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The comprehensive game between super-large traditional will and Bitcoin is the norm in the future



Introduction The war between the consortium and Bitcoin will be joined by national forces in the future. It is a multi-power game. This is a brand new world war. Now it is a war between the giant consortium represented by Musk and Bitcoin, which controls the traditional power behind it. In the future, national forces will join in. It is a war of multi-power games. This is a brand new "world war". Today, the following words are circulating on the social network, this is an all-out war (2021.5.14-now) On May 14th, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao stated that he had unblocked Musk’s Twitter on May 14th, Musk Said that it is working with Doge developers to improve the efficiency of the Doge transfer system. On May 14th, investors of a large number of value coins began to express their desire to prevent Musk from "manipulating the market", and said that "doge is a garbage coin." On May 16th, Michael Saylor said that what the world needs is Bitcoin, not Doge. On May 16, Musk said that if Doge's block confirmation speed is 10 times faster, the block size is increased by 10 times, and the handling fee is saved by 100 times, then it can win. On May 16, one of the core developers of Litecoin believed that the above-mentioned functions mentioned by Musk could not be realized at all, and doge could not use such a fast network at all. On May 16, Musk retorted that "I am the founder of PayPal, and I know more about online payments than you do." The current CEO of FTX: Investigating the whereabouts of Alameda's $1 billion loan to SBF: News on December 13, in the United States At the hearing of the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee on the FTX mine explosion, the current CEO and chief restructuring officer of FTX, John J.Ray III, said when talking about the asset isolation and risk control of FTX and Alameda Research, there is no internal control, and no Asset segregation. John J.Ray III said that he is still investigating the use and whereabouts of the $1 billion loan loaned to SBF by Alameda Research. [2022/12/14 21:42:22] On May 16, Musk was asked how to solve the excessive centralization of doge coins. On May 16, Musk was questioned by a large number of well-known currency circle technicians and institutional investors. They all believed that doge is useless garbage, and Musk should not have been protecting such a garbage coin. The big show is coming! In the early morning of May 17th, Musk said that "those nasty remarks made me think of All In Doge." In the early morning of May 17th, Musk commented on Michael Saylor's Bitcoin milk article and said, "He should wear a bitcoin printed on Halloween." Logo sexy trousers", Musk directly satirized the believers in Bitcoin. In the early hours of May 17, Musk pointed out that Bitcoin is actually highly centralized. The implication is: "You fanatical believers in Bitcoin are not qualified to say that doge is not good, and Bitcoin is not a good thing." Liu Jiaming, chairman of Weibao, has officially resigned on July 15 and will soon join Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong mobile game development company, as the chief commercial officer, responsible for managing all of its more than 300 acquisitions and investment companies, and leading acquisitions and mergers, as well as external cooperation . (Interface) [2022/7/18 2:20:54] In the early morning of May 17th, more and more Bitcoin believers began to scold Musk, and Musk’s Twitter messages were full of scolding from HODLER . So he directly used the big move, suggesting that such a heavy bad news that Tesla will liquidate Bitcoin on the next financial report release day will soon cause the price of Bitcoin to plummet. The lowest price of Bitcoin in 24 hours reached 43,825. It is terrible to see that the bull market of Bitcoin is also Musk, and Musk is also defeated. If Musk hadn’t announced at the end of January that Tesla supported bitcoin payments, and Tesla had started hoarding bitcoins, then bitcoin would not be able to get out of the downward trend in January, and then catch up with the Nasdaq stock plunge at the end of February. Most of the Bitcoin bull market will end hastily in February and March. If it wasn't for Musk's announcement on May 13 that Tesla would suspend bitcoin payments, then bitcoin might try to hit the $60,000 mark again, and maybe this crazy feast could continue. If it wasn't for Musk's hint today that Tesla If pull will sell bitcoin, then bitcoin may be able to stabilize at the $50,000 mark. Immortals fight, mortals eat melons. Survey: More than half of Americans believe that cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the financial industry: Golden Finance reported that a new national survey in the United States found that most Americans believe that cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the financial industry. The new poll was commissioned by StarkWare, a blockchain infrastructure company that conducts research for its future products. The poll found that cryptocurrency use is already widespread among Americans, especially among young people. 