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News Weekly | Inner Mongolia will continue to impose high-pressure supervision on virtual currency mining in the future



Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, mining information, project trends, technological progress and other industry trends for the week. This article is one of the weekly news magazines, giving you a glimpse of the major events in the blockchain industry this week. ▌South Korean lawmakers initiated a proposal to punish unfair virtual currency transactions and lower the entry threshold for encrypted exchanges On May 16, South Korean Congressman Ping-wook Kim proposed a proposal to punish unfair virtual currency transactions. The proposal stipulates that unregistered business activities in the encryption industry and behaviors that do not disclose important information are prohibited. Violation of the regulations will result in a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine of up to 100 million won. Actions such as manipulating market prices or using false means to attract investment in cryptocurrencies will also be punished. The proposal also lays the groundwork for the self-regulation of the cryptocurrency market. The virtual capital industry association is required to mediate disputes between business operators and users, formulate standards for issuance, announcement and listing of virtual currencies, and check compliance. In addition, the proposal also requires the association to report the results of the exchange's market monitoring, and if it suspects that the exchange is illegal, it should immediately report to the Financial Commission. The Financial Commission shall investigate this and take appropriate action. In addition, crypto exchanges are required to register with the Financial Commission. The article believes that, compared with another congressman's proposal requiring exchanges to be approved by the Financial Committee, Ping-wook Kim's proposal lowers the entry threshold for encrypted exchanges. ▌Iran will impose huge fines on the use of household electricity for crypto mining The Iranian government will impose huge fines on those who use household electricity to mine cryptocurrencies. It is reported that Iran is facing a shortage of electricity due to the surge in electricity consumption for cryptocurrency mining in the country and the current reduction of hydroelectric power generation in the country. Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Energy, pointed out that unauthorized cryptocurrency mining can affect power supply. Huashang Daily and Juntu Chain "Hi Yuan Universe" released news photography works NFT: On January 10th, Huashang Daily and Juntu Chain "Hi Yuan Universe" issued a news digital collection with the theme of "holding hands with your favorite Xi'an" , The collection selects eight unforgettable video moments in Xi'an in the past year, each limited to 10,000 copies, and is given to users and collectors for free. It is understood that this set of digital collections condenses many precious video scenes in Xi'an in 2021: 1. Su Bingtian won the first National Games gold medal in the men's 100-meter final of the 14th National Games. 2. At the end of the year, the new crown epidemic invaded Xi'an, and tens of thousands of staff and volunteers were fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention. 3. The 5th Xi'an Marathon started hotly before the National Games. 4. In 2021, a large-scale public welfare group wedding on the city wall of Xi'an. 5. Ten years of hard work, benefiting 14 million people in Guanzhong, the Han-to-Wei water transfer tunnel is about to be completed. 6. The beautiful scenery of Xi'an after the improvement of three rivers and one mountain. 7. The Xingfu Forest Belt, one of the world's largest underground space utilization projects, was opened. 8. The China Railway Express is ready to depart from Xi'an International Port. ( [2022/1/10 8:37:50]▌The China Banking Association and other three institutions jointly issued a document clarifying that financial institutions and payment institutions are not allowed to carry out business related to virtual currency. News on May 18, China Internet Finance Association, China The Banking Association and the China Payment and Clearing Association jointly issued an announcement on preventing the risk of speculation in virtual currency transactions. The announcement pointed out that financial institutions, payment institutions and other member units should effectively enhance their social responsibilities, not use virtual currency to price products and services, not underwrite insurance business related to virtual currency or include virtual currency in the scope of insurance liability, and not directly or indirectly Customers provide other virtual currency-related services, including but not limited to: providing customers with virtual currency registration, trading, clearing, settlement and other services; accepting virtual currency or using virtual currency as a payment and settlement tool; carrying out transactions between virtual currency and RMB and foreign currencies Exchange services; carry out virtual currency storage, custody, mortgage and other businesses; issue financial products related to virtual currency; use virtual currency as investment targets for investments such as trusts and funds, etc. The Paper affiliated company took a stake in the Shark Blockchain: Jinse Finance reported that on December 10, Shanghai Shark Information Technology Co., Ltd. underwent a business change, and a new investor, Shanghai Oriental Newspaper Co., Ltd. (an affiliated company of The Paper), held shares The ratio is 1%. According to Qichacha, Shanghai