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Bitcoin Lord of the Rings Musk



Musk put on the Lord of the Rings, can he resist the temptation? Musk put on the Lord of the Rings Aragorn, the human hero in the movie "The Lord of the Rings", commented on the nine "ring spirits": They were once great human kings, and eventually became servants of the devil. The Lord of the Rings bewitches the mind, whether it is for humans, elves, dwarves or hobbits, it is a great temptation. Only a few strong people who wear the Lord of the Rings will not be corrupted. The cryptocurrency circle has a magical atmosphere. After wearing this ring, not many people can maintain a firm mind. Once trapped in it, unless the heart is particularly strong, they will become slaves to the ring. In the real natural world, in addition to money, you can also look up at the starry sky and travel around the world. In the Internet world, apart from money, you can also surf the Internet and play games for leisure. But in the cryptocurrency world, in addition to wealth is money, even sex life can be abandoned. Maybe many people like cryptocurrency at the beginning because of: curiosity about new things, trust in mathematical principles, dissatisfaction with "entropy increase of legal currency", and pursuit of "ultimate freedom". But in the end, once entering this world, it is easy to be captured by the 24-hour K-line chart of ups and downs, confused by the woven wealth myth, and soon fall into the magic cave of money. No product is directly tied to money like cryptocurrencies. Such a product is born to be a terrible "Lord of the Rings". Musk wears it, will he be tempted by this "magic"? The truth about Tesla No matter how great a king is, he cannot escape the clutches of the Lord of the Rings. To analyze Musk, first analyze Tesla. Let's take a look at Tesla's first-quarter financial report: It was reported on April 27 that Tesla's revenue in the first quarter was US$10.39 billion, a year-on-year increase of 74%. Net income under GAAP was US$438 million, setting a record for the highest quarterly profit in history, and achieving positive profit for seven consecutive quarters. Mayor of Miami seeks to expand use of cryptocurrencies throughout the city, residents will be able to pay fees and taxes with Bitcoin: According to news on December 4, Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami is seeking to expand the use of cryptocurrencies throughout the city. Residents will be able to pay fees and taxes in bitcoin, and multiple employees will also receive salaries in the digital currency, Francis Suarez said. A knowledge-based economy is needed for any city to survive and thrive. (BNN) [2021/12/4 12:50:16] The company’s free cash flow in the quarter was US$293 million, compared with market expectations of negative US$82.8 million; capital expenditure was US$1.35 billion, compared with market expectations of US$1.09 billion. During the quarter, the net cash outflow related to bitcoin was US$1.2 billion, and US$101 million was obtained by selling bitcoin. Tesla's main profit comes from the sale of regulatory credits to gain $ 518 million, and the other is the profit from the sale of Bitcoin. Without the regulatory credit score, Tesla would have lost money in the quarter. GAAP net income for the quarter was only $438 million. Focus on the key points: Behind Tesla’s net profit of US$438 million in the first quarter is the diligent sale of US$518 million in carbon emission credits and the Bitcoin price difference of US$101 million. In other words, if Musk does not sell carbon and does not speculate in coins. If it was just selling cars, Tesla lost $181 million. What would you think if you were Musk. I have worked hard on this hardware for more than ten years, and I almost couldn’t survive several times. Fortunately, I have ideals and family background to persist until today. Up to now, I have lost money selling cars, and I have been scolded by consumers every day. Don’t just stop selling cars. It’s so hard to make money. It’s better to “bring goods” with cryptocurrency. You can earn 100 million a day. In the world of physical industries, Tesla still has many competitors. In the cryptocurrency world, Musk is the king of the world. The hemophagocytosis of financial capital Compared with the domineering in the encrypted world, Musk is heavily restrained in the traditional world. I still remember that in 2018, he cried to the whole world like a big boy. BitMEX trader: Bitcoin will reach $16,000 in October: Jinse Finance reported that BitMEX trader AngeloBTC said that the price of Bitcoin will reach $16,000 in October. He also warned traders not to short "the best performing asset of the decade" despite bitcoin's poor price performance over the past few days. AngeloBTC had previously predicted that BTC could rise to $30,000 in March. [2020/5/22] This year was the "hardest and most painful year" in his career, and financial capital from Wall Street shorted Tesla. This man is considered to have a great dream, an iron man who makes energy vehicles, develops rockets, flies to Mars, tests brain-computer interfaces, and constructs virtual worlds. Not only did he just shout slogans, but he was able to implement all these whimsical things. With