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The leading Chia mining pool "exits" This article explores the shocking inside story behind the mining pool



Guide: Recently, there has been such a news in the mining circle that Chia’s top five UUPOOL mining pools suddenly announced that they will be offline from the Chia mining pool business.

UU mining pool "run away"?

Recently, there has been such news in the mining circle that UUPOOL, the top five Chia mining pools, suddenly announced that it will be offline for the Chia mining pool business. UU officials said that due to the imperfect mechanism of the current Chia mining pool agreement, the multi-mining and double-mining scheme has repeatedly been banned. At present, the Chia team has not given an efficient solution, so it is offline; in this regard, many third-rate media interpret it as UU mining pool is about to run away.

However, from the official announcement, it can be seen that UU is currently only "temporarily" removing the chia mining pool. Judging from the current situation of chia mining ecology, "double mining" happens from time to time, and the official official solution such as temporary removal is also possible. understand. On the other hand, if the UU mining pool is going to run away, it should suspend the withdrawal of users at this time, but the actual situation is not the case.

Wang Xiaohui: Blockchain head companies that integrate with new infrastructure-related industries will have good development: Wang Xiaohui, deputy dean of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, pointed out in an interview that after the new infrastructure becomes popular, the blockchain industry will definitely have a good development development of. However, it must be the fields that are closely integrated with 5G, artificial intelligence and other industries that can develop, and the surviving ones must be the leading companies in front of them. One thing needs to be clarified, in 5G, artificial intelligence and other industries, if only a few of the characteristics of the blockchain such as hash algorithm, asymmetric encryption, and decentralized storage are used, whether it is considered to be an application of the blockchain, which requires We redefine the characteristics of blockchain technology. (Inter-chain pulse) [2020/3/11]

With the spread of the news that UU Mining Pool has delisted the chia business, users began to look at HPOOL, which is also a top-ranked Chia mining pool platform.

Analysis | BTC’s head is heavier, the center of gravity begins to move downward, and it will continue to drop in the short term: According to Huobi data, BTC is now at $9,760, an intraday increase of -0.8%. In view of the current trend, Terry, the invited analyst of the golden disk, said:

After the pie rebounded to 9900 yesterday, there was a dive this morning. From the perspective of the overall structure, the overall head is now in a downward trend. From the perspective of chip distribution, the dispersion of chips in the head is very serious, or the locking is very poor. Big funds are obviously reducing their positions, and BTC will continue to see the support around 9500 with a high probability. If 9500 falls, the next target is 9300, so the current trend will continue to see adjustments (falling). [2020/2/24]

Hpool is "dangerous"?

Speaking of HPOOL mining pool, which currently ranks first in chia mining, everyone will think of Chia founder Bram's evaluation of it: "Hpool mining pool has a high risk factor, Chia Chia officially does not support Hpool mining pool, because Hpool has cheated users. Earnings situation."

Dynamic | Before there is a new game mode, the head effect of DApp on each platform is becoming more and more obvious: Today, TokenInsight released the DApp influence ranking list for the fourth week of 2019: Among them, the top three on the EOS platform are Endless Game, Newdex and EOSBet; TRON The top three platforms are TRONbet, Fishing Master, and WINToken Games; the top three ETH platforms are Bancor, IDEX, and Crypto Hero.

The EOS influence rankings this week have seen little change, among which quiz games accounted for 90% of the transaction volume, and the proportion has increased. The transaction volume of other game DApps has significantly shifted to quiz games and exchanges. In the TRON rankings, guessing games still occupy most of the positions, among which TRONbet and Dice3D account for 78% of the transaction volume on the list. The ETH rankings have returned to stability again, and only 5 DApps have been launched in the past week. [2019/1/28]

Does this situation really exist? Let's look at a few sets of data:

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC is expected to appear short-term head in 30 minutes: Comprehensive analysis of golden disk: BTC breaks through $6,400 and continues to rise, but from the 30-minute K-line chart, it can be seen that if the price breaks through $6,440, MACD will show signs of top divergence , so it is not advisable to chase high in the short term, and choose an opportunity to enter the market after the trend is clear. [2018/8/15]

We can know the address of HPOOL’s Chia mining pool through Hpool’s website, as shown in the figure below:

Then we came to the official Chia block browser, and we can clearly see the mining pool address ending with zzpfj (HPOOL mining pool), which is currently the largest computing power in the entire network.

