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The "true intention" behind Musk, the leader of the currency circle, calling the wind and rain



Musk's recent series of operations on cryptocurrencies can be described as dazzling, and his influence on the cryptocurrency market has actually established his status as a global "guru".

However, Musk recently announced that Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin payments, which angered the co-founder of Dogecoin.

Palmer (Jackson Palmer) tweeted on May 13 (Thursday) that Musk has always been a selfish liar and will continue to be so. However, he quickly deleted the tweet.

However, Master Ma's "coquettish operation" really made people shout incomprehensible: Are you supporting cryptocurrency? Or against? One will say that Dogecoin will rise to the moon, and another will say that Dogecoin is a scam; one will announce that Tesla accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, and then withdraw it, saying that Bitcoin consumes too much energy. In line with Tesla's image of energy saving and environmental protection.

These are superficial, but privately determined by the ongoing "two-layer struggle" of the Ma leader. And Master Ma is using the power of the cryptocurrency market and fans to win these two wars.

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The currency circle will also undergo earth-shaking changes due to the battle of the new leader

Anyone who is familiar with Musk knows that in addition to having two very high-profile companies, Musk has been engaged in two wars, and these two wars have never stopped.

Musk has been under pressure to raise money since Tesla and SpaceX are barely profitable but very cash-burning companies.

Remember Musk’s cry in 2018? Musk tearfully recalled the intense pressure he faced in the past. He believes that the past year has been the "hardest and most painful year" he has faced in his career, largely because of the Tesla short.

As an industrial capitalist, Musk is most afraid of financial capitalists. Tesla has also been living on financial capital to this day: in 2004, Musk led Tesla’s A round of investment, and became the company’s largest shareholder with less than US$7.5 million in personal funds (Musk currently has 100 billion worth, the "cost" is no more than 10 million);

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After Musk “led” the A round, he quickly led Tesla’s $13 million B round, and soon in 2006 Musk co-led the $40 million C round. Due to the rapid burning of money, Musk led the fourth round of financing of US$45 million in 2007, and this time the two founders of Google were persuaded to participate.

Soon in 2008, Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy again. Musk persuaded Daimler to exchange US$50 million for a 10% stake in Tesla before pulling Tesla back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Then in 2010, Toyota was persuaded to also provide Tesla with around $50 million in financing.

In 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy provided Tesla with a low-interest loan of $465 million through the "High-Tech Vehicle Production Credit Program." The loan from the U.S. Department of Energy further leveraged private capital. On June 29, 2010, Tesla conducted an IPO on Nasdaq, raising US$226 million from the public at a price of US$17 per share.

News | Li Xiaolai’s private talk about the recording of celebrities in the currency circle was exposed: On the evening of July 3, Li Xiaolai, a celebrity in the currency circle, recorded an internal conversation with guests. The conversation involved many blockchain projects and celebrities in the currency circle, including Ethereum and Ripple, etc. Trends of mainstream cryptocurrencies, and views on Laomao, NEO, Shuaichu, Ripple, Yi Lihua, Luo Zhenyu, Zhao Changpeng and others. In this regard, Li Xiaolai himself responded with only three words "embarrassed", and did not comment too much on this matter. [2018/7/4]

In 2013, Tesla raised US$1.02 billion from the capital market (including US$660 million in bonds), and fully repaid the previous loan of the US Department of Energy; in 2014, it raised another US$2 billion to build a factory; in 2015, it made Model X stock Financing 738 million US dollars; followed by another 1.46 billion US dollars in financing for Model3 in 2016. After so many rounds of financing, Musk has always been Tesla's largest shareholder.

In 2018, when he was shorted by the capital market, Musk "cried"—the whole person was on the verge of collapse, without financing, and being shorted, which meant that when Tesla was about to bear fruit, he succumbed to financial capital and handed over control. (The normal way for financial capital to control an industry is to provide financing and gradually gain control; if you cannot obtain control, it usually means that you lose your ability to finance, and you have to sell it at a low price in the end, and financial capital comes back to buy it, and then obtain Control) This is as painful as raising your own children and then giving them to others for free.

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At the same time, Musk began to release "fake news" of privatization, and was "targeted" by US regulators. Since then, Musk has also gotten into trouble with American regulators. "Iron Man" can't tell what he has suffered: the regulators sit back and watch this group of financial capital use short-selling, and they don't care about robbing the fruits of my labor. If I fight back, you will punish me instead!

Although Musk has come back to life, he knows that one day financial capital will make a comeback. Now there are still a bunch of people who are singing and waiting for an opportunity to short Tesla. Tesla is still not strong enough to make blood and falsify everything The point of doubt.

Therefore, the currency circle, which is independent of the existing financial system, provides Musk with a "way out".

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Musk first tested the water with Bitcoin. After eating Bitcoin at a low price, Musk began to sing more on Twitter with 50 million fans.

Musk tweeted Bitcoin-related content-zce on December 20, 2020 (the market value of Bitcoin was only $200 million at the time)

Subsequently, on January 29, Musk changed his entire Twitter "profile" to Bitcoin.

Picture: On January 29, after Musk changed his Twitter, Bitcoin jumped by $800 in a short-term, reaching as high as $32,000 per coin at one point

Musk tasted the sweetness of financing on Bitcoin. Tesla's subsequent "announcement" showed that as of March 31, 2020, the fair market value of the company's Bitcoin holdings was US$2.48 billion; this means that if the company cashes out the digital currency, it is expected to record approximately US$1 billion. Dollar investment income.

On March 31, the price of bitcoin closed at US$59,000, and US$1 billion of the market capitalization of US$2.48 billion was profitable, indicating that the average cost of Tesla’s bitcoin holdings was less than US$25,000 per unit.

In other words, Musk has already "ambushed" before singing more bitcoins.

Because of Bitcoin, Tesla also created the highest quarterly profit in history in the first quarter of this year: 440 million US dollars, of which the sale of Bitcoin brought a "profit" of 100 million US dollars, but the sale of the car lost more than 100 million. The next profit comes from the sale of carbon credits.

Musk, who has enjoyed the sweetness of Bitcoin, also set his sights on the little-known Dogecoin. Before Musk cheered for it, the unit price of Dogecoin was only about US$0.004, and now it has risen to nearly US$0.75. In fact, it has increased by nearly 200 times in more than a year.

Since then, Musk announced that he will use the money raised by Dogecoin to launch a lunar satellite next year.

Can Dogecoin really "put satellites"? sure! If you have enough low-cost Dogecoins in your hand, you can sell some to raise enough funds for launch.

Musk is actually saying that SpaceX holds a lot of Dogecoin and has raised a lot of money in Dogecoin.

How much does it cost to put a satellite on the moon? NASA's space shuttle LEO, which was decommissioned in 2011 and capable of carrying lunar vehicles, cost $450 million per launch at the time. The current cost plus the satellite is estimated to be at least US$1 billion or more.

According to the market price of 0.4 USD/dogecoin, 1 billion US dollars can be easily achieved by selling only 2.5 billion dogecoins. The reason why it is "easy to do" is because the total amount of Dogecoin is as high as 130 billion, and it will steadily increase by 5 billion every year. Moreover, Dogecoin's holdings are very concentrated. There is an address suspected to be controlled by Musk, and the holdings are as high as nearly 40 billion!

Through cryptocurrencies, Musk has allowed Tesla and SpaceX to achieve financial freedom.

So why crack down on Bitcoin and Dogecoin?

This is also related to the "two wars".

When financing is needed, the market is in a bull market, and it is easiest to ship for financing; when financing is not needed temporarily, it is best to be in a bear market, otherwise all the money in the market will be cut off by speculators.

At the same time, one-sided singing of more cryptocurrencies will be targeted by the regulators - after Musk chanted more Dogecoins, he was called to drink tea by the regulators, and Twitter stopped for a while.

Therefore, using a half-joking and half-serious way to fight with each other's own statements and practices is the best way to make the supervision "have nothing to say"-I'm just kidding, this will not work! ?

Next time, among the 8 companies controlled by Musk, which one is "lack of money" and needs financing, Musk will most likely stand up and call out the cryptocurrency he holds.

This financing method can not only get rid of the control of financial capitalists and ridicule supervision, but also easily raise money, why not do it?

And Musk's fans are also happy to support him, because after he gets the money, he is different from other "little lords" in the currency circle who buy luxury houses, drive luxury cars, and have a bunch of children. He wants to change the destiny of mankind and make mankind Be a man of the star race. This can't help but make other "little religious leaders" start to doubt life, and start to think: what should I do for human beings? In the future, because of Musk, there will be more "saviors" who want to change the fate of mankind, or at least the fate of others.


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The "true intention" behind Musk, the leader of the currency circle, calling the wind and rain

Musk's recent series of operations on cryptocurrencies can be described as dazzling, and his influence on the cryptocurrency market has actually established his status as a global "guru".However.

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