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Kusama parachain auction is coming soon Edgeware launches parachain Hedgeware



Since last year, the Polkadot ecosystem has experienced rapid development, and many projects have announced their own canary network launch plans in order to connect to the Kusama ecosystem.

These canary networks serve multiple purposes: they serve as places to deploy unproven new technologies, they support governance experimentation, and they mitigate the risk of unforeseen events.

For these reasons, Edgeware is announcing the launch of Hedgeware — Edgeware’s Kusama parachain and canary network.

Tinkernet, a cross-chain IP development and certification platform, won the 43rd Kusama slot auction: According to news on July 11, Tinkernet, a cross-chain IP development and certification platform, won the 43rd Kusama slot auction by locking 10,056 KSM. [2022/7/11 2:05:54]

The Hedgeware network will serve several purposes, complementing Edgeware:

Hedgeware allows us to experiment with parachain bonding, interchain messaging, and the process of building multichain Polkadot applications

Bifrost Kusama slot auction reservation will end at 19:00 on June 9th. Reservation: Bifrost Kusama slot auction reservation stage will end at 19:00 on June 9th. There are only 8 hours left for the reservation channel to open. As of now, there have been 42,587 KSM addresses successfully participate in the reservation on the chain. In addition, Bifrost will announce the official start time of Bifrost Kusama slot auction at the press conference at 19:00 on June 10, and the live broadcast of the conference can be watched online through Polkaworld. [2021/6/9 23:23:26]

Hedgeware will act as a canary network for Edgeware runtime upgrades, allowing us to identify issues that may not be readily apparent on testnets

Billy Markus, the founder of Dogecoin: The real value of Dogecoin is not pulling and smashing, but the "positive energy" it brings to the world: Billy Markus, one of the founders of Dogecoin, recently posted on the Dogecoin section of Reddit for all A Dogecoin enthusiast wrote a letter in which he said he had sold all of Dogecoin in 2015. At the same time, he emphasized that the real value of Dogecoin is not to pull and smash, but to bring "positive energy" to the world. Billy Markus said in the letter: "Putting, smashing, and hype are worthless. The world is already miserable, and these behaviors can only bring more negative effects. As a founder, in the past 7 years I've seen a lot of stuff and I'm not angry, just disappointed. Joy, kindness, learning, giving, empathy, fun, community, inspiration, creativity, generosity, the presence of these factors makes me feel like a dog Dogecoin is worth it. If the community embodies these things, that's real value." [2021/2/13 19:40:03]

Hedgeware will act as a parachain bridge, enabling Edgeware to access early Polkadot technology immediately after listing on Kusama.

The name "Hedgeware" was chosen to reflect the fact that this is Edgeware's canary network, rather than a separate network.

The team expects most Hedgware activity to take place through Edgeware or Kusama. Like other Edgeware DAOs, Hedgeware will have its own distribution of ownership, but it will also function as an independent chain.

Edgeware will continue to be the community-facing smart contract chain, while Hedgeware will serve as a place where cutting-edge technology is deployed and tested before it is ready for wider use.

In line with these priorities, Hedgeware's native token, HEDG, will be distributed according to the following:

50% allocated to holders of Edgeware prior to the snapshot date (before 00:00 UTC on May 1st)

20% is allocated to Kusama crowdlending and parachain auction participants. We expect that half of these tokens will be allocated to Kusama parachain slots for the first year, and the rest will be allocated to future parachain slots.

10% to incentivize more participation from the EDG community (similar to DOT reserved for KSM)

20% to core developers including Commonwealth Labs and future developers

So far, the code work has been completed, and the Edgeware balance snapshot date was created at the selected block height (00:00 UTC, May 1st), and some testnets containing the latest upgraded version of Edgeware have been launched.

The actual launch of Hedgeware will take place through crowdlending and parachain auctions. More details on the exact process will be shared in the coming weeks and months, as the final details of the parachain auction have not yet been announced by the Kusama Network.


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Kusama parachain auction is coming soon Edgeware launches parachain Hedgeware

Since last year, the Polkadot ecosystem has experienced rapid development.

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