Shading Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. According to its official website, the company is a professional blockchain application solution provider. Smart cities, supply chain finance, certificate storage and traceability, etc. [2020/12/15 15:16:00]▌Federal Reserve, OCC and FDIC are considering setting up a group for cryptocurrency regulation An "interdepartmental sprint group" for cryptocurrency regulation is being considered. Acting OCC Administrator Michael Hsu said on Wednesday that he has been in discussions with Federal Reserve Board of Governors Vice Chair Randal Quarles and FDIC Chair Jelena McWilliams on an "interagency sprint group" on cryptocurrency regulation in the banking sector. They are already "working together" to create a unified framework and set of cryptocurrency definitions. ▌Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission: In the future, it will continue to supervise virtual currency mining under high pressure . The purpose of this announcement is closely related to the goal of "dual control" of energy consumption in Inner Mongolia, and is in line with the policy trends of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality". ▌Russia’s new bill passed its first reading, which will require election candidates to publish a report on encrypted assets: 59% of encrypted investors get news through Telegram: Golden Finance reported that the Swiss financial technology company Amun’s report shows that 59% of Bitcoin and encrypted currency Investors get Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news through Telegram. Cryptocurrency investors have long looked to Telegram as an investment and trading discussion platform, largely because of the end-to-end encryption of messages on the platform. Additionally, other social media platforms used by the crypto community include Twitter, Youtube, blogs, Reddit, and Newsletters. [2020/6/19] The Russian State Duma Committee passed a draft bill proposed in March this year in the first reading, which requires election candidates to disclose their cryptocurrency holdings, consumption and purchases. The draft also requires election candidates to explain the source of income for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Not only the actual candidates, but also the candidate's spouse and minor children must issue a statement of encrypted assets in the past three years. Earlier news, the Russian encryption tax bill was passed in the Duma Committee for deliberation. ▌BOC launched the first batch of insurance policy financing pilot business of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange's cross-border financial blockchain service platform On May 17, the insurance policy financing application scenario of the cross-border financial blockchain service platform of the Administration of Foreign Exchange was successfully launched. On the first day of system operation, under the guidance of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Bank of China closely cooperated with China Credit Insurance Corporation, and the government, bank, and insurance company worked together to achieve the first business launch in Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Qingdao and other places. The construction of the policy financing application scenario project of the cross-border financial blockchain service platform was launched in August 2020, and the first phase of the project function development test has been successfully completed. The insurance policy financing application scenario launched this time helps more than 290 corporate banks establish data interconnection and business connection with China Credit Insurance through blockchain technology, supports banks to initiate comprehensive insurance policy financing business online, and inquires about relevant policies, agreements, limits, and claims. Such information will help solve problems such as high operating costs of policy financing business, low level of digitization, and obvious data barriers. News | The News Center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission signed cooperation agreements with three platforms on blockchain technology practice: At the 2019 China Enterprise New Media Annual Conference, the News Center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission signed cooperation agreements with Xinhua Zhiyun Technology Co., Ltd., The Paper, and Global Network respectively The framework agreement establishes a long-term cooperation mechanism in terms of intelligent technology application, blockchain technology practice, content-zce cooperation, activity development, and resource sharing. Create a good public opinion environment for development. (First Finance and Economics) [2019/12/30] ▌Ali Auction 520 Auction Festival launched a special NFT digital art session News on May 19, Taobao Ali Auction Juhaowan 520 Auction Festival launched a special NFT digital art session, which will be held on May 20 on 10 Click on the auction artist Wan Wenguang's work "U107-No waste planetary system-Van Gogh of the cabinet family", Haidie Yuhai's work "Devil Cat-Colorful Wandering Body Green" and many other digital artworks. According to the introduction, digital auctions are based on blockchain technology, and there are digital works uniquely mapped to virtual vouchers on the chain. The AntChain platform is independently developed and operated through the Ant Blockchain technology based on the public cloud technology service platform. It provides credible evidence storage technology services, virtual certificate configuration technical services, Blockchain open platform for blockchain technology services. ▌ICBC Guangzhou Branch launched the cross-border financial blockchain service platform