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Dialogue with core members of Metis to understand the larger layout and planning



Interviewees: Elena Sinelnikova—Metis CEO & Co-Founder, Canadian Fintech and Blockchain Best Women Award Finalist Kevin Liu—Metis Co-Founder Rest of the Metis Team Interviewers: Norbert—Metis Community Leader and Metis Marketing Team Members In the past week, the number of Metis telegram group users has grown astonishingly (from 26,000 to 59,000), and today we will conduct an open interview with the Metis team. The core content-zce of this AMA is to introduce Metis follow-up planning, including mainnet launch, MetisToken and other market concerns. Moderator: Can you introduce the Metis team? Elena Sinelnikova: My name is Elena Sinelnikova, and I am the co-founder of MetisDAO. I have a technical background with over 20 years of experience as a Microsoft Solutions Architect in the Canadian government and law enforcement. In 2015, I started to learn blockchain related knowledge. In 2017, my friend Natalia Ameline and I founded CryptoChicks, a women's organization dedicated to blockchain education, which today has chapters in 56 countries. A few years ago, I met my two Metis co-founders, Kevin Liu and Yuan Su. We are partners in one of the CryptoChicks educational projects. We jointly developed the predecessor of the Metis protocol - Token Economic Institute. Before becoming the co-founder of Metis, we had a long experience of working together. Now, the Metis team has 26 people, they come from Canada, China, Ghana, Venezuela, Colombia, India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Singapore, some team members are here, they will introduce themselves. Kevin: My name is Kevin, the co-founder of Metis, with more than 5 years of experience in product development, since 2018 I have been researching DAO, governance and decentralized collaboration. After meeting Elena and Yuan, at first we hoped to solve the problem of decentralized and distributed collaboration, but later found that only Layer 2 can support this kind of collaboration, and this is the beginning of the Metis project. US Representative: Will continue to have a dialogue with the Financial Services Committee on how to incorporate digital assets into the regulatory framework: Golden Finance reported that US Representative Don Beyer (non-committee member) issued a statement appreciating the hearing held by the Financial Services Committee today Will, and mentioned his bill on cryptocurrency regulation. "My comprehensive digital asset legislation is an excellent starting point for these efforts," he said. "I look forward to continuing the dialogue with Chairman Maxine Waters and the rest of the committee on how Congress can bring digital assets into a regulatory framework that the industry and regulators have been pursuing." More and more emphasized needs.[2021/12/9 13:00:06]Elena: We also have Yuan Su as the third co-founder, he is the CTO and head of the development team of Metis. He and the development team are the biggest helpers in the powerful technology we are building, and today we will have a heated discussion.Lya Glaentzlin: Hello everyone, I am a professional with more than 30 years of experience in business law, energy, securities, mergers and acquisitions. Lawyer, certified professional trust and real estate practitioner, project manager, trained by EALDE Business School (Spain). Jonah: Hello everyone! My name is Jonah, I am in charge of Metis operations, and I am also a regular participant in our telegram group discussion. I am very happy Here we go. Pavel Sinelnikov: Hi everyone, I'm a Metis tech evangelist, speaker, educator and blockchain developer. I specialize in making sure that the content-zce posted by Metis ambassadors is relevant to who we are and what we do in Metis Consistent work. Glad to be here! Sheyda Lotfalian: Hello everyone, my name is Sheyda, I started working in digital marketing 8 years ago and am now in charge of digital marketing analytics for Metis, happy to be here. Puneet: Hello everyone, I am Marketing Manager Puneet Kumar, with more than 10 years of marketing and business experience in Nike, Mattel and other B2B and B2C brands, is an alumnus of IITB and TISS, happy to be here. Moderator: My name is Norbert, and I am Metis Community Leader and Metis Marketing Team members, I will be your best friend here, and I will help you at any time! Huobi Peak Dialogue with Old Man Suo: The rise of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem will still be the leader of the public chain in the future: On the afternoon of June 24th, in the afternoon of June 24, hosted by Huobi In the "Waiting For ETH2.0" series of AMA events hosted by Huobi Summit, Huobi Mining Pool and dForce founder Yang Mindao, Infstones Head of Business Sili, Stafi&Wetez founder Ka Baa, and Mamoto Satoshi co-founder Suo Laotou said " Riding the wind and waves of Ethereum DeFi" launched a theme discussion, and deeply interpreted the significant impact that ETH2. With the rise of the DeFi ecology, Ethereum’s position as the leader of the public chain will continue to be consolidated, and the possibility of the new public chain and Ethereum’s killer breaking out of the siege has been greatly reduced. He further stated that Ethereum’s development so far is still growing Continuously iterates itself, and the ecology is also constantly developing. However, the development of the new public chain so far has had little effect, which is very disappointing. Therefore, in general, although Ethereum 2.0 will be very tortuous, it will continue to expand the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. [2020/6/24] Moderator: Can you briefly introduce Metis? What usage scenarios does Metis support? Elena: We've been working hard to build it, and this is just the beginning! Metis is a platform where you can build your own blockchain, DeFi or NFT applications, or even your own Uniswap without developers. The idea is to make it possible for everyone to conduct business with blockchain, regardless of technical background or blockchain knowledge. There are many obstacles when people apply blockchain technology to actual business, and Metis overcomes these obstacles. We are building a Layer 2 solution to help users avoid high gas fees, provide high throughput, and at the same time provide all the privileges of the blockchain, such as trust, security, and transparency, and also add rich features and minimal learning curve . In the future, you will be able to enter the Metis platform to create your business, create a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Company) and start any of the following services with just two easy clicks: NFT casting and trading business, freelance business, social Reputation business, investment business, etc. You can also issue tokens in the business economy (also generated in just a few clicks), you can crowdfund and invest, and provide services to users. The platform we are building is fully decentralized, so all business collaboration will be based on the reputation value each user has earned on