From the information provided in the above figure, we can see that the total network computing power is now 6528.08PIB (note: the data may not be updated in real time, so there may be a certain gap with the actual value), and the Hpool mining pool has 33.8% of the total network computing power. Force has 2203.88PIB.

So what is the data displayed by the Hpool mining pool on the official website platform?

As shown in the figure below, we can notice that the data provided by the Hpool mining pool platform differs greatly from the official computing power data. How big is it? The difference: 2630.69 (data provided by HPOOL official itself) - 2203.88 (data provided by Chia block explorer) = 426.81 (PIB). The 426.81PIB falsely reported by Hpool accounts for nearly 20% of the real computing power of 2203.88PIB.

Judging from the above data, the extra 20% computing power out of thin air makes people wonder whether there is a shady plot in HPOOL to falsely report data to steal user revenue.

Other risks of Chia mining ecology

In fact, in addition to the chaos of the mining pool, there are still many pitfalls in the chia mining ecology:

1. Black Heart Cloud Computing Power Platform

This kind is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized retail investors, who do not have the ability to buy a complete machine, and generally do not have the right to own the hardware, only the right to lease the computing power. You will be rented for a three-year trial period, and you will spend the money for the hardware (because the price of the hard disk is increasing. ) People’s hardware investment is fully recovered, and the hardware is still their own. Every day, according to the computing power you purchased, you will be given coins. The platform also draws commissions, how many coins can be produced, and how much will be distributed to you. Although there is a contract, how many coins can be paid out by the entire computing power, the customer does not count, you It’s not easy to check, whose mining pool is connected, how much is the mining pool’s handling fee, and how likely is the block explosion? , 3 years expires, the platform takes back, and all the coins produced by the mining machine are their own. This is a good deal, and the hardware is paid by the user.

2. Substitute P disk

Many users will find that the speed of the P disk is too slow after purchasing the hard disk. If they want to be faster, they must sell more P disk machines. It’s useless, so there are professional P disk companies in the market. Let’s not talk about the speed of their P disks. The key is that you need to hand over your private key to the other party’s P disk, and there are two risks in this:

After the P is finished, can you take it back and produce coins? In order to improve the efficiency of the P disk, they use the original hard disk to p the disk. After obtaining an independent number, they will copy the computing power of P to your hard disk in batches in the form of copy and paste. In the middle, because the merchant’s copy and paste may have dozens or hundreds of computing power with the same number connected to the main network, the key is here. When you connect to the main network with these hard disks with fake computing power, the main network will Your wallet shows that you have the corresponding computing power, but when you start mining, these computing power cannot really produce mining effects, because the main network recognizes that many computing power with the same number will be automatically expelled, and will not mine mine.

Substitute P disks often require customers to provide secret keys, which poses a risk of asset theft. Compared with the secret key, which is equivalent to the key of the house, if it falls into the hands of others, this person can come in and out of your house at will in the future, how would you feel? It will definitely be frightening.


In short, there are certain risks in connecting to the mining pool at this stage, and you can measure it yourself. In fact, it is not too late to enter the market after the mining pool mechanism matures in the later stage. It is worth mentioning that the official mining pool that was originally planned to go online on the 17th needs to be postponed until the end of the month. The official said that there will be an upgrade to the "field blocks" at the end of the month, but the main purpose is to clarify the mechanism of adding fields to the mining pool and the mining algorithm , such as restrictions on multi-mining behaviors, more transparent fee rates, more stable block bursts, no need for private keys and other major technological upgrades. So the end of the month is worth looking forward to.


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The leading Chia mining pool "exits" This article explores the shocking inside story behind the mining pool

Guide: Recently, there has been such a news in the mining circle that Chia’s top five UUPOOL mining pools suddenly announced that they will be offline from the Chia mining pool business. UU mining pool "run away"? Rec.

