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Golden Morning Post | Domino’s pizza chain employees in the Netherlands can choose to pay with Bitcoin




▌Employees of Domino’s pizza chain in the Netherlands can choose to pay in bitcoin

Immensus Holdings, a franchisee of Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands, has proposed to pay employees in Bitcoin starting from Bitcoin Pizza Day. Employees who accept the option will be able to choose the amount they want to be paid in bitcoin on top of the minimum wage (must be paid in euros by law), according to a statement on Saturday. The company has 16 Domino’s locations and will offer pay options in partnership with Dutch fiat-to-crypto gateway BTC Direct. The company has more than 1,000 internal and external employees who can opt into the program.


Jinse Finance contract market analysis | BTC has short-term ups and downs, and the long-short game intensifies: According to Huobi BTC perpetual contract market, as of 16:00 today (GMT+8), the price of BTC is temporarily reported at 9684 US dollars (-0.48% ), the settlement funding rate at 20:00 (GMT+8) is 0.010000%.

BTC has shown a low volatility market for a long time. There was a short-term shock of 400 US dollars at 8:00 this morning, and it is currently maintaining a consolidation above 9,600 US dollars. According to Huobi’s delivery contract data, BTC’s quarterly contract turnover has decreased to a certain extent, open interest has stabilized, the proportion of elite longs has stabilized, and quarterly contract premiums have slightly decreased. The long and short sides of the market are accumulating strength, emotions have become sensitive, and the game has intensified.

The price of USDT on Huobi Global OTC is 7.04 yuan, with a premium rate of -0.72%. [2020/6/9]

As of press time, according to Huobi global data:

Golden Morning News | Overview of important overnight news on February 7: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: Australia, Bank of Korea, Bakkt, Ethereum 2.0, Justin Sun, Buffett

1. The US SEC commissioner proposed to provide a 3-year security period for encryption projects.

2. Australia will release a national blockchain roadmap on February 7.

3. Officials from the Bank of Korea: South Korea has a complete electronic payment system and there is no urgent need to create a CBDC.

4. Intercontinental Exchange announced its 2019Q4 financial report: Bakkt was identified as one of the key growth initiatives.

5. Ethereum 2.0 may be launched on July 30.

6. Sun Yuchen has been invited to have dinner with Buffett, saying that he will accept Buffett's advice and guidance.

7. The U.S. Air Force will experiment with a blockchain-based database.

8. The total amount of funds locked in DeFi applications is approaching $1 billion.

9. BTC is now at $9,730, up 0.85% in the past 24 hours, with a market value of $177.071 billion. [2020/2/7]

The latest transaction price of BTC is 37,540 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of -1.63%;

Golden Relativity | Blockstream Miao Yongquan: Lightning Network will bring the so-called "circular economy": In this issue of Golden Relativity "Lightning Network: Hello, TPS", Tong Yang, a partner of Golden Finance, talked with Miao Yongquan, Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream, about Lightning Network Miao Yongquan said that he is confident that Lightning Network will become the mainstream payment method, not necessarily micropayments, but daily payments. The two most important factors are, 1, still use Bitcoin for transactions, and 2, remove the inconvenience that comes with Bitcoin transactions (such as block time and transaction fees). The Lightning Network will bring about the so-called "Circular Economy". Employers can use the Lightning Network to pay their employees in Bitcoin, and employees can also spend Bitcoin through the Lightning Network, just as conveniently as using cash. As the Lightning Network continues to roll out better versions, anyone with a smartphone will be able to send and receive bitcoin anytime, anywhere. Eventually all mobile wallets will become Lightning Network wallets, and users will not even need to consider whether to conduct on-chain transactions or Lightning Network transactions. Just like opening a chat application on a mobile phone and you can start chatting immediately, no additional operations are required, because the mobile phone is always connected to the Internet, and there is no need to dial-up the Internet first. [2019/3/7]

The latest transaction price of ETH is 2300 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of -2.8%;

Golden Morning News | Hong Kong Stock Exchange found that the letter sent by Bitmain’s code Tether is true: 1. Canada’s Manitoba Securities Commission warned the public of FSM Smart;

2. Bloomberg: Bitcoin has entered a new bullish phase;

3. There are loopholes in the IBM blockchain AR game;

4. Chairman of Deltec: The letter sent by Tether is true;

5. The U.S. SEC launched an investigation on cryptocurrency investment consultants;

6. Bitmain’s temporary code appeared on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange;

7. SEC officials: There is no systemic risk in cryptocurrencies;

8. The Japanese taxation survey will sort out opinions on cryptocurrency tax adjustments;

9. Forbes: The driving force behind EOS is the community. [2018/11/6]

BCH's recent transaction price was US$631, with an intraday increase and decrease of -5.56%;

BSV's recent transaction price was US$169.12, with an intraday increase or decrease of -1.45%;

The most recent transaction price of EOS is US$5.10, with an intraday change of -4.38%;

The latest transaction price of LTC is 169 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of -1.45%;

The recent transaction price of FIL is 72.6 US dollars, with an intraday increase and decrease of +0.18%.