the platform. Additionally, to prevent fraud, staking and withdrawal mechanisms are built into our Layer 2 solution, which means that before engaging in any business, a security deposit is required to prove good intentions. After each collaboration is completed, the pledged funds will be issued together with incentive tokens, and the reputation value will increase accordingly. Voice | Aurora, Vice President of ZB Group, had a conversation with Chu Xiahu, Founder of Metaverse DNA: Rationally expecting the halving market: In the online sharing event before the launch of Metaverse DNA on ZB (ZB) starting at 8:00 tonight (7th), ZB Group Vice President Aurora had a conversation with Chu Xiahu, founder of Metaverse DNA. This online sharing was carried out on YY live broadcast, and the real-time viewing volume exceeded 4,000 people. Talking about the prediction of "Bitcoin halving market" in 2020, Chu Xiahu said that he has experienced multiple bull-bear phases in the blockchain industry, and this year's halving market may not be as crazy as before. On the other hand, blockchain projects that cultivate "internal skills" like Metaverse DNA pay more attention to technology and community. He believes that the current DNA of Metaverse is similar to that of Ethereum in 2016, and it still needs a certain period of time to hide its strength and bide its time, and there will be a bigger explosion in the future. Aurora expressed her reservations about this halving market. She believes that investors should lower their expectations, but there will be surprises. If they are patient in the long run, they will gain more. This time ZB's support for Metaverse DNA is very strong, and more functions have been updated and optimized. In the future, ZB will reach an in-depth cooperation with DNA on community users. According to official news, ZB will open DNA recharge and coin withdrawal services at 14:00 on February 8, 2020 Hong Kong time, and will open DNA/QC and DNA/USDT transactions in the spot trading area at 14:00 on February 9. [2020/2/7] Moderator: What makes Metis different from other competitors? What is the breakthrough of Metis Layer2? Kevin: Let me talk about this part. Currently, Metis Layer2 is our strongest product. None of our competitors can match it, a fact attested to by several tech reviewers. We are applying for a patent for the technology, and once the patent application is successful next week, all the technical secrets of our Layer2 will be revealed. As you know, people suffer from high gas fees and long transaction delays, which greatly hinder the development of DApps and the construction of the Ethereum ecosystem. At the same time, ETH2.0 has just started, and the start of staking has not solved any of Ethereum's current problems. Various second-layer solutions aim to reduce user fees and increase transaction throughput. But for Metis, we jumped out of the box. In addition to reducing gas fees and improving throughput, we believe that Layer 2 is still the wild west. It has the potential to support the Web3 economy running on top of it, but there is currently no ready-made framework to support ease of use. , scalability and microservices framework. Voice | Ao Bencong: The bonded courier mentioned earlier is a defense lawyer and therefore cannot share related conversations: The latest documents in the Kleiman v Wright case show that Ao Bencong tried to ask the lawyer client to withdraw from the dozen or so companies he was previously involved in. Get privileged access to over 11,000 documents. It also claimed that the previously mentioned "bonded courier" (Bonded Courier) is a defense lawyer, so the relevant conversations are confidential. (bitcoinist) [2020/2/4] Compared with other Layer2 solutions, Metis is highly scalable (supports multiple virtual machines), versatile (microservice framework, toolkit can be easily extended), and high availability (Compatible with EVM) and self-sustaining (support DApp community to issue their own tokens), and completely decentralized! Metis also defines a new DAO structure - DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Company) as the basic unit of operation and management that supports decentralized applications, communities and businesses. Compared with Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism, Metis Layer2 has a huge advantage. Moderator: So far, what are the major milestones achieved by Metis? Elena: We released the Layer 2 Alpha testnet at and also launched a demo application called "Prologue" to demonstrate the speed and low cost of Layer 2, you You don't need to spend too much Gas fees, and you don't have to wait a long time to perform on-chain operations. Please try to test and create your first decentralized company (DAC) on Metis, and we will reward community testers. The test has been carried out for 3 weeks, and 12,683 Wallets, 6,856 DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Companies) have been created, the Testnet transaction number is 166,859, and the Layer2 Smart Contract Calls number is 22,607. During this period, we received a lot of attention from the community without any advertising. Voice | American football star Russell Okung: The first conversation in NFL training camp is to talk about Bitcoin: According to CCN news, American football star Russell Okung is preparing his team for the NFL season, and his way is by talking about Bitcoin . It tweeted, "NFL training camp first conversation: Bitcoin." The tweet sparked a response from some crypto proponents. Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano replied with the flame emoji. Gemini, the Winklevoss brothers’ cryptocurrency exchange, responded with the hashtag #tothemoon and a rocket emoji on Twitter. [2019/7/25] In the future, platform users can benefit from it. As I said, for those who are doing freelancing, they can already see the future of working on the Metis platform. We also launched the first ever community-engaged NFT campaign - Rebuilding the Tower of Babel. 12,118 wallet addresses participated in the campaign, 2,560 tribes were created within 100 minutes, and the total number of complete tribes is 1,204. Together we minted NFT artwork and you can view the results here: The artist and all 256 participating tribes shared the proceeds of the auction. The NFT artwork was sold at a price of 16.1 ETH, and all our community members were rewarded handsomely. Moderator: What is the further plan of Metis? Kevin: The next few weeks will be very exciting, because there are big things happening. We will release a beta version of the Layer 2 testnet in mid-June 2021, and another version in late June 2021. We will also make important announcements and have a community bounty program for this. Stay tuned to our Telegram and WeChat groups to be the first to participate and get rewarded! We are constantly growing the ecosystem and have found some key partners which are showcased on the website.


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Dialogue with core members of Metis to understand the larger layout and planning

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