystem is grants, and the combination of token pledge and on-chain behavior. Grants can gather ecological participants, and token pledges can gather ecological participants and users' currency holdings.

Golden Observation|How to understand the essence of Polkadot’s ecological support?


Substrate 2.0 is here

With Substrate, the runtime is your blockchain canvas, providing you with maximum freedom to create and customize blockchains completely according to your application or business logic. In runtime.

Beijing Bitmain legal person "changes ownership": from Ketuan Zhan to Jihan Wu

Customers, employees, partners of Bitmain Group, and friends from the media:Thank you for your long-term concern, support and help to Bitmain Group. Beijing Bitmain Technology Co.

Nervos Q4 roadmap announced: advancing DeFi, infrastructure, ayer 2, developer experience, and research

On September 15th at 10am, Nervos hosted its first Town Hall Meeting for the community. In the meeting, Chief Architect Jan introduced the main plans for this year.

Golden Good Article Collection | How does Polkadot, the king of cross-chains, build a public chain empire?

Polkadot, as the king in the cross-chain field, can also occupy the attention of users in the currency circle from time to time through its own continuous development under such a hot DeFi market this year.Polkadot is.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank joins hands with Ant Group to help Shanghai become a benchmark for global fintech development

On September 25, 2020, during the Shanghai Bund Conference, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Ant Group signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. Under the witness of Zheng Yang.

Token: a light boat in the ocean of blockchain value

The blockchain was once hailed as a "credit machine" by The Economist.

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