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Attack on SubGift Future Ambition



The thing is like this, because the editor recently made a contract liquidation and suffered serious losses. In addition, the concept of NFT is very popular. You must carry antihypertensive medicine with you for coin investment projects, otherwise your body will not be able to withstand it.

Frankly speaking, as a editor who lost a lot of money in the NFT concept, I finally couldn't help it I want to diss the next project. When I invested in the project, I agreed to make a good value investment and everyone will make a fortune together. After I got in the car, the door was welded to death and the waterfall couldn't stop it. In order to keep everyone from being as miserable as the editor, the editor summarized through blood and tears, and sorted out how to evaluate the future prospects of a project and whether it is worth investing in.

Take Polkadot's NFT ecosystem SubGift as an example, the editor will teach you how to objectively analyze the quality of a project. I hope that you will not have to pay tuition fees everywhere after learning it.

Musk: Twitter has controlled expenses, but it is still not safe: According to news on December 26, Musk replied to Twitter users that although expenses have been controlled, Twitter is not yet safe. The company just isn't on the fast track to bankruptcy, but there's still a lot of work to be done. According to previous news, Musk said that once a successor is found, he will resign as CEO and will only be responsible for managing the software and server teams. [2022/12/26 22:07:25]

S advantage

The advantages of SubGift are very obvious. Based on the popular Polkadot NFT ecology, it is like being born with a golden key. Therefore, in the background of birth, SubGift is considered the forefront of the industry. OpenSea and Rarible are still using the ecology of Ethereum to provide GAS In the case of low circulation and headaches, SubGift is not only compatible with the main network of the TrustBase parachain, any smart contract platform using WASM can be perfectly integrated with SubGift, and the underlying high compatibility design makes SubGift get rid of the Polkadot parachain plug-in Due to the slot tenure limit, the SubGift business across multiple WASM platforms will circulate in the Polkadot global ecosystem and share the interoperability with the Polkadot parachain.

Ethereum Investors Earn Over $76 Billion in ROI: Jinse Finance reported that while cryptocurrency gains soared across the industry, Ethereum knocked Bitcoin out of the top spot in realized gains for investors, according to a Chainalysis report one. Globally, ETH earned $76.3 billion for investors, compared to $74.7 billion for BTC, the data showed. The Chainalysis team stated that Ethereum has surpassed Bitcoin in total realized gains globally, which we believe reflects increased demand for Ethereum due to the rise of DeFi in 2021. Additionally, U.S. investors received the most realized gains, estimated at $47 billion. It was followed by the United Kingdom ($8.1 billion), Germany ($5.8 billion), Japan ($5.5 billion) and China ($5.1 billion). (coingape)[2022/4/22 14:40:32]

This is the advantage of SubGift. In my opinion, it is also the biggest advantage. The ether is soaring into the sky, and the high GAS makes me a little daunting about NFT. Many people even say that the higher the price of Ethereum, the higher the price of NFT. The faster it is, it is because the GAS problem cannot be solved. Based on its own high compatibility and scalability, SubGift solves the impact of GAS. For retail investors, it is good news. We can reduce costs to participate in NFT. For developers, it is also good news. Polkadot’s global traffic Sharing greatly facilitates player mobility and activity.

B-Harvest will launch a new project Crescent to replace Gravity DEX on April 14: On April 8, Gravity DEX development team B-Harvest announced that the new project Crescent (CRE) replacing Gravity DEX is scheduled to be launched on April 14. And it will be transferred from Cosmos Hub to Crescent, the Cosmos-based blockchain of the same name. The B-Harvest team also plans to flesh out the platform with a range of new features, including a cross-blockchain lending facility as well as a new order book DEX model. Once Crescent is launched, B-Harvest's old protocol Gravity will continue to operate, and Crescent will provide users with staking rewards to attract users to migrate their liquidity to the new protocol.

As previously reported, the Gravity DEX development team established Crescent, a new project to replace Gravity DEX. Crescent has announced the governance token CRE distribution model, with a total of 200 million, of which 100 million will be airdropped to ATOM delegators, and another 100 million as a strategic reserve. (CoinDesk) [2022/4/8 14:13:10]

SubGift based on Polkadot has opened up a vast and highly liquid market, and brought more possibilities for the development of the industry. For the entire industry, the advantages of SubGift are epoch-making.

Itheum, a multi-chain data brokerage platform, completes $4 million in financing, with participation from Elrond Foundation and others: On March 17th, Itheum, a decentralized multi-chain data brokerage platform, announced that it will increase investors, and the financing amount has increased from the initial $1.5 million to $4 million. million, and new investors such as Elrond Foundation, Mechanism Capital, Woodstock, Ascensive Assets, Skynet EGLD Capital, MHC Digital Finance, ZBS Capital and Spark Digital Finance.

