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Golden Morning Post | The total locked value of Uniswap V3 exceeded one billion US dollars




▌Issuance of the first digital RMB insurance policy in Beijing

On May 17, Modern Insurance issued the first digital RMB insurance policy in Beijing for Ms. Fu: "Orange Easy Insurance" million medical insurance policy. This time, modern insurance took the opportunity of cooperation with Lakala to fully explore the innovative business model of "technology empowerment, intelligent future", and build a technology insurance ecosystem through digital RMB payment services. This time, the two parties signed a contract to issue the first digital renminbi insurance policy in Beijing, which provides unlimited possibilities for the subsequent joint promotion of the construction of a digital renminbi ecosystem in the insurance field.


As of press time, according to Huobi global data:

The latest transaction price of BTC is 42,974 US dollars, with an intraday increase or decrease of 0.00%;

The latest transaction price of ETH is 3380 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of +1.02%;

The latest transaction price of BCH is 1089 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of +0.61%;

The latest transaction price of BSV is 286 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of +1.02%;

The most recent transaction price of EOS is $9.3, with an intraday increase and decrease of +1.58%;

The latest transaction price of LTC is 295 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of -1.35%;

Golden Hot Search List: BTG is at the top of the list: According to the data of Golden Finance Rankings, in the past 24 hours, BTG topped the list. The specific top five list is as follows: BTG, BTM, VET, IOST, SEELE. [2020/7/6]

The latest transaction price of DOT is 40.71 yuan, with an intraday increase and decrease of +5.89%.


▌China Banking Association and other three institutions jointly issued a document clarifying that financial institutions and payment institutions are not allowed to carry out business related to virtual currency

On May 18, the China Internet Finance Association, the China Banking Association and the China Payment and Clearing Association jointly issued an announcement on preventing the risk of speculation in virtual currency transactions. The announcement pointed out that financial institutions, payment institutions and other member units must effectively enhance their social responsibilities, and must not use virtual currency to price products and services, must not underwrite insurance business related to virtual currency or include virtual currency in the scope of insurance liability, and must not directly or indirectly Customers provide other virtual currency-related services, including but not limited to: providing customers with virtual currency registration, trading, clearing, settlement and other services; accepting virtual currency or using virtual currency as a payment and settlement tool; conducting transactions between virtual currency and RMB and foreign currencies Exchange services; carry out virtual currency storage, custody, mortgage and other businesses; issue financial products related to virtual currency; use virtual currency as investment targets for investments such as trusts and funds, etc.

Jinse Finance mining data broadcast | BTC’s network computing power rose by 1.24% today: Jinse Finance reported that according to the data from the spider mining pool:

The computing power of the BTC network is 121.978EH/s, the mining difficulty is 15.78T, the current block height is 637590, and the theoretical income is 0.00000838/T/day.

The computing power of the entire ETH network is 189.934TH/s, the mining difficulty is 2401.22T, the current block height is 10389910, and the theoretical income is 0.00859333/100MH/day.

The computing power of BSV network is 1.805EH/s, the mining difficulty is 0.28T, the current block height is 642125, and the theoretical income is 0.00049866/T/day.

The BCH network computing power is 2.762EH/s, the mining difficulty is 0.38T, the current block height is 642369, and the theoretical income is 0.00032579/T/day. [2020/7/4]

▌The Finnish Central Bank Payments Forum will discuss the digital euro from a payment perspective

It’s official, the Central Bank of Finland Payments Forum will be held on May 19 and will discuss the development of payment services in Europe, including a sub-forum on the digital euro from a payments perspective.

Blockchain Application

▌BOC launched the first batch of insurance policy financing pilot business on the cross-border financial blockchain service platform of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange

Countdown to BTC Halving | Golden Finance Mining Earnings Report: According to Jinse Finance, according to OKEx mining pool data, the next BTC halving date is expected to be May 14, 2020, and today is 34 days away. The current block height of BTC is 625059, and the block height of the next halving is 630000.

Today's total network computing power is about 105.32EH/s, the whole network difficulty is about 14.72T, and the next difficulty is predicted to be 15.38T (4.53%). There are still 13 days left before the adjustment. Today's BTC income: 0.00001709BTC/T/day. [2020/4/9]

On May 17, the insurance policy financing application scenario of the cross-border financial blockchain service platform of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange was successfully launched. On the first day of system operation, under the guidance of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Bank of China closely cooperated with China Credit Insurance Corporation, and the government, bank and insurance company worked together to realize the first business launch in Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Qingdao and other places. The construction of the insurance policy financing application scenario project of the cross-border financial blockchain service platform was launched in August 2020, and the first phase of the project function development test has been successfully completed. The insurance policy financing application scenario launched this time helps more than 290 corporate banks establish data interconnection and business connection with China Credit Insurance through blockchain technology, supports banks to initiate comprehensive insurance policy financing business online, and inquires about relevant policies, agreements, limits, and claims. Such information will help solve problems such as high operating costs of policy financing business, low level of digitization, and obvious data barriers.

