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Sister Wood's latest interview: Still insisting that the price of Bitcoin will reach 500,000 US dollars.



Sister Mu Mu still expressed confidence in Bitcoin and bought Coinbase even more. She said: "I still think the price of Bitcoin will reach $500,000 per piece. Bitcoin is currently experiencing a shortfall, but it is not necessarily at the bottom. The market is very emotional at this stage."

According to Bitstamp’s real-time quotes, the current price of Bitcoin is around $35,000 per coin, which has fallen by nearly 50% since its peak of nearly $65,000 per coin in mid-April, and has fallen by 20% within 24 hours.

Previously, Tesla's CEO Musk, a "loyal fan" of Bitcoin, had proposed that Bitcoin mining would cause harm to the environment, so Tesla suspended the use of Bitcoin as a payment method for car purchases.

As soon as this remark came out, the entire cryptocurrency market was wiped out of 300 billion in market value that day. The entire cryptocurrency market has evaporated $600 billion in a week, equivalent to the total market value of Tesla. It also means that after Tesla announced that it will buy $1.5 billion worth of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has erased all gains.

Decentralized exchange Krypton completes USD 7 million seed round financing: On September 27, decentralized exchange Krypton announced the completion of USD 7 million seed round financing, led by Framework Ventures, Samsung NEXT, HashKey Capital, Finality Capital Partners, Foresight Ventures, GSR and MEXC participated. Krypton said that all codes of its platform will be open source and audited. They will use the funds to accelerate the construction of engineering and research teams and community development. It is expected to launch the exchange business in the first quarter of 2023. (decrypt) [2022/9/27 5:55:19]

On the other hand, Cathie Wood, the founder of ARK Fund, has taken a fancy to the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase—the ETF under ARK is buying Coinbase, ARKK bought 118,200 shares on Tuesday, and ARKW bought 42,200 shares .

Terra2.0 ecological non-custodial wallet Leap and Phoenix Finance have reached a cooperation: Golden Finance news, Terra2.0 ecological non-custodial wallet Leap has reached a cooperation with Phoenix Finance, and the Leap wallet will have a built-in Phoenix DEX application.

According to previous news, Terra ecological non-custodial wallet Leap has listed Terra2.0 tokens. [2022/6/2 3:58:10]

The reason why this move is particularly noticeable is not only because of the violent fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, but also because Sister Mu Mu has almost cleared all her Apple positions--ARKF currently has less than 3,000 Apple positions left.

Blockchain concept stocks rose before the market, Riot Blockchain rose more than 5%: Before the U.S. stock market opened on November 29 (Monday), blockchain concept stocks rose. As of 17:25 Beijing time, Riot Blockchain (RIOT.US) rose 5.41%, BTBT (BTBT.US) rose 5.35%, MicroStrategy (MSTR.US) rose 4.52%, Coinbase (COIN.US) rose 3.84%. The Nine Cities (NCTY.US) rose 3.50%, and Canaan Technology (CAN.US) rose 3.17%. [2021/11/29 12:39:08]

Earlier, Coinbase plunged 13% to a record low of $208 in intraday trading. The platform transaction was down for a while, and the fault is currently being repaired. As of press time, Coinbase fell 7.08% to $222.08.

Kunming: The country's first blockchain center has landed and developed: Jinse Finance reported that according to the website of the Kunming Municipal People's Government, Kunming's modern industrial foundation is solid, and the country's first blockchain center has landed and developed. [2021/10/25 20:54:31]

And many cryptocurrency trading platforms also frequently reported news of downtime and malfunctions——

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken: There is currently a connection failure on the trading platform; trading platform Binance suspends some leveraged token transactions; Huobi’s official website issued an announcement saying: ERC20 token withdrawals are suspended...

The latest data shows that in the past 24 hours, a total of nearly 500,000 people have liquidated their positions in the cryptocurrency market, and the liquidation amount has reached as high as 39.3 billion yuan.

Sister Wood still expressed confidence in Bitcoin when she was interviewed by a US media reporter. She said: ‘I still think that the price of Bitcoin will reach 500,000 US dollars per coin. Bitcoin is currently experiencing a shortfall, but not necessarily a bottom. Bitcoin is very emotional at this stage. This Bitcoin pullback will increase the chances of cryptocurrency ETF approval. '

When asked why she sold Apple and switched to Coinbase, Mu Mu said that she sold Apple stock to focus on the "new FAANG".

She also firmly believes that the value of the ARK fund's portfolio will triple in the next 5 years.

What do other analysts think?

Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst at Oanda, said that "for Bitcoin, the $40,000 mark is a key level. As for whether it can fall to $30,000 in the future, it is not impossible." '

Ipek Ozkardeskaya, senior analyst at Swissquote, also said: ‘From a technical point of view, these indicators are all flashing red for Bitcoin. ’ ‘The next important support level is around $37,000, and then the $30,000 mark. At least in the short term, it is possible that we could see the market fall back to these levels, or even fall below them. '

Today, Bitcoin has once dropped to the $30,000 mark. According to Bloomberg data, Bitcoin has fallen below the 120-day moving average.

FRNT Financial CEO and co-founder Stephane Ouellette said: ‘For many new (cryptocurrency) investors, this will be a memorable day. Because the history of cryptocurrencies is one of aggressive rallies and disgusting sell-offs. '

Ulrik Lykke, executive director of the cryptocurrency hedge fund ARK36, is still optimistic: "Last week alone, the bitcoin market evaporated more than 250 billion U.S. dollars. While the figure may seem astronomical, such a move is not unusual in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

He believes, 'In terms of Bitcoin's prospects, the situation may look grim now, but historically, this is just another obstacle for Bitcoin to overcome, and it is only a small obstacle compared to its past. .


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Sister Wood's latest interview: Still insisting that the price of Bitcoin will reach 500,000 US dollars.

Sister Mu Mu still expressed confidence in Bitcoin and bought Coinbase even more. She said: "I still think the price of Bitcoin will reach $500,000 per piece. Bitcoin is currently experiencing a shortfall.

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