one's own power, pry up the entire human dream. However, this technical unconstrained style requires real money. In 2004, Musk led Tesla’s A-round investment and became the largest shareholder; in 2005, Musk quickly led Tesla’s US$13 million B-round investment; in 2006, Musk jointly led another 40 million US dollars In 2007, the money was burned very quickly. In 2007, Musk led the fourth round of financing of 45 million US dollars. The two founders of Google were persuaded to participate in it; in 2008, Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy, and Musk Persuaded Daimler to exchange US$50 million for 10% of Tesla's equity; in 2010, Tesla was short of funds, and Toyota was persuaded to provide Tesla with financing of about US$50 million. ... Along the way, we must make breakthroughs in the most cutting-edge technology, and at the same time obtain massive capital support. Anyone who has ever started a business knows how difficult it is, which is why Musk has the support of so many people. Shorted by the capital market in 2018, Musk was on the verge of collapse. When Tesla was about to bear fruit, Wall Street financial capital, which has always been bloodthirsty and cunning, showed its fierce fangs, trying to lower the stock price and control Tesla. At that time, Musk ran out of ammunition and food. Voice | Analyst: Bitcoin rose 42% today, the fourth largest increase since May 10, 2011: Cryptocurrency analyst and economist Alex Krüger tweeted that Bitcoin rose 42% today, this is: - Fourth largest increase since May 10, 2011 (if daily returns are used as a comparison); - Fifteenth largest two-day increase since November 18, 2013. [2019/10/26] If the Chinese government hadn't extended a helping hand this time, it would have surrendered to financial capital and handed over control. What an industrial capitalist fears most is the bayonet in the back of a financial capitalist. In Musk's legendary life, this life experience must be his "darkest" moment. It is not enough to do a good job in industry, but also need to have the ability to control finance. This is probably the conclusion drawn by Musk. But how could Wall Street financial giants have been in business for a century to give you a chance? The pleasure of "financial marijuana" In the financial circle of the real world, vested interests have been impenetrable. As powerful as Musk, he is also the target of hunting. How to change from an industrial capitalist to a financial capitalist across borders, get rid of the control of these devils on Wall Street, and then take both. Opportunities in the cryptocurrency world are both accidental and inevitable for Musk. As early as 2018, the Quantum School predicted in "Bitcoin's Hundred Years of War History" that if any Internet giant would raise the banner of "encrypted currency", it would be Musk. His ability to learn, his unconventional way, his unscrupulousness, his challenge to the real world, and his struggle with financial capital may all make him take the lead in cryptocurrencies. On December 20, 2020, Musk tweeted Bitcoin content-zce and began to test the cryptocurrency world. On January 29, Musk changed his Twitter "profile" to Bitcoin. Dynamic | Mysterious trader buys 30 Bitcoin call options, betting that Bitcoin will reach $50,000 in June next year: According to the Wall Street Journal, a mysterious trader placed a subscription price of $4,500 on LedgerX on May 23 Bought 30 bitcoin options, betting that bitcoin will hit $50,000 next June, which allows the trader to buy bitcoin at $50,000 when it expires next June. While the trader’s wager is insignificant compared to the $25 billion in bitcoin traded over the past 24 hours, this is the first call option in the $50,000 range on LedgerX in more than six months. Last month, LedgerX also observed bitcoin options with a strike price of $25,000, said LedgerX co-founder and chief operating officer Juthica Chou. [2019/6/4] Bitcoin soared by US$800 in a short-term, reaching as high as US$32,000 at one point. This is finance, this is manipulating the market, and this is the thrill of Wall Street. At this moment, Musk took a heavy breath of "financial marijuana". Intense, invigorating and ecstatic. The taste of landing on Mars is probably nothing more than that. Musk has tasted the sweetness of capital control on Bitcoin. Before that, he had laid out bitcoins at $25,000 per coin. According to a document submitted by Tesla to the US SEC on February 8, Tesla bought bitcoin worth US$1 billion in January this year, which means that Tesla made a profit in just one month. $1 billion. "Financial marijuana" is addictive, especially cryptocurrency, which is the bewitching power of the Lord of the Rings. The "king" of the currency circle is as smart as Musk, and immediately discovered a bug in his operation. Why do you want to call for bitcoin? This is a market close to 1 trillion US dollars, and the chips in your hands are only 1 billion US dollars. Isn't this making wedding clothes for others? Especially the Grayscale Fund holding 600,000 bitcoins, these people are not the same gang of Wall Street bastards who cheated themselves back then. Why should I "bring goods" to you with the traffic and character I have worked so hard to save over the years. The