According to previous news, Itheum, a data platform incubated by Elrond Dubai, completed a financing of US$1.5 million, and Morningstar participated in the investment. (CoinQuora)[2022/3/17 14:03:13]

W Disadvantage

MasterCard has completed the acquisition of CipherTrace to strengthen digital asset security: On October 21, MasterCard announced that it has completed the acquisition of CipherTrace, an American cryptocurrency intelligence company. CipherTrace provides digital asset security and fraud solutions to banks, exchanges and other financial institutions. Mastercard officials said that through the acquisition, the company strengthened its strategic capabilities, technology and team to support the development of digital assets.

The deal brings together artificial intelligence, networking and blockchain capabilities to provide businesses with greater transparency to help identify and understand their risks and manage regulatory and compliance obligations. The acquisition advances Mastercard's digital asset strategy and differentiates its real-time payments infrastructure. (The Paypers) [2021/10/21 20:46:22]

The issue of NFT price anchoring seems to me to be one of the challenges SubGift faces. The SubGift ecosystem provides a one-stop service for NFT casting and trading, but where is the value anchor of the NFT minted by users in SubGift? And who decides? That is to say, I just minted my NFT on SubGift. As long as someone buys it, the auction price I put on the shelves is allowed to reach sky-high prices, but what is the significance of this NFT issuance in the end? Speculation or value?

In fact, this price anchoring problem is not only a problem of SubGift, but also a problem of many NFT platforms. As a newly launched project, SubGift has a weaker voice in endorsement, so the topic of price anchoring will become more serious. passive.

At this time, if there is an NFT platform that takes the lead in formulating the NFT value standard, it will have a great say in the industry. At present, SubGift is lacking here.

O Chance

Bitcoin leads the blockchain to break the circle, and Polkadot is a big hot spot in the blockchain. With the momentum of Polkadot, SubGift will greatly increase its popularity. Relying on the ecology of the application killer Polkadot, the future of SubGift can be said More tempting stories come out. I have to say that this is an opportunity that the Ethereum-based NFT platform is jealous of.

At the same time, due to the early start of many NFT platforms, they are fighting to the death on the Ethereum platform, and Polkadot's development space full of opportunities can better cultivate the ecological formation of SubGift.

With the help of Polkadot's hot spots and the cultivation of Polkadot's ecology, the story of SubGift will be full in the future, and only if the story is well told, can it continue to be recognized and survive in the capital market.

T threat

SubGift is involved in the entire chain of the NFT industry, so there will be a big problem in SubGift in the future. If this problem cannot be solved, it will directly make it difficult for the SubGift platform to develop drastically.

That is the copyright of digital assets. Smart contracts that can be encoded into blockchain transactions may be binding from a technical point of view, but legal enforceability is a difficult question to answer. When the user minted NFT in SubGift and the NFT flowed into the market for trading, it was photographed by Xiao Ming.

At this time, Xiao Ming’s question is: What is Xiao Ming actually useful for? Is it a string of data in the SubGift ecosystem? And where is this data actually stored? If the things Xiao Ming bought were proved to be pirated, how should he judge?

Due to the large ecological span of SubGift, it is easy to face these ubiquitous digital copyright issues. If you only provide trading services or casting services, then you don’t need to worry too much. Since SubGift provides full-chain services, there are many It is easy to have some disputes over the copyright of digital assets.

The blade of Damocles hanging above SubGift's head is a knife that stabs the enemy? Or break your waist in a flash? All this is subject to discussion under the invisible hidden danger.

SWOT Summary

SubGift has the problem of digital copyright because its ecological front is too broad to grasp the right to speak of the value of NFT. It is not only a problem of SubGift, but also a problem of many NFT platforms. In a comprehensive comparison, SubGift's own advantages and opportunities far outweigh its own problems and threats.

Due to SubGift’s background and endorsement issues, it still has a long way to go in the capital market. There are many wonderful stories that can be compiled for investors and leeks, and this also determines that the lifeline of SubGift will be long enough in the future. . According to relevant reports, in the future, the NFT market valuation is expected to exceed 1 billion US dollars, and the entire hot money around NFT is just around the corner. SubGift itself will solve the biggest problem of the current NFT platform - the problem of low liquidity, so it is likely to become The future focus of the industry has background endorsement, can tell stories, and has breakthrough technology in the industry. Do you think future capital will become a fan of SubGift?

Of course, the analysis of this SubGift is just an example, let’s analyze a project through swot analysis The rationality and future market expectations, and then draw the future prospects and development to determine whether we hold long-term or short-term speculation.

Knowing ourselves and the enemy, we can win a hundred battles. Only by mastering these fundamentals can we maximize investment profits and avoid being cut off in the next project. After all, buying a stock depends on its annual report and price-earnings ratio, right?


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Attack on SubGift Future Ambition

The thing is like this, because the editor recently made a contract liquidation and suffered serious losses. In addition.

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