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Interpretation of OKexChain ecological chain star projects (1): Dematrix



On December 31, 2020, okex Ouyi announced the launch of the OKEXchain ecological chain. In the second half of the official announcement, the OKEXchain ecological chain has always been the focus of mainstream media and currency people in the currency circle. As the saying goes, it takes ten years to sharpen a sword. OKEXchain has been developed for three years and has gone through the founding stage, the mainnet stability test stage, and the OKT transaction stage within half a year. In the future, the smart contract virtual machine will be launched and the Ethereum ecological chain project will be merged. .

As a project that has attracted much attention in the industry, OKEXchain will finally go online this month. As the world's first open source high-performance decentralized transaction public chain, OKEXchain has built a blockchain technology infrastructure for transactions. The "blockchain middleware" and operational support of the scene reduce the development cost of application developers, improve the user's transaction experience, and promote the implementation of transaction business based on blockchain technology.

ConsenSys launched TURN Token for its smart contract audit service ConsenSys Diligence, which will be released on August 15: On July 20, Ethereum infrastructure developer ConsenSys announced the launch of TURN Token for its smart contract audit service ConsenSys Diligence. Buyers and sellers of security audits have created a new open market, which will be available on for a limited time from 20:00 on August 15, 2022 to 20:00 on August 19, 2022 Beijing time.

TURN is an NFT used for tokenization services. Each TURN is a Token compatible with ERC721, which means that it can provide 40 hours of audit time. TURN Token will be awarded directly to customers or sold at the time of minting, and secondary transactions can be conducted between customers who need audit services, so price discovery for service participation and scheduling processes can be optimized. They each represent a slice of time for a smart contract auditor and allow the free market to price them. [2022/7/20 2:24:59]

On this open public chain, everyone can run to become an OKExChain super node and issue their own digital assets at will and create their own digital asset trading pairs, realizing value exchange and user exchange in the blockchain world in a simple and efficient way , Scenario ecological interoperability, and build a brand new blockchain ecological value system. Relying on the complete underlying technology and high security performance, OKEXchain is expected to attract more developers in the future, become the carrier of various application projects, and build a larger ecological application scenario.

TokenBetter launched BSV today with an opening increase of 87.24%: According to official news, TokenBetter has officially launched BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) today, with an opening increase of 87.24%, and the current price is 193.71USDT. the

BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) is a bitcoin that follows the original design and protocol of Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper, and realizes the original vision of large-scale chain expansion, aiming to become a global point-to-point electronic cash and value data transmission network. BSV offers a new full-node Bitcoin Cash (BCH) implementation designed to fulfill the vision originally set out by Satoshi Nakamoto in his Bitcoin white paper. [2020/4/20]

Dynamics | Swiss TokenSuisse launched a digital currency platform: According to Cointelegraph on April 30, Swiss TokenSuisse issued a new encrypted trading platform through which customers can provide investment products in their own name, and the platform can help banks and asset managers, etc. Customers reduce overhead. Customers simply need to set a name and policy for the plan offering, which will be documented in a legally binding term sheet. There are 70 tokens and other investment strategies to choose from, and the individual components of these strategies can be exchanged by customers at will. [2019/4/30]

Since the rise of the Defi market in 2020, decentralized public chain applications have ushered in a big explosion, which has brought about a bull market. There are very few such rich Defi ecological applications in the heco and bsc chains, 90% of which rely on the Ethereum ecological chain, but the high fees also keep most users away. For OKEXchain, it fully integrates and optimizes the advantages and disadvantages of ecological chains such as eth, heco, and bsc, and is full of foresight. In the future, a new Defi ecosystem will be reconstructed, and it is very likely that there will be a new Defi ecosystem in the new Defi ecosystem. Killer app.

Announcement | OKEx: "Email Reminder" launched in the fiat currency trading area: According to the OKEx announcement, in response to the recent failure to receive text message reminders during the fiat currency trading process, the OKEx fiat currency trading area has been closed at 18:00 on September 14, 2018 (Hong Kong time) 40 On-line email reminder: service, users can not only receive SMS reminders during the transaction process, but also receive corresponding email reminders. [2018/9/14]

Lemon Lemond is a major ecological project first promoted by the OKEXchain test network, but its performance after the launch of Gate was not satisfactory. The author believes that the biggest reason is that they can’t wait to get listed without waiting for the mainnet to be synchronized. Relatively speaking, the projects after the OKEXchain mainnet is launched may perform well. Among them, the Dematrix ecological project has been waiting for the OKEXchain mainnet to be synchronized. After going online, there will be a simultaneous explosion.

Dematrix is a decentralized product matrix based on digital encryption. The iterative construction of our smart contracts enriches Dematrix with new Defi capabilities.

In the era of Dematrix 1.0, we are a derivatives income aggregation platform built on OKexChain Testnet. Our brand mining pool provides liquidity mining returns for customers with various income preferences. The unique synthetic asset mining pool agreement has an ideal Degrees of freedom and yield curve. In the follow-up project plan, it will enter the NFT track for next-generation development.

Dematrix 2.0 will be a comprehensive platform that supports NFT asset initiation, exhibition exchange, auction, mining, lending and games. It deploys and combines the flagship front-end of blind box, mining pool, NFT20, NFTFi and decentralized auction market, complete The experimental NFT infrastructure strengthens the connection between digital assets, users and the real world.

In order to catch up with the success of OKEXchain, Dematrix has never stopped its actions recently.

1. Chain Capital led the investment and completed a million-dollar institutional round of financing;

2. The number of community members at home and abroad has reached 50,000, and the popularity is rising;

3. Encryption Pavilion project rating A+;

4. Invited to participate in the Synopsis 2021 International Summit and deliver a keynote speech on the nft ecology;

5. Reached a strategic partnership with OKexChain ecological projects Kiswap and HiveMind).

According to the Dematrix China ambassador in the AMA, after the OKEXchain mainnet is listed, Dematrix will simultaneously open Genesis Mining to increase liquidity for the Dematrix ecosystem, and also to enrich the OKEXchain ecological application and reconstruct the Defi mining ecological market. At the same time, SakeSwap will launch an IDO event, which is compatible with the OKEXchain mainnet and is expected to become the first IDO after the OKEXchain mainnet goes live.


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Interpretation of OKexChain ecological chain star projects (1): Dematrix

On December 31, 2020, okex Ouyi announced the launch of the OKEXchain ecological chain. In the second half of the official announcement.

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