53% of respondents agree that cryptocurrencies are the “future of finance,” as do 68% of those aged 25 to 34 and 61% of those aged 35 to 44. The poll also found that 17 percent of Americans already own cryptocurrencies in one form or another. The figure is even higher among 25- to 34-year-olds, 28 percent of whom say they own cryptocurrencies. The data found that environmental concerns are the number one disadvantage of cryptocurrencies in the minds of most Americans. Thirty-four percent of respondents said reducing the carbon footprint of cryptocurrencies is important to them — but that number jumped to 49 percent among 25- to 34-year-olds. (dailyhodl) [2022/3/30 14:26:42] Perhaps, Musk really represents the "will" of the traditional consortium to rewrite the encryption market structure. For the current real traditional power, the previous amount of funds to change Bitcoin is child's play. The scale of traditional capital is very large, and they are also optimistic about the prospects of cryptocurrency, but they have not made money on Bitcoin, or even if they invest, the total market value of Bitcoin is only how much, plus the early holders, they cannot control Bitcoin, like controlling the US Dollar, now needs to rewrite the encryption landscape and regain control. This kind of power that wants to control encryption is now the European and American consortium, and other major countries will soon join in. The power of the country will join the game, which is a comprehensive game of multiple forces and will be more complicated. a16z: Already raised a total of US$9 billion in funds in 2021: On January 8th, a16z issued a document announcing that it has raised a total of US$9 billion in funds in 2021, including US$1.5 billion in Bio funds, US$5 billion in growth funds, and US$2.5 billion in venture funds. Investment fund, 2.2 billion US dollars encryption fund, 400 million US dollars seed fund, and said that it will continue to invest in the whole stage (companies), and (for these companies) provide 25,000 to hundreds of millions of dollars in investment. [2022/1/8 8:34:11] Environmental protection itself is a "rule of the game" jointly created by European and American traditional consortium capital, that is, the so-called political correctness, all financial and economic circles must enter this circle to be eligible to play games . European and American countries use environmental protection to suppress China. Those large European and American conglomerates must use this. It can be used as the most powerful weapon. The general public does not care, but large consortiums cannot smash their own established models. The amount of funds in traditional fields is larger. Much larger than Bitcoin. There have been several people who wanted to kill Bitcoin in history. Let’s not talk about the previous ones. This year the most popular ones are Ethereum and Dogecoin. I think Musk didn’t mean to kill Bitcoin. He didn’t want to kill Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin cannot be killed, he should know, but he wants to replace all his project clusters with Dogecoin to form a "closed loop". It is a good idea to let his own project clusters use Dogecoin When cryptocurrencies are connected, they will also expand to external organizations, and there must be many people who want to join him. It is certainly impossible for Musk to issue his own currency and issue his own currency. Isn't that obvious centralization? If I don’t keep one, it’s meaningless. Dogecoin, like Tesla, is an ideal brand in his mind, and has formed brand recognition, and the two have common attributes. The first Bitcoin futures ETF reduced its holdings of CME Bitcoin January futures by 90 contracts: According to KingData data monitoring, as of 18:00 on December 23, the first Bitcoin futures ETF held a total of 5,000 CME Bitcoin futures, which was less than yesterday There are 90 CME Bitcoin futures in January; 1,319,000,000 state bonds are held, no change from yesterday. The total capital scale exceeds 2.545 billion US dollars. [2021/12/23 7:59:32] There are always people who compare the people and things in the past to Musk’s current affairs with Bitcoin. If it was the anti-Bitcoin budding period before, then now is the growth period of the Anti-Bitcoin , If it was the anti-Bitcoin spring before, then it is summer now. Things in the germination period may not be able to grow, but things in the growth period may be different. On the one hand, Musk's influence and capital control ability are completely different from those of the previous ones. On the other hand, environmental protection is a hard concept. On April 1, 2019, April Fool's Day, Dogecoin's official Twitter released a survey, asking who should be Dogecoin The next CEO. In the end, Musk won with 54% of the vote. Musk readily accepted the "position" and changed his Twitter profile to "CEO of Dogecoin" (Dogecoin CEO). The traditional consortium capital represented by Musk + world powers + traditional bitcoin giant whales will be the norm in the future. Bitcoin whales would have been very comfortable, but traditional superpowers will not make them comfortable. The world's major powers certainly don't want Bitcoin whales to control the world's finances. The idea of ​​forking Dogecoin is that those people are too low-level to understand Musk at all. Not only ordinary people, but now even many financiers and big Vs will think that Musk forked Dogecoin, and these people can't understand the grand pattern at all. It can only be said to be a kind of "will" of traditional financial groups, and it depends on the "will" of various major countries in the world, and some countries. Comprehensive games are the norm. Life is not going to be easy for Bitcoin whales. On the one hand, those who oppose encryption have increasingly become "captives" of the world tide. Various traditional forces, including traditional consortium capital and major powers in the world, have seen the future of the