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You need to know these time nodes for slot auction



Original Title: Slot Auction Time Progress Arrangement

Since January this year, Kusama and Polkadot’s parachain slot auctions have attracted much attention. Regardless of the official, the project party, or the media and the community, there are many messages sent out. Kusama's slot in April and May looks more like it's on the horizon.

BML has compiled a time list for everyone, so that friends in the community can have a more intuitive view of the time process of the Polkadot Ecological Slot Auction.


Rococo is a pure testnet, without any actual functions, and the network data can be smoothed out and rewritten.

Kusama is the leading network of Polkadot, and the functions that will be deployed and upgraded on Polkadot in the future will be run on Kusama first. Just like our new policy will look for a demonstration area/model city, try it out first and then roll it out nationwide.

Polkadot is an ecological core network. Because the access threshold (design parameters) is higher than that of Kusama, it will be safer, but it is not as flexible as Kusama. For example, the policy mentioned above is implemented nationwide and implemented in demonstration areas.

Polkadot Weekly: Aventus won Polkadot’s 26th slot auction; two-way transfer from Phala to Ethereum has been launched: news on September 11, according to the Polkadot Weekly published by PolkaWorld, the important news is as follows:

-Aventus wins Polkadot's 26th slot Auction.

- Polkadot's 27th slot auction will start at 4:12 am on September 11. Currently active-zce Crowdloan includes Crust and OmniBTC.

- Polkadot 72 referendum has been passed and implemented, which will upgrade the Polkadot runtime to v9270.

- Polkadot 73 referendum is being voted on, which proposes to upgrade the Statemint runtime to v9270.

- Polkadot treasury-funded Unbounded is live.

-Snow Network wins Kusama's 51st slot Auction.

- Kusama council voted Motion542, which seeks to fund Bounty #3 beyond its cost. This bounty task was proposed by Litentry to provide a signature solution to connect DApps and mobile wallets using the Beacon Network. The bounty includes integration of the Beacon SDK with Substrate-based networks and integration of iOS and Android wallets. Overall, the bounty has been completed by June 2022 by the Beacon team, Fearless Wallet team, and Nova Wallet.

-Phala completed the migration of 38 million PHAs from Ethereum to Subbridge, the Phala smart contract bridge.

- Two-way transfers from Phala to Ethereum are now live.

-Parity's core developers will participate in Berlin Blockchain Week in Berlin on December 12th, where they will share the latest news about Polkadot and Substrate, and will also host HackerDay and how to create Unstoppable applications at Parity's Berlin office workshop. [2022/9/11 13:23:12]

Rococo-Kusama-Polca: First Rococo test, then Kusama, then Polkadot.

Sakura Finance won the 18th Kusama Parachain Slot Auction: On December 22, it was officially announced that Kusama’s 18th auction had ended, and Sakura Finance successfully won Kusama’s 20th slot by locking 17,416 KSM to access the Kusama relay chain, which produces blocks in the form of parallel chains. [2021/12/22 7:55:30]

Beta phase: Rococo

2020.12.23 Announced that the rococo v1 test network has been released and running, and the parachain can be connected to the relay chain through cumulus.

After four months of regular restart and optimization from January to April, Rococo tested the operation of 5 batches of parachains, and more than ten crowd lending and auction operations, and gradually increased the verification of each test parachain in the process The number of people, from 1 to about 20. At the same time, Rococo launched the public welfare parachain statemine (that is, the system parachain Statemine, explained later) around April 20.

Data: Kusama has reached the block height at the end of the second round of slot auction: OKLink data shows that at 16:44 on June 29, the Kusama network has reached the block at the end of the second round of parachain slot auction With a height of 8,123,552, the locked amount of the second round of slot auction crowdfunding reached 389,700 KSM.

