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Does the concentrated explosion of altcoins herald the peak of the cryptocurrency market?



Altseason refers to the outbreak period of altcoins. Some people think that this is just an "ordinary digital currency bull market", but in my opinion, this is a special phenomenon at the end of the altcoin bubble. You can cash out boldly.

In the last cycle of digital currency, there were two altseasons, one in December 2017 and one in March 2018. They only lasted maybe a month or less.

I think we may be in the first altcoin breakout of this cycle right now, which means that every time the price rises to the apex of the parabola is an excellent opportunity for arbitrage.

Santiment: Traders’ interest in 5 altcoins surges, including XRP, UNI: On-chain data provider Santiment says traders are seeing a surge in interest in 5 altcoins: XRP, Uniswap (UNI), Uniswap (UNI), Voyager Token (VGX), Curve (CRV) and 1inch. Popular interest has shifted away from Bitcoin and Ethereum, as people are using on-chain fundamentals to select cryptocurrencies that are about to grow in value. (The Daily HODL)[2021/2/1 18:36:11]

If we are going through the first altseason of this cycle, then the market will experience a major correction, then pick up, and then go through the last altseason after Bitcoin peaks.

Analyst: In the next cycle, the return on investment of altcoins will exceed BTC: cryptocurrency analyst Crypto Michaël tweeted that in the next cycle, the return on investment of altcoins will exceed BTC. [2020/5/30]

Will we encounter such an altseason before the next major market correction occurs? The answer no one knows. But the current market conditions are still relatively favorable. My strategy is to arbitrage a small amount of profits on the way to the altseason. If you really encounter the altseason (altseason), boldly arbitrage to lock in profits.

I am now mainly turning my attention from short-term profits to long-term profits. If the market will soon undergo a correction, I will continue to hold until the second bigger bubble of this cycle (altcoin explosion period) appears.

Voice | Analyst: Dogecoin's recent rise may herald the arrival of the altcoin season: Cryptocurrency analyst Lenny recently tweeted, "Remember the token that was supposed to be an indicator of the altcoin season? It (DOGE) started to move It’s gone.” But whether this could be the start of altcoin season, or just another failed upside, is up for debate. According to CMC market, the global average price of DOGE (Dogecoin) is currently reported at US$0.002744, an increase of 1.18% in 24 hours[2019/10/19]

If you want to learn more about the law of the two altseasons that occurred in the last cycle of 2017/18, please see the analysis in the figure below:

2 altcoin booms in 2017/18 (yellow bars)

In the last cycle, before the outbreak of altcoins twice, Bitcoin experienced a 10-fold increase, accompanied by the entry of a large number of new investors, during which Bitcoin experienced violent fluctuations and sideways consolidation.

When the price of Bitcoin reached the third peak in history in March 2018, altcoins broke out intensively, and most altcoins had a high point arbitrage window of about 2 weeks.

When ETH and BTC fluctuate violently, there is a good chance that altcoins will explode.

Two-thirds of altcoins reached their highest prices during the first altcoin boom period.

At the apex of the last k-line parabola before the start of the bear market, altcoins are likely to blow out (this is the second and last altcoin explosion in the last cycle), the so-called last carnival.

The second outbreak of altcoins in the last cycle lasted about 2 months, but the most intensive explosion lasted only about 1 month (March 2018).

When Bitcoin reaches the apex of the k-line parabola + the price of Ethereum reaches the apex of the parabola = the altcoin outbreak period.

There may be 2 altcoin outbreak periods in one cycle.

I think now we may be in the first altcoin explosion period of this cycle, after which the market will experience a correction, and then the market will recover until it breaks to a new high and reaches a peak, then we will usher in the second altcoin explosion period , that will also be the last carnival of this round.

Written by: Secrets Compiled by: Li Ke


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Does the concentrated explosion of altcoins herald the peak of the cryptocurrency market?

Altseason refers to the outbreak period of altcoins. Some people think that this is just an "ordinary digital currency bull market", but in my opinion.

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