encrypted economy, which is a new world-class battlefield. Most people who oppose cryptocurrencies see the speculative side, but their reasons for opposition are irrational. You must know that the essence of cryptocurrencies is mathematical logic. They don’t believe anyone’s so-called “integrity” To achieve "algorithmic trust". Without abstraction, the world would be impossible. Why do people who attack Bitcoin and those who attacked Copernicus at that time belong to the same kind of people? Especially new things. In addition, people in the encryption circle seem to see that the whole network is condemning Musk. In fact, I am afraid that this is just a bottom-of-the-hole vision in the circle, and then look outside the circle and look at the whole world. Those who condemn must be those with vested interests in Bitcoin. Moved the foundation. Musk also doesn't want to annoy people in the currency circle, and besides, Bitcoin is going to rise, so there is no need to have trouble with money. In addition, I read the words of another bitcoin holder. He sent a video content-zce about bitcoin environmental protection and replied, meaning to share prosperity with Musk. V God destroys most of the SHIB. There are basically two lines that trigger the outbreak. One is the sudden increase in the number of users brought about by the technology drive, and the other is the sudden increase in the number of users caused by the spread of the virus. No matter which one, the essence is the sudden increase in the number of users. Ethereum L2 is still in its infancy for a short time. Although the super-large infrastructure story sounds good, it has already been valued at a high level in the early stage. Viral projects such as memes may set off another storm. AC and Musk have two completely different paths, and AC's experience may not be applicable to Musk. I think Musk has done a good job by insisting on one currency, just like he insisted on Tesla. Although the current overall decline seems to be entering a bear market, this is just a small twist. The bigger the bull market, the bigger the small twists and turns on the way forward. The bull market is the best time for big players to manipulate the market. It would be good if 10% of the people make money. The bull market is just an accelerator for the influx of a large number of users. Many people worry that the bull market will end soon. In fact, the real protagonist of this round of bull market, "decentralized applications", has not really started its fight. UNISWAP and various L2-based dAPPs will increase the number of encrypted users tenfold in this round of bull market. . The bigger climax is that the L2 layer network application brings greater user growth, just like meme coin drove pancakeswap a few days ago (the transaction protocol itself is the application with the largest number of users), a large number of external users will come in, reaching a bull market climax. At that time, the surge in new users due to applications will also bring up the price of Bitcoin. That is to say, there are two major directions to look at: one is technically it should be the application, and the initial investment cost of the application may not be high but the market is large, and ten thousand times coins will be generated. (Note: It will not be infrastructure, because infrastructure has been overvalued in the early stage, such as DFINITY, storage, L2 layer network, ten thousand times is basically impossible), the application needs to be just needed, and has a strong attractive gene. The second category has strong communication characteristics, such as meme category. You can't just look at the user growth driven by technology, the virus transmission attribute is also very important. Regardless of the technical basis or the pure virus spread, they all have a strong ability to expand users. The key to currency price growth is the growth rate of user volume. Of course, Dogecoin has attracted a large number of outsiders, but this is not enough. The high-risk stimulation of pure speculation will cause huge ups and downs through the self-regulation of the market, thus allowing the application to rise. In addition, various Web3 infrastructures will be formed from concept to product in this round of bull market. From the current blockchain wallet, we can already see how individual users perceive what is a Web3 client, but the wallet is only an early form. The goal of decentralization is not to make centralized applications disappear, but to make them become users' own applications, not applications of technology giants. DFINITY is very likely to become the largest decentralized infrastructure of the next generation. For Ethereum, it is like the personal computer operating system from DOS to WINDOWS. Ethereum has the asset advantage of the DEFI application formed in the early stage, that is, the fact that the settlement layer has been formed. The application on DFINITY has to be further developed, which is the decentralization of the various centralized applications we use today. Version, the purpose of this trend is of course that the efficiency of the whole and the project itself is higher, complex functions are realized with less code, and data rights belong to individuals..


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The comprehensive game between super-large traditional will and Bitcoin is the norm in the future

Introduction The war between the consortium and Bitcoin will be joined by national forces in the future. It is a multi-power game. This is a brand new world war.

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