Golden Morning News | List of important overnight news on January 7: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: Anhui, Telegram, ITM, Cardano

1. Anhui promotes the construction of digital government, and government service centers at all levels promote the use of blockchain and other information technology means.

2. People's Daily: Blockchain and other information technologies have spawned many types of disputes that reflect new trends.

3. Telegram: Grams are not an investment product and should not be expected to make a profit.

4. Taiwan ITM company cooperated with Microsoft and Qualcomm to launch a solution combining the Internet of Things and blockchain.

5. The Cardano forum revealed that the Haskell Shelley testnet is ready to launch.

6. BTC is now at $7,758, up 5.6% in the past 24 hours, with a market value of $140.62 billion. [2020/1/7]


▌Sotheby's auction house will hold an NFT group auction next month

According to news on May 19, luxury auction house Sotheby's will hold a dedicated NFT group auction from June 3 to 10. Works from the collections of Pak, Robert Alice and CryptoPunks are also included.

▌DoNotPay launches automatic legal letter service for cryptocurrency traders

Dong Tianyi, technical evangelist of IPFS and Filecoin China on live report of Jinse Finance: Bitcoin is a system that cannot be summed up in one sentence: Jinse Finance live report, at the Western SME Development Forum, technical evangelist of IPFS and Filecoin China, Dong Tianyi, the author of "IPFS Guide", gave a speech titled "Blockchain and Distributed Storage Applications". He pointed out: Bitcoin shows you the existence of this thing through a system, which cannot be summed up in one sentence. All of you A one-sentence summary is not comprehensive. From an academic point of view, the first is self-organization, the second is game theory, and the last is cryptoeconomics. But from a technical point of view, the first is open source, which is the first layer of consensus; the second is the technical model, which is a guarantee; the third layer is the economic model, which is characterized by self-regulation. The characteristics of the blockchain that I have summarized are: first, distributed database technology based on cryptography; second, to convert trust into computer calculation; third, lower performance; application. Bitcoin is like a piece of DNA, and the blockchain is like every species in the ecosystem. They compete with each other, and whoever survives depends on who can adapt to this competition. [2018/4/28]

Jinse Finance reported that robot lawyer platform DoNotPay is expanding into cryptocurrency business, and will provide a set of services to automatically draft and send legal letters to cryptocurrency exchanges for crypto traders, such as requesting exchanges to unfreeze funds. The service also plans to start accepting bitcoin and ethereum as payment from June 1.

▌Saxo Bank launches trading of major currencies with BTC, ETH and LTC

Golden Finance reports that Saxo Markets, the digital investment subsidiary of Denmark’s Saxo Bank, has launched a service that allows users to use major currencies to trade with the three top cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, and LTC. Initially, its clients in Singapore and Australia will be able to trade BTC, ETH and LTC against EUR, USD and JPY. A Saxo Markets spokesman said the product would be rolled out to other major markets in the coming weeks. This cryptocurrency exchange will be in the form of derivatives, not actual tokens. This is the first time Saxo Markets has launched a new cryptocurrency product since it launched an exchange-traded note (ETN) that tracks bitcoin and ethereum in 2017.

▌The non-profit organization founded by Yang Anze began to accept cryptocurrency donations

Jinse Finance reported that Humanity Forward, a non-profit organization founded by former U.S. presidential candidate and current New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang, has begun to accept Dogecoin and Bitcoin after partnering with cryptocurrency donation company The Giving Block. , Ethereum, Chainlink and other digital currency donations. The nonprofit is focused on helping those hit by the pandemic.

▌The panic and greed index turned to "extreme panic"

Jinse Finance reported that the "Panic and Greed Index", an indicator measuring the current sentiment in the Bitcoin market, has turned to a level of "extreme panic" that has not been seen since April 2020. The index is now at 21, down from a "greedy" level of 73 last week, according to a report by Norwegian analytics firm Arcane Research. Arcane said other market indicators reflected that concern. These include that the GBTC negative premium has expanded to a record 25%, the funding rate in the Bitcoin derivatives market has turned negative, and short-term price volatility has climbed to the highest level since February.

