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What is the value of HT under the blessing of Heco and Prime after two years?



On May 15th, Huobi Global released the "HT April Operation Monthly Report". The data showed that the monthly destruction amount of HT exceeded US$100 million, a record high. As soon as the news came out, it quickly attracted the attention and discussion of many parties.

There are applauds and bad words. HT, which has been silent for a long time, has only recently entered a ladder-like rise. It is not only confusing: can HT still rise? Under the attack of OKB and BNB, how can HT take the lead? the

The recent market dynamics seem to show a strong side of HT. Aicoin data shows that HT is ahead of OKB and BNB in terms of weekly rise and fall, recent 30-day rise and fall, and quarterly rise and fall. In addition, the recent Prime With the restart action of Heco and the continuous empowerment of Heco, HT has initially shown the trend of "top".

The monthly destruction of more than 100 million US dollars, the deflationary effect is still continuing

Data: Up to now, Chainlink has pledged LINK with a cumulative value of more than 75 million US dollars: Jinse Finance reported that according to Lookonchain monitoring, as of now, more than 2,600 Chainlink pledge addresses have participated in the pledge, and about 10.57 million LINK have been pledged, worth about $75.01 million. [2022/12/7 21:27:29]

In the past month, HT destroyed 5.615 million HT monthly, with a cumulative amount of more than 100 million US dollars. With the blessing of strong burning, HT once hit a record high of $39.91 in May.

In the currency circle, the exchange is regarded as one of the tracks with the highest commercialization degree and cash flow, and also the most important link in the entire encryption ecological link, and the performance of the platform currency often reflects the strength of an exchange. At present, the total circulation of HT in the entire network is 185 million, and 266 million have been destroyed. According to the destruction speed of 5.615 million per month, the market circulation of 185 million HT will be completely destroyed in 32 months. Of course, this single-dimensional market forecast is not comprehensive. After all, with the continuous burning, the HT under the deflationary effect has a high probability of rising, thus slowing down the intensity of burning. However, the data at least reflects that HT's destruction of circulation disks continues to maintain a high level of use.

BitDAO repurchased $6 million in BIT tokens in the first four days of July: July 5th, according to official information, BitDAO has purchased $21 million worth of BIT tokens in June 2022 according to BIP-9. currency. Also according to BIP-12, within four days from July 1, 2022 to July 4, 2022, $6,000,000 worth of BIT tokens have been purchased. Purchases are executed by bots on Bybit via TWAP transactions. BIT purchased in July will be transferred back to the BitDAO treasury by August 15, 2022.

According to previous news, BitDAO's proposal to repurchase BIT from the secondary market has been passed and has come into effect on June 1. The repurchase amount will initially be set at $700,000 per day (~$21 million per month), which can be adjusted through BitDAO voting. The repurchase will be carried out in the open secondary market, including CEX and DEX. In the future, repurchases may be executed by reputable third-party service providers on behalf of BitDAO. [2022/7/5 1:52:50]

As the token of the exchange, the platform currency, in addition to having a stable source of income for destruction, usually allows the holder to enjoy some special rights on the exchange, such as discounted handling fees, participation in exchange voting and airdrop activities, and acting as a deposit. Therefore, the value of the platform currency depends on the value of the exchange itself and the ecological construction of the platform. The transaction volume, popularity, and income of the exchange will all be reflected in the value of the platform currency.

Data: Bitcoin’s market value accounts for 42.6%: Jinse Finance reported that according to CoinGecko data, the current cryptocurrency market value is 1.326 trillion U.S. dollars, with a 24-hour decline of 1.5%, and the 24-hour trading volume is 105.192 billion U.S. dollars. At present, the market value of Bitcoin accounts for 42.6%, the market value of Ethereum accounts for 18.4%, and the market value of Terra falls to 33rd. [2022/5/15 3:16:37]

The recent market dynamics seem to show a strong side of HT, and it has outperformed OKB and BNB at all stages in the past quarter.

As we all know, the "deflation effect" of platform currency is similar to the "halving" of Bitcoin. From the perspective of long-term investment value judgment, assets with total deflation and strong value support can often obtain long-term value potential, while recent market performance Look, HT seems poised to enter a real "golden cycle" in 2021.

The price of Ethereum Gas has fallen to a new low in the past two months, reaching a minimum of 27.24Gwei: on December 12, according to Ethersan data, the lowest price of Ethereum Gas reached 27.24Gwei on December 11, creating a new low since October 3 . Currently, the medium Gas price of Ethereum is 46 Gwei. [2021/12/12 7:34:22]

Dual Empowerment of Heco and Prime Highlights Scarcity

On May 11, when most encrypted assets were still on the verge of falling, HT rarely stepped out of the independent market, and directly hit a record high of 39.91 a day later. The market change originated from a brief announcement from Huobi Global.

On the same day, Huobi officially announced that it will officially open the seventh phase of Huobi Global’s preferred currency listing channel (Huobi Prime) on May 20. Three days later, the name of the preferred currency listing project as APENFT (NFT) was also made public. Huobi Prime aims to select high-quality projects from all over the world, and distribute profits to HT holders through discounted transactions. Previously, Prime was launched on March 20, 2019, and six phases of projects were successively selected for trading on the main board.

After two years, the preferred currency listing channel that once achieved a return of "TOP up to 27.7 times, NEW up to 7 times" returns again, triggering extensive discussions in the market, and the return also includes the confidence of currency holders.

"Prime, the preferred listing channel of Huobi, is back. Anyone who understands it, users may not be able to win the lottery when launching a new project, but historical experience tells us that HT often has an increase of about 10% to 30% during the gestation period of launching a new project. said Weibo user "Bitcoin Blockchain Finance". At the beginning of 2019, the three major platforms launched their own new platforms, and the wealth effect of "grab and earn" made the market sentiment peak. In the next six months, Huobi gradually suspended the preferred currency listing, and now it is on the road to restart, and the expectations of the outside world remain the same. the

In terms of improving the scarcity of HT, we have to mention another "weapon" of Huobi, the Huobi Heco ecological chain. Especially after Du Jun returned to Huobi's strong empowerment, the wealth effect of the Heco public chain has grown exponentially.

As the native asset of Heco, HT is mainly used as transaction fees and rewards on the chain, and can also become a validator node on the Heco chain by staking HT.

According to expectations, becoming a HECO verification node, the annualized income of handling fees can reach 888.24% (calculated based on the principal of 5000HT, each node will receive an average of 3701 HT per month), which is why more teams will join HECO During the node election, as their lockup increases, the HT circulation will further decrease.

Regardless of whether it is Heco or Prime, the most important thing for investors is the application scenario of HT. With the scenario, the value of its assets will increase. Coupled with the large amount of HT destroyed every month, Huobi’s "upper" posture has been pulled. open.


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What is the value of HT under the blessing of Heco and Prime after two years?

On May 15th, Huobi Global released the "HT April Operation Monthly Report". The data showed that the monthly destruction amount of HT exceeded US$100 million, a record high. As soon as the news came out.

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