Among them, the top three lock-ups are Moonrive with 205,900 KSM, Shiden with 96,700 KSM, and Khala Network with 25,300 KSM. [2021/6/29 0:14:30]

Supplement: 5 batches of parachains tested

The first batch: Plasm, Acala

The second batch: Kilt, Interlay

The third batch: Darwinia, Phala, Crust, HydraDX

Batch 4: Bifrost, Starks Network, Clover, Zenlink

BiKi will support Polkadot Parachain Slot Auction: According to the official announcement, in order to facilitate the ecological development of Polkadot, the BiKi platform will support Polkadot Parachain Slot Auction. Previously, the BiKi platform has launched DOT lock-up wealth management, and launched the Polkadot Ecological Zone. The platform will launch corresponding activities in the near future. Users can directly participate in Polkadot and Kusama slot auctions through the platform and earn project rewards.[2021/1/13 16:05:42]

The fifth batch: ChainX, Robonomics, Patract Hub,   MathWallet

Sixth Batch: TBD

Kusama Slots Auction

There are roughly three stages:

Phase 1: Deploy Shell Chain

Phase 2: Deployment of public welfare parachain Statemint

Phase 3: Open Kusama Parachain Auction

Specific time period for Kusama slot process

May 1: Gavin officially added the parachain module to the Kusama network. It means that Kusama has the conditions to deploy a parachain.

Early May: Complete the parachain module audit.

May 14: Kusama officially launched the parachain function, as well as the auction and crowd lending functions.

May 18th: Kusama voted to deploy the first shell chain (shell parachain:) in the network

So now we have just reached the first stage of the auction, deploying the shell chain, followed by upgrading to statemine in the second stage, and then starting the auction in the third stage.

At that time, the official will notify in advance to unlock kusama. Kusama’s auction schedule will be officially announced at the decode conference tonight and tomorrow, and BML will explain it to everyone next week. So when the auction will be held, wait patiently for official news, and don't be swayed by various "just a few days" news in the market.

It is worth noting that the third stage does not start the auction directly. Officially, the things that will be done in the third stage are:

determine final parameters

Determine the schedule for the auction

Publishing Schedule

Integrate logic into Kusama Relay

Deploy logic in Kusama Relay

Activate auction

Currently the Kusama network expects to conduct 5 auctions, each spaced 7 days apart. If no major issues are found, further auctions may follow.

Polkadot's parachain plan is expected to start after two things happen:

First, there should be a full external audit of all new logic.

Second, the Kusama canary network performs at least one successful auction involving crowdlending and implements at least one functional parachain to demonstrate that the new logic works.

Supplement: what is statemine

As mentioned in the previous article, about 20% of the slots of Polkadot’s parachains will be reserved for official determination. Some of these 20% of parachain slots are governed by Polkadot and Kusama chains. It is determined by democratic referendum voting. This part of the parachain is called "common-good parachain", which is the common-good chain that everyone has heard.

The role of the public welfare chain is to provide core functions for the Polkadot ecology. If it is left to be auctioned by market dynamics, the problem of "free rider problem" may arise (this issue is discussed in private, not expanded).

The public interest chain is divided into system parachains and public function parachains. Among them, the system chain includes parachains for balance, elections for staking and council, governance and identity. Public function chains include bridges, general-purpose asset chains, and DOT-denominated smart contract platforms.

Among them, the general asset chain is Statemine. The shell chain is an empty chain that can only generate blocks but has no other functions. The shell chain will be upgraded to a public welfare parachain statemine. Statemine is a conventional parallel chain for deploying general-purpose assets. It provides a stable and permanent platform for various assets, including homogeneous tokens, non-homogeneous tokens (NFT), stable coins, central bank Digital currencies (CBDCs). It can enable users to have a better experience and lower handling fees.

Meaning, statemine will allow different entities to deploy their assets to the Polkadot network, from artists issuing tokens for their work, to central banks issuing central bank digital currencies. These standards will be encoded into the chain as a first-level logic, allowing non-DOT-holding, that is, accounts that do not hold DOT to use these assets and enjoy lower fees and network friction.

Deploying and maintaining this parachain through on-chain governance will demonstrate the Polkadot community's strong ability to organize and provide utility for all applications in the network and for users.

After passing a governance vote and successfully deploying and running Statemine, comes the Kusama auction.


UMA has officially launched Optimistic Oracle

Too long to watch: UMA's Optimistic Oracle is live. Optimistic Oracles can be used to obtain market data and upload all types of data to the chain. It can not only be used for UMA's financial contracts.

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You need to know these time nodes for slot auction

Original Title: Slot Auction Time Progress ArrangementSince January this year, Kusama and Polkadot’s parachain slot auctions have attracted much attention. Regardless of the official, the project party.

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