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The immeasurable plunge made traders doubt SBF sorted out five possible reasons but admitted frankly: "Unpredictable"



Following the May 19 crash, the crypto market continued to fluctuate and fall yesterday (23). FTX data showed that Bitcoin (BTC) fell by 7.3% in a single day yesterday, and the intraday decline even exceeded double digits. Although the "old leeks in the currency circle" are not surprised by this decline, senior traders still smell something unusual.

Since the middle of 2019, the "volume rise or fall" of the encryption market has been largely due to the liquidation of derivatives. Benson Sun, community partner of FTX Taiwan, said that the biggest difference in this drop is that this drop was not driven by “clearing derivatives”.

“Most of the upward or downward momentum in the bitcoin market over the past six months has been driven by derivatives liquidation (Liquidation). After the May 19 drop, the market has liquidated nearly $20 billion, while open interest in the futures market The remaining amount is about 20 billion US dollars.

NEAR's plan to transform into a multi-wallet portal has been suspended: On August 17, the NEAR Foundation's plan to transform into a multi-wallet portal has been suspended, saying that the move is aimed at ensuring as smooth as possible user experience. Pagoda, the NEAR core team, said it will gather community feedback and decide on an appropriate path forward in the coming months.

As previously reported, NEAR plans to turn into a landing page for all NEAR-compatible wallets, and encourages wallet holders on to migrate their wallets to the new provider. [2022/8/17 12:29:54]

Most of the remaining positions are hedging or extremely low-leverage contracts. Therefore, without liquidation capacity, Sunday's decline actually puzzled experienced crypto traders. "

Circle Chief Financial Officer: No matter what the market is, the company plans to go public in the fourth quarter of this year: According to news on July 19, according to Circle Chief Financial Officer Jeremy Fox-Geen, it is expected that Circle will pass the SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company, ie special purpose acquisition company).

Jeremy Fox-Geen said that Circle is a registered financial services company, just like PayPal or Apple, and operates under the same regulatory framework as payment companies such as ApplePay products and mobile payment service Venmo operator PayPal. According to the latest report released by Circle, USDC reserves are now held entirely in cash and three-month U.S. Treasury bonds, completely separate from the company’s operations. As of June 30, the total amount of USDC in circulation is 55,569,519,982 pieces, and the total amount of reserve assets supporting USDC is 55.7 billion US dollars. (decrypt) [2022/7/19 2:22:20]

NEAR Ecological Stable Coin USN Officially Launched: On April 25th, NEAR Ecological Stable Coin USN was officially launched.

Jinse Finance previously reported that Crypto Insiders founder Zoran Kole revealed that Near will launch an algorithmic stablecoin called USN, which will be deployed in cooperation with "other well-capitalized stablecoins."

It is understood that USN is a decentralized stablecoin similar to Terra USD (UST) and Frax Finance (FRAX), which are soft-pegged to the US dollar but do not hold US dollar cash reserves. The USN stablecoin can be minted by depositing NEAR tokens as collateral. [2022/4/25 14:48:15]

Regarding the doubts in the market, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the founder and CEO of FTX Exchange, compiled some data on Twitter.

Acala releases roadmap, ACA tokens will be distributed within the first 4 weeks of genesis: Golden Finance reported that Acala officially won the first parachain slot auction on Polkadot, which marks that the team can On the 18th, began adding its custom layer 1 network to Polkadot's relay chain. The Acala team released the roadmap, 1. ACA tokens will be distributed within the first 4 weeks of genesis. 2. Liquid Crowdloan DOT (LCDOT) will be distributed within the first 4 weeks of genesis, and the full amount will be unlocked. Once token transfers and DeFi protocols like the aUSD stablecoin and Acala Swap are enabled, LCDOT holders will be able to leverage their underlying DOT liquidity. 3. The 2 million + DOT obtained from the Build Acala event will be transferred to the Acala vault within the first 4 weeks. This protocol DAO will enable the self-sustainability and growth of the Acala network, all managed and governed by the Acala network owners. 4. Token transfers on Acala will be enabled in Q1. This will allow users to transfer tokens such as ACA and LCDOT between accounts. 5. NFT rewards will be distributed in the first quarter. (medium)[2021/12/15 7:40:37]

SBF said about $20 billion in contracts were liquidated during last week's plunge, leaving about $20 billion in open interest (OI) in the current market. While he believes that these open positions are unlikely to be liquidated, there are still "other types" of liquidations in the market, including spot margin trading, OTC loans, rumors of the Huobi/OKEx exchange.

SBF further explained that the current spot margin collateral amount of FTX is about 1 billion US dollars, which is still stable, while that of Bitfinex is about 2 billion US dollars. Other exchanges may have a larger liquidation volume, which may be due to falling liquidation one of the sources.

In addition, the market rumors that the Huobi/OKEx exchange will shrink due to the Chinese government’s ban (now confirmed) may also be one of the reasons. The combined open interest of these two exchanges may be around 3 billion US dollars . Finally, SBF also mentioned that Chinese miners are selling Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the exact number of sales is still unknown.

Despite collating some of the data, SBF was unable to determine price action.

"Even knowing this, it is impossible to predict future price movements, because anyone can trade at any time.

But I haven't seen so many "forced" selling so far, there may be some, but not so many. "

According to Benson’s analysis, from the collated data, it can be speculated that this decline should not be driven by derivatives, but more likely to be related to China’s regulatory policies. As soon as it came out, the USDT/RMB prices of Huobi and OKEX plunged instantly (see picture).

He explained that in the past, most of China’s regulations were to restrict financial capital’s involvement in digital currency transactions and to curb the hype of funds. The level is much higher than before. Liu He is currently the highest-level official in China who has publicly ordered a crackdown on Bitcoin. His influence is so great that it cannot be generalized with previous regulatory news.

He believes that this may also explain why Bitcoin will fall infinitely during the holiday. Since the State Council’s news was released at 10 pm last Friday, the relevant policy details will be released this week. There may be some mine owners and traders. Worried that the implementation details would contain major bad news, they rushed to sell coins to cash out during the holidays, causing the OTC price of USDT on major mainland exchanges to change from a premium of 1-2% to a discount. "There is a special force in the weekend market that has been selling coins, and holidays have lower liquidity than weekdays, which may be the reason for the continuous decline of Bitcoin and the plunge of small coins." Benson added.

Benson’s guess also coincides with the tweet released by Wan Hui, managing director of Danhua Capital. On the day the State Council released the news, Wan Hui mentioned on Twitter that some big miners in China are ruthlessly selling coins to cash out:

On the other hand, China's three major financial associations' warnings about bitcoin transactions are likely to be the main reason for the decline.

Not just for the encrypted trading market, the Chinese government has actually implemented a "credit crunch". In order to strengthen risk control, the People's Bank of China has begun to reduce the economic stimulus measures related to the epidemic in advance, and established market discipline for the most vulnerable economic activities, and the encryption market is one of the "fragile" economic activities.

Benson says:

"The deleveraging of the spot market is likely to be the reason for the weak rebound and another decline, which is exacerbated by the credit tightening of the Chinese government. Perhaps this can explain why miners or traders have to pay attention to liquidity and liquidation volume. When it's this low, sell your position."

This article was originally published on "Chain News", please indicate the source for reprinting.


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The immeasurable plunge made traders doubt SBF sorted out five possible reasons but admitted frankly: "Unpredictable"

Following the May 19 crash, the crypto market continued to fluctuate and fall yesterday (23). FTX data showed that Bitcoin (BTC) fell by 7.3% in a single day yesterday.

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