▌MicroStrategy bought another 229 bitcoins at an average price of $43,663 each

MicroStrategy announced that it has purchased approximately 229 bitcoins for $10 million, at an average price of approximately $43,663 per bitcoin. As of May 18, 2021, the company held approximately 92,079 bitcoins with a total purchase price of US$2.251 billion, an average purchase price of approximately US$24,450 per bitcoin (including fees and expenses).

▌U.S. lawmakers reintroduce bill to support investors with hard fork crypto assets

According to news on May 18, Tom Emmer, one of the largest cryptocurrency advocates in the US Congress, reintroduced legislation on Monday that would protect taxpayers from being penalized for certain gains or losses on hard fork assets. Emmer said the latest IRS guidance "unfairly penalizes" those investing in emerging technologies, arguing that "what the IRS has issued so far is not pragmatic." The bill, which was first introduced in 2018, It was reintroduced in 2019 until Tom Emmer again on Monday.

▌The victory NFT of Lee Sedol and AlphaGo’s man-machine war was sold at a price of over 210,000 US dollars

According to official news, the Go player Lee Sedol (Lee Sedol) released on OpenSea the NFT of the Go victory against AlphaGo has ended the auction, and was finally sold at a price of 60ETH (approximately 212,000 US dollars), and the buyer was Doohan Capital. According to previous news, on May 11, 2021, Beijing time, South Korean Go nine-dan player Lee Sedol made the only human victory record of the "Go Man-Machine War" into an NFT for auction. This time, Li Shishi digitized the NFT content-zce on the Ethereum blockchain, including basic information such as the name, location, and date of the game, the record of every move from black 1 to white 180, and Li Shishi’s photos taken before the game record. The photos are made and so on.

▌Data: Ethereum gas fee returns to around 50Gwei

According to the news on May 18, according to Etherscan data, the Gas fee of Ethereum has returned to around 50Gwei. Among them, the top three 24-hour Gas consumption is still UniswapV2, Tether and UniswapV3.

▌Uniswap V3's total lock-up value exceeded one billion US dollars

According to news on May 18, less than two weeks after the launch of Uniswap V3, the total value locked (TVL) exceeded one billion US dollars.

Key Economic Developments

▌The U.S. dollar index fell below the 90 mark, a new low in a week

Markets show that the U.S. dollar index fell below the 90 mark, a new low in a week.

Golden Encyclopedia

▌What is a multi-signature private key?

Multi Signature (Multi Signature) refers to the need for multiple keys to authorize a Bitcoin transaction, which is usually used to define the ownership of Bitcoin. In a traditional Bitcoin account, each address in your Bitcoin address has a corresponding private key, which can be called a "single-signature transaction" because only one signature is required for the transfer - from the private key associated with the Bitcoin address the owner.

Therefore, if an address can only be signed and paid by one private key, the form of expression is 1/1; while the form of multi-signature is m/n, that is to say, a total of n private keys can sign an account, and when m When an address signs, a transaction can be paid for. Therefore, m must be less than or equal to n.


Cai Weide: How does the blockchain shape the new financial system?

Editor’s note: On May 10, Cai Weide, a senior researcher at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, a professor at Beihang University, a chair professor at Tsinghua University.

The U.S.dollar's global reserve currency status has been weakened.Can Bitcoin pose a serious challenge to it?

The U.S. dollar has been the global reserve currency since the end of World War II and Bretton Woods. Today, more than 59 percent of foreign bank reserves are denominated in dollars.

4 dimensions explore how NFT can elevate brand content-zce marketing to a new level.

NFT is also very good at creating various memorable experiences for customers. Brands should consider combining NFT marketing with brand content-zce strategies and find ways to benefit from it.

Golden Morning Post | The total locked value of Uniswap V3 exceeded one billion US dollars

Headline ▌Issuance of the first digital RMB insurance policy in BeijingOn May 17.

An article to understand the past and present of the crypto economy.

What is Crypto Economy The encryption economy refers to the economic form in which asymmetric encryption technology is used in various fields of the economy.

Golden Morning Post | Domino’s pizza chain employees in the Netherlands can choose to pay with Bitcoin

Headline ▌Employees of Domino’s pizza chain in the Netherlands can choose to pay in bitcoinImmensus Holdings, a franchisee of Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands.

The listed company Bit Mining invests in overseas mining farms, and the tide of mining machines is coming ahead of schedule?

Guide: Bit Mining (BTCM.US) announced the construction of a mine in Kazakhstan and signed two Kazakh mining machine hosting agreements. According to the Koala Finance reporter, on May 24, 2021.