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Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Group: Use digital technology to create a new generation of cultural infrastructure



Jinse Finance reported on the spot that on May 17, 2021, the press conference of AntChain's "Wenchangxing Traditional Culture Renewal Plan" was held in Hangzhou. Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Group and president of the Intelligent Technology Division, said at the press conference that one of the future trends is industrial collaboration, and the key to industrial collaboration is transaction efficiency and transaction costs. Efficient transactions require two conditions: the link at the system level and the construction of a trust mechanism. This is the original intention of AntChain, to build a credible industrial collaboration network with technology. AntChain has landed in more than 50 industries including logistics, retail, and finance. At present, China's per capita GDP has exceeded 10,000 US dollars, and the cultural industry will usher in a huge opportunity, which requires the use of digital technology to build a new generation of cultural infrastructure. Therefore, AntChain has launched a one-stop copyright confirmation and protection solution "AntChain Confidential" and an "AntChain IP Business Platform" that creates a new business model for copyright cooperation. The following is the full text of the speech: Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Group and President of the Intelligent Technology Division: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I am very happy today to have the opportunity to talk about how to use technology to rejuvenate traditional culture. I have watched a video of teacher Xu Zhiyuan talking about "out of the circle". Today I feel that I am "out of the circle", from the technical circle to the high-level cultural circle. Closer to home, first of all, we see that our industry is digitizing very quickly. Everyone knows that today we have almost 1 billion Internet users, who spend a lot of time on Douyin, online shopping, and Alipay payments every day. Then today, we see more digital applications begin to enter production and life, such as the digital application of many public services under the digital government, provident fund inquiries, and submission of traffic tickets, while enterprises begin to use electronic contracts and electronic invoices, and successively start business digital collaboration. China Copyright Protection Center and Ant Group join hands to build a digital copyright chain: Golden Finance News, recently, China Copyright Protection Center and Ant Group Ant Chain formally signed a cooperation agreement. Taking the opportunity of jointly promoting the national "blockchain + copyright" characteristic application pilot project jointly approved by 16 departments including the Central Cyberspace Affairs Office and the Central Propaganda Department, we will explore and build an innovative mechanism for Internet copyright services and a new industrial ecology, and help the country's cultural development. Digital strategy implementation and high-quality industrial development. It is reported that the two parties in this cooperation will work together to meet the urgent demands of massive digital content-zce for copyright protection and service innovation, and provide instant DCI application and on-demand digital copyright registration confirmation services for Internet platform billion-level users. [2022/8/2 2:53:47] We believe that the biggest opportunity in the digital wave in the future will be from the digitization of the enterprise itself to the digitization of the entire industry collaboration. As industrial collaboration develops in depth, their production and sales links will become more complex. In the industrial cooperation relationship, we believe that the most critical core point is its supply and demand relationship. The most essential thing in the relationship between supply and demand must be its transaction efficiency and transaction costs. Enterprises get together not to socialize, but to do business. In such a process, we believe that to complete an efficient transaction, two basic conditions must be required: one is the connection at the system level. Just like two villages, if there is no road in the middle, there is no way to do business, and there is no way to communicate with each other. But after you have a road, whether you dare to make a transaction depends on the construction of a trust mechanism, otherwise the transaction will be risky. Therefore, we believe that "link + trust" must be the basis and key thing for the entire industry collaboration. Today, because of the development of our core technology, whether it is the development of blockchain, artificial intelligence, including cloud computing, etc., it has created new possibilities and new business models for us to reconstruct industrial collaboration. So we believe that we are just at a very special node today, that is, let our new technologies be better integrated to solve the overall coordination problem in the industry. AOFEX has reached a strategic cooperation with Ant Cluster: According to official news, AOFEX has reached a strategic cooperation with Ant Cluster. The two parties will start with the distributed storage business as the main line, and at the same time involve IPFS interstellar file system, distributed storage data center, blockchain technology development, cloud computing power center, effective data application and other sectors. Ant Cluster is a provider of overall distributed storage solutions, committed to providing industry organizations with a full-process distributed storage overall solution. AOFEX digital asset service platform aims to provide professional digital financial services for global users. [2021/9/22 16:57:52] Alibaba and our ants have always had a mission and vision of "making the world easy to do business", and