market value of global cryptocurrencies has shrunk sharply The market value of Bitcoin has dropped by 70 billion yuan: Jinse Finance data broadcast, according to AICoin data, the market value of global cryptocurrencies has fallen today. The current global market value of cryptocurrencies is 1,734.127 billion yuan. The current market value of the top 100 cryptocurrencies is only 20 on the rise, and the others are all in decline. The situation of Bitcoin is not very good. The current total market value of Bitcoin is 671.4 billion yuan, which is 19 Compared with No. 19, the market value has shrunk by about 70 billion yuan, but its proportion has reached 38.67%. Compared with No. 19, it has shown an upward trend. From these data, the market value of other cryptocurrencies has fallen more seriously. The current market value of ETH is 300.7 billion RMB. Compared with the 19th, the market value has shrunk by about 40 billion RMB, accounting for 17.30%. The current market value of XRP is 122.1 billion RMB. Compared with the 19th, the market value has shrunk by 10 billion RMB. 7.01%. Judging from the overall trend of the market value of cryptocurrencies, the market value of the entire cryptocurrency market has shrunk, and the market value of cryptocurrencies may shrink further in the near future. [2018/6/24] Standing on the financial capitalist's side, Musk immediately understood this truth. Anyway, they are all carrying goods, and the coins are not the same. And Dogecoin is a currency, you can take all the chips first. He is familiar with the operation of Bitcoin, and this time the operation is even more handy. Dogecoin's holdings are very concentrated. There is an address suspected to be controlled by Musk, with nearly 40 billion holdings! On April Fool's Day on April 1, Musk tweeted that he would send Dogecoin to the moon with a SpaceX rocket. "To the moon" became the slogan of Dogecoin, and the price of Dogecoin continued to rise that day. Musk single-handedly launched a new currency, and countless people reveled with Master Ma. On April 15th, Musk published another post with Spanish artist Joan. Miro's well-known painting "Yarking at the Moon", and the popular Dogecoin completely started a magnificent historical-level surge. Before Musk brought the goods, the unit price of Dogecoin was only about 0.004 US dollars, and the highest rose to nearly 0.75 US dollars, a nearly 200-fold increase. When pulling up Dogecoin, he did not forget to step on Bitcoin. On May 13th, Musk tweeted that Bitcoin is too environmentally friendly, Tesla will stop accepting Bitcoin payments, the price of Bitcoin plummeted from $55,000 to $45,000 within 2 hours, and over 6 billion funds were forced to liquidate . There is no SEC penalty here, and no socialist hammer. One sentence, one word, one picture, or even one joke from Musk can make virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inucoin soar and plummet. At this moment, Musk is aloof, like a god controlling the power of life and death in the currency circle. The Hobbit Vitalik Buterin Who can resist such a temptation? Turn your hands into clouds, and turn your hands into rain. In a matter of moments, hundreds of millions of dollars are in and out of accounts. At this time, is Musk still the Musk who dreamed of going to Mars in a Falcon rocket? The cryptocurrency at this time is the free holy land that advocates "decentralization"? Musk's current position is a naked irony of decentralization. He enjoys the pleasure of being superior and fooling others. All his actions are like the "Witch King of Angmar" controlled by the most powerful ring. At this time, it reminds people of Satoshi Nakamoto. The true godfather of Bitcoin, the master of encryption technology. In 2011, when Bitcoin began to expand to the world, he left behind and hid his name. Lead by example and practice the concept of decentralization. Coincidentally, after donating 10% of the SHIB held by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, he directly burned the remaining 90% of the SHIB worth about 7.7 billion US dollars in his wallet. Treat money like dung, and truly have the temperament of God. Why did Vitalik Buterin burn 90% of SHIB? He stated that the decision to destroy and abandon SHIB was due to not wanting to be the "seat of power" for the project. Satoshi Nakamoto not only created a great payment system, but also created a Supreme Lord of the Rings. Only hobbits like Vitalik Buterin, who are simple-minded and like a simple and sunny life, can face all temptations. But what about Musk, is he a simple hobbit, or a greedy human? The positive power of the Lord of the Rings Musk still underestimated the power of the Lord of the Rings, because he did not think carefully about the difficulty of creating the Lord of the Rings. He treats Bitcoin and Dogecoin equally, without awe. You know, as a pioneer, it was not easy for Satoshi Nakamoto to create Bitcoin, the Supreme Lord of the Rings.


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Bitcoin Lord of the Rings Musk

Musk put on the Lord of the Rings, can he resist the temptation? Musk put on the Lord of the Rings Aragorn, the human hero in the movie "The Lord of the Rings".

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