for export credit insurance policy financing business. The branch successfully landed the first financing business under this scenario in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, facilitating cross-border trade and investment and financing in Guangdong. ICBC Guangzhou Nanfang Sub-branch handled a non-buyout short-term export credit insurance financing for an export company and checked and registered the company information on the blockchain platform. Relying on the cross-border financial blockchain platform, ICBC Guangzhou Branch facilitates small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out international trade financing. question. Dynamic | "Bitcoin currency value fell by more than 80% in one year" became one of the top ten international economic news in 2018: at the "National Affairs Forum 2018 Annual Meeting: New Era Reform and Opening" held by China News Agency today, Sino-Singapore The agency selected the top ten international economic news in 2018, "Bitcoin currency value fell by more than 80% in one year, and the encrypted digital currency industry is in a cold winter" was selected, ranking second. [2018/12/20]▌Issuance of the first digital RMB insurance policy in Beijing On May 17, Modern Insurance issued the first digital RMB insurance policy in Beijing for Ms. Fu: "Orange Yibao" million medical insurance policy. This time, modern insurance took the opportunity of cooperation with Lakara to fully explore the innovative business model of "technology empowerment, intelligent future", and build a technology insurance ecosystem through digital RMB payment services. This time, the two parties signed a contract to issue the first digital renminbi insurance policy in Beijing, which provides unlimited possibilities for the subsequent joint promotion of the construction of a digital renminbi ecosystem in the insurance field. ▌Finnish Central Bank Payments Forum will discuss the digital euro from a payment perspective Official news, the Central Bank of Finland Payments Forum will be held on May 19 and will discuss the development of payment services in Europe, including a sub-forum on the digital euro from a payment perspective. ▌Fed Chairman Powell: The Federal Reserve will release a report on US digital currency this summer Fed Chairman Powell: The Federal Reserve will release a report on US digital currency this summer, and the Fed report will focus on the possibility of issuing a US central bank digital currency (CBDC) . Powell also said: Central bank digital currency (CBDC) can be used as a supplement, not a replacement for the cash digital dollar. ▌V God burned 90% of SHIB worth 7.7 billion U.S. dollars at 5:45 Beijing time, V God burned the remaining 90% of SHIB worth 7.7 billion U.S. dollars in his wallet. Affected by this, SHIB soared by 34%. Previously, V God donated 10% of SHIB to the Indian Encryption Anti-epidemic Foundation. But God V wrote in the message that he hoped that in the future, he would not put coins into his wallet without his permission. ▌Musk: Dogecoin can increase the block size by 10 times and reduce the transaction fee by 100 times Tesla CEO Elon Musk just said on Twitter that ideally, Dogecoin can speed up the block time by 10 times times, increase the block size by 10 times, and reduce the handling fee by 100 times. Then it wins handily. ▌Musk: Tesla did not sell any bitcoin Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Tesla did not sell any bitcoin. ▌The non-profit organization founded by Yang Anze began to accept cryptocurrency donations Golden Finance reported that Humanity Forward, a non-profit organization founded by former US presidential candidate and current New York City mayor candidate Andrew Yang, is collaborating with the cryptocurrency donation company The Giving Block After the cooperation, it has begun to accept donations in digital currencies such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Chainlink. The nonprofit is focused on helping those hit by the pandemic. ▌The NFT of the winning game between Lee Sedol and AlphaGo was sold at a price of more than 210,000 US dollars. million USD) and the buyer is Doohan Capital. According to previous news, on May 11, 2021, Beijing time, South Korean Go nine-dan player Lee Sedol made the only human victory record of the "Go Human-Machine War" into an NFT for auction. This time, Li Shishi digitized the NFT content-zce on the Ethereum blockchain, including basic information such as the name, location, and date of the game, the record of every move from black 1 to white 180, and Li Shishi’s photos taken before the game record. The photos are made and so on. ▌PancakeBunny, the DeFi income aggregator on Binance Smart Chain, was suspected to be attacked, and the price of the token BUNNY crashed. The DeFi income aggregator PancakeBunny on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was suspected of being attacked. It crashed from $240, once fell below $2, and the highest drop once exceeded 99%. As of press time of Lianwen, PancakeBunny's official Twitter and Telegram channels have not yet released a statement about the incident. ▌A Rhode Island man sold a vacant lot for 150,000 DOGE According to a report from local news station WJAR, a Rhode Island man has become the first broker to use Dogecoin for real estate transactions . This person sold a vacant lot in Providence, Rhode Island for 150,000 DOGEs, or about $60,000.


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News Weekly | Inner Mongolia will continue to impose high-pressure supervision on virtual currency mining in the future

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, mining information, project trends.

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