▌Zhou Xiaochuan clarifies the misunderstanding of digital renminbi: it is not intended to replace third-party payment, nor to replace the dominance of the US dollar

Zhou Xiaochuan said that the digitalization and modernization of the RMB payment system will help improve the status of the RMB to a certain extent, but not too much. The internationalization of the RMB depends more on policy choices and the progress of reform and opening up, not on technical factors. The DC/EP (Digital Currency/Electronic Payment System) promoted by the People's Bank of China does not intend to replace the role of third-party payment, and they do not replace each other. This is a two-tier system. Telecom operators and several major third-party payment companies jointly participate in the research and development, and everyone is on the same boat.

Blockchain Application

▌Xiamen ICBC issued the city's first batch of export credit insurance policy financing through the blockchain platform

Recently, the application scenario of "Export Credit Insurance Policy Financing" of the cross-border financial blockchain service platform of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange was officially launched in the pilot area. Under the guidance and support of the Xiamen Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and the Xiamen Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, Xiamen ICBC issued the city's first batch of export credit insurance policy financing for an enterprise through the blockchain platform. On the same day, the bank issued a total of US$2.92 million in export credit insurance financing for enterprises, and the loan business volume accounted for 40% of the national business volume on the first day of the pilot program.


▌Foreign media: The operator of the project DeFi100 defrauded investors of about 32 million US dollars in funds and then ran away

According to news on May 23, DeFi100, a decentralized financial protocol based on BSC, seems to be a scam. The operator has defrauded investors of their money and then ran away. An analyst who spoke on condition of anonymity said the funding was expected to be as high as $32 million.

▌The total market value of stablecoins exceeded 100 billion US dollars

Jinse Finance reported that data shows that the current total market value of stablecoins has exceeded 100 billion US dollars, reaching 102.217 billion US dollars, continuing to hit a record high.

▌Ethereum miners’ income fell to a one-month low

Jinse Finance reported that Glassnode data showed that the revenue of Ethereum miners dropped to $1,512,479.37, a one-month low. The previous low was $1,522,029.15 on April 25.

▌AART Yongle's first offline NFT special auction of encrypted artwork hit a record high

At 17:00 on May 22nd, Beijing time, the encrypted art platform AART and Yongle Culture jointly held the first domestic offline auction of NFT encrypted art. Associate Professor Li Yang's work "Painting Dreams for 30 Years-Dream Online Games·R" sold for 1.6 million The yuan and renminbi fell under the hammer, setting a new record for the transaction of domestic NFT encrypted art works.

Key Economic Developments

▌ECB Vice President Guindos: Data has improved, but policy still needs to remain loose

European Central Bank Vice President Guindos said at a press conference after the EU finance ministers meeting in Lisbon that recent economic data has been much more positive than three months ago and that the economic recovery is still underway. Guindos said that the ECB's policy meeting decision in June will depend on the performance of the data, but we must maintain a very loose monetary policy environment. On the broader issue of economic aid, Guindos said that what we are asking now is that the withdrawal of support measures must be gradual and that is being monitored.

The project is still pending.

Golden Encyclopedia

Golden Encyclopedia | What is a multi-signature private key? Are exchanges using multi-signatures more secure?

Multi Signature (Multi Signature) refers to the need for multiple keys to authorize a Bitcoin transaction, which is usually used to define the ownership of Bitcoin. In a traditional Bitcoin account, each address in your Bitcoin address has a corresponding private key, which can be called a "single-signature transaction" because only one signature is required for the transfer - from the private key associated with the Bitcoin address the owner.


4 dimensions explore how NFT can elevate brand content-zce marketing to a new level.

NFT is also very good at creating various memorable experiences for customers. Brands should consider combining NFT marketing with brand content-zce strategies and find ways to benefit from it.

Golden Morning Post | The total locked value of Uniswap V3 exceeded one billion US dollars

Headline ▌Issuance of the first digital RMB insurance policy in BeijingOn May 17.

An article to understand the past and present of the crypto economy.

What is Crypto Economy The encryption economy refers to the economic form in which asymmetric encryption technology is used in various fields of the economy.

Golden Morning Post | Domino’s pizza chain employees in the Netherlands can choose to pay with Bitcoin

Headline ▌Employees of Domino’s pizza chain in the Netherlands can choose to pay in bitcoinImmensus Holdings, a franchisee of Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands.

The listed company Bit Mining invests in overseas mining farms, and the tide of mining machines is coming ahead of schedule?

Guide: Bit Mining (BTCM.US) announced the construction of a mine in Kazakhstan and signed two Kazakh mining machine hosting agreements. According to the Koala Finance reporter, on May 24, 2021.

Musk "returned his promise" just because he coveted the computing power industry? The proportion of clean energy in China is not low

On the 25th, Musk tweeted that he talked with North American bitcoin miners, and the miners promised to release the current and planned renewable energy usage situation.

Co-Founder of Real Vision: Crypto Markets Are a New, Antifragile Financial System

Original title: "Real Vision Co-Founder: Encrypted Markets Are a New, Anti-Fragile Financial System That Won't Collapse.