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Golden Sentinel | Nebraska Approves Digital Asset Banking Framework: Facilitating Cryptocurrency Trading



On May 26th, the Nebraska Governor's Office officially signed the Digital Asset Bank Framework Act, which establishes a state charter for cryptocurrency banks. It has been voted by senators and approved by the state legislature.

The bill allows banks to offer services to customers who own bitcoin and other digital assets. This means that Nebraska has become the second state in the United States that can issue licenses for encrypted banks, the first being Wyoming. Chartered its first crypto bank in September 2020. It is worth mentioning that in May of this year, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon (Mark Gordon) revealed that he owns cryptocurrencies when he appeared at the Consensus Virtual Conference.

Golden hot search-zce list: REN is at the top of the list: According to the data of Golden Finance and Economics ranking list, in the past 24 hours, REN ranked first in terms of search-zce volume. The specific top five list is as follows: REN, BTM, DTA, BRC, DAC. [2020/10/12]

It is reported that the proposal, proposed by Republican Mike Flood in January, aims to pass the Nebraska Financial Innovation Act, create digital asset depository institutions, and regulate the franchise, operation, supervision and regulation of such institutions.

Golden Evening News | List of important developments on the evening of March 3: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: National Development and Reform Commission, US Treasury, Israel, abandoned blocks

1. National Development and Reform Commission research meeting: The launch of the central bank's digital currency will be accelerated after the epidemic.

2. U.S. Treasury Department: The use of cryptocurrencies to support illegal activities will not be tolerated.

3. The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and Ant Financial took the lead in launching the blockchain to donate electronic bills.

4. Guangzhou Municipal Government: Create new advantages in the development of the digital economy around core technologies such as blockchain.

5. Israeli blockchain companies have been severely affected New company creation has almost stagnated.

6. Donggang issued the first blockchain electronic invoice in Beijing.

7. Tesla founder Musk once again implicitly supports Dogecoin.

8. Bitcoin has an invalid block at block height 619,970.

9. Bitcoin fluctuated widely during the day, with the highest rising to $8964.28 and the lowest rising to $8736.21. [2020/3/3]

Last July, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced that it would allow federally chartered banks to provide custody services for cryptocurrencies. While Flood's proposed measure doesn't apply to federally chartered banks in Nebraska, the proposal appears to be an attempt to extend that benefit to state-chartered banks.

Jinse Finance live report Chen Qing, CEO of Higgs Block Group: Cryptocurrency faces great opportunities for development: Jinse Finance live report, at the 2018 FINWISE Tokyo Summit, Chen Qing, CEO of Higgs Block Group, gave a speech on the theme of "Bigger and Better" In her speech, she pointed out: Cryptocurrencies are outpacing most other currencies. In real life, by 2020, 28% of traditional banking and payment business will turn to fintech - this broad category covers almost all financial services and technology. Cryptocurrency faces great opportunities for development, and exchanges are currently facing issues such as reaching a certain scale and coverage, funding and finance, gaining popularity and recognition, regulatory issues, and establishing sustainable inflows. The "Cryptocurrency Exchange Alliance" should guide and join hands with traditional finance to create a larger cryptocurrency market, including institutions, banks, supervision, and investor relationship building and maintenance. [2018/5/21]

In fact, as early as 2018, statistics from Finance Magnates showed that only 11 of the 50 states in the United States were friendly to digital currencies, including Nebraska, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Montana, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, New Hampshire and Tennessee.

As early as January 2018, Tennessee State Representative Jason Powell (Jason Powell) submitted a new bill to the Tennessee House of Representatives, which would recognize blockchain signatures as legal electronic records A similar bill was filed by Brassica State. Like the others, the bill clarifies that smart contracts or self-executing agreements that are triggered when certain conditions are met will also have legal force in Tennessee. No contract relating to a transaction should be deprived of legal force, validity or enforceability merely because the contract contains smart contract clauses. Additionally, in January of that same year, Nebraska State Senator Carol Blair introduced three proposed laws to the Nebraska Legislature, one of which would amend the state’s money laundering statutes to include cryptocurrencies, and the other Two focus more broadly on blockchain applications.


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Golden Sentinel | Nebraska Approves Digital Asset Banking Framework: Facilitating Cryptocurrency Trading

On May 26th, the Nebraska Governor's Office officially signed the Digital Asset Bank Framework Act.

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