AntChain has also been using innovative technologies to build credible industrial collaboration network. Since 2016, AntChain has been using innovative technologies such as integrated blockchain, artificial intelligence, IOT, and privacy computing to solve problems in the entire industry. We have been focusing on the research and development of core technologies. Many consulting agencies around the world, such as IDC, believe that AntChain is a global industry leader today. At the same time, AntChain is far ahead of the industry in terms of the number of patents and standard setting, and has become the world's number one in many aspects. We actually started with the block (block), and the essence is to link (chain) the industry, and finally return to the industry. Use innovative technology to build a credible industrial collaboration network to improve the synergy efficiency of the entire industrial chain. Technology makes trust easier, and enables consumers and SMEs to get better services through industrial collaboration. In the past few years, through our efforts, we have witnessed retail, logistics, ports, industrial manufacturing, telecommunications, and financial services, one after another "on the chain" scene. We see more and more core enterprises, including the government, slowly entering the deep water area of digitalization. As Professor Deng said just now, the cultural industry is actually one of the very important industries. Jing Xiandong: Ant Group has transformed into a technology company with three pillars of digital payment, digital finance, and digital life: On October 21, Jing Xiandong, chairman of Ant Group, issued a letter to investors "Because I believe , so see". In the letter, Jing Xiandong stated that Ant Group is not a financial institution, nor is it a mobile payment company, but a company determined to use the best technology and resources today to help banks and financial institutions better serve every consumer. , every small and micro enterprise technology company. Since its establishment 16 years ago, Ant Group has believed that financial services are not exclusive to a few people, but services that every consumer can obtain at any time. Therefore, the company has been working hard in this direction. Guaranteed transaction, fast payment, Yu'ebao, cash code, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain... Ant Group has now transformed into a technology company with three pillars: digital payment, digital financial technology platform, and digital life. [2020/10/22] Data shows that China's per capita GDP has exceeded 10,000 US dollars in 2020. After enriching material life, more spiritual life must be needed. I believe that many media partners present here, including teachers, are working hard in this regard, so the market's demand for culture will explode. Including in foreign countries, with the improvement of living standards, we increasingly see some new needs of various cultures. As I saw just now, many virtual idols, including some new virtual works, animation, have become very important cultural scenes. This will inevitably bring huge opportunities for China's cultural industry. Technological innovation is giving our cultural industry a new impetus, giving birth to new cultural formats and more cultural industries. We believe that digital technology is becoming a new infrastructure for the future development of the cultural industry. Through technological changes, the cultural industry can develop better. In fact, there are many pain points in the development of the cultural industry, which Professor Deng mentioned just now. The first problem is the problem of infringement. Original creators are easy to be infringed, but rights protection is very difficult. It is often said that 3 months of creation takes 3 minutes to copy, which must be a big challenge. The second is that the commercialization of cultural products itself is relatively difficult. Especially as Professor Deng mentioned just now, its link is relatively long, especially some traditional cultures, because there is no good commercialization, many handicrafts and craftsmanship are gradually lost, and some things left over from our history are difficult to be good. be promoted. In addition, consumer demand is also changing rapidly. Our designers also need more market data to help them better explore the core elements of traditional culture and serve the needs of the entire market. Another is the imbalance of IP supply. Under normal circumstances, the copyright authorization deposit is relatively high, and the risks for merchants are also relatively high. Many merchants are blocked from the entire industry chain, which poses many challenges to the development of the entire industry. On the spot | Jing Xiandong, chairman of Ant Group: Blockchain technology enables the world to realize digital links: Jinse Finance live report, on the morning of September 24, the global high-level financial technology conference sponsored by Alipay and Ant Group under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Government " The Bund Conference" opened in Shanghai. Jing Xiandong, chairman of Ant Group, said on the spot that the future is a digital world, and digitalization requires trust in the bearing of machines. The blockchain is such a role, allowing numbers to be credibly stored and transferred on the blockchain. Blockchain technology enables the world to achieve digital links, allowing each individual to participate in the framework of the global economic market. Everyone has such an opportunity. This is the meaning of blockchain, participating in digitalization, and jointly creating an inclusive future. [2020/9/24] During this process, there are two core pain points, one is infringement, and we need better copyright protection. Another problem is commercialization. There is only better commercialization. In the video just now, a writer also proposed how to make our traditional cultural things better reach consumers, carry forward, and form a closed commercial loop. Therefore, AntChain has proposed new technical solutions specifically for these two points to open up the commercial links of the cultural industry and help all aspects of the entire industry to collaborate digitally more efficiently. As I talked about just now, the essence of AntChain is to build a credible industrial collaboration network, and then all links will be more efficient and convenient in collaboration. Today we have also launched such a technology in the cultural industry to help the entire industry to open up a full link. In the link of production and protection, we proposed a copyright protection platform to provide digital rights confirmation for copyright. At the same time, we launched an IP commercialization platform to solve commercialization problems. In this process, the first platform is our "Magie Chisel" copyright protection platform, which is based on AntChain's immutable technology and provides services for the confirmation and protection of original works. We have the industry's top technical strength, deposit certificates in one minute, publish your own works, to confirm the rights, and prove that this work is yours. We have the ability to search-zce the entire network. Basically, more than 95% of pictures and short videos can be searched and compared to see if the picture has been infringed. This is a very real ability of AI, because you need to search-zce the entire network for comparison, real-time, followed by a huge and complex system engineering, and use multimedia content-zce to trace and detect. Compared with the traditional model, the cost has been reduced by more than 95%. Ant Group will announce the blockchain upgrade plan on July 23: Ant Group plans to announce the blockchain upgrade plan on July 23. In the invitation letter titled "Linking Everything, Infinite Future", Jing Xiandong, chairman of Ant Group, and Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Group and president of the Intelligent Technology Business Group, will jointly attend the blockchain upgrade release and sign relevant strategic contracts. (Shanghai Securities News) [2020/7/22] After the magpie platform was launched, it has served more than one million creators. This is not a small number. One million various self-media, various creator. It provides very inclusive copyright services for more than 50 million original works. At the same time, through opening up some of our foreign service providers, we also provided services for the copyright protection of this product and our works overseas. We have opened up not only domestic, but also foreign capabilities to provide our creators with better global copyright protection capabilities. I just talked about the improvement of China's consumption power, which provides great opportunities for our emerging brands and IP industry. We have also seen that more and more merchants, especially new brands, are building their own differentiated products. Today we see that the unsmooth coordination of upstream and downstream enterprises in the IP industry chain still restricts the development speed of the entire industry. There are many pain points in this. First of all, a very long link in this link needs to be decided. At the same time, there are still a lot of new costs. On the one hand, I need to find out what rights I have obtained, such as copyright rights, usage rights and other rights. At the same time, there is also the problem of high transaction costs. I may buy out a work at one time, and I need to pay high copyright licensing fees. These create barriers to our overall commercialization, copyright coverage and access. Today, AntChain has built an IP business platform based on our technology. First of all, on the supply side, we provide an IP database, introduce different IPs, provide intelligent matching, and what kind of IPs merchants need. We continuously connect to such a platform as the supply side. At the same time, on the use side, it is actually calculated by piece according to its use. If you use this IP for 50,000 schoolbags, you will pay for 50,000 schoolbags, not a one-time buyout. In this way, the IP authorization fee can be paid better according to the usage. At the same time, the business model of real-time liquidation and sharing of IP, in the process of selling each work and product, for example, 5 yuan, the 5 yuan will be divided into accounts for you, and the 5 yuan will belong to the authorized party of the IP. In the process of each commodity, the uncertainty of the transaction is resolved. In essence, through such an IP commercialization platform, the supply side can be better connected at the system level with our small businesses, to reach them, and to do business. At the same time, because of the establishment of such a trust mechanism, everyone will share accounts according to the amount of goods you sell, which must require the establishment of a trust mechanism. At the beginning, Alipay provided a third-party guarantee for buyers and sellers, and strangers dared to trade. In AntChain’s IP business platform, blockchain technology has become this third party. Small and medium-sized businesses do not need to pay a high amount of guarantee in advance to use IP. The authorization fee reduces the uncertainty and game in the transaction. We think this is the most innovative value. You can't say that I sold 5 million school bags, and then you said that I only paid 50,000 authorization fees. It must be the construction of a trust mechanism, how to ensure that the authorizing party of the IP is also guaranteed. So after we built such a platform, IP clothing is the first IP commercial platform on AntChain, from which we have introduced many IP licensees, designers, and hundreds of thousands of merchants on Tmall. . He can get such an IP through authorization, go back to the production of the real thing, and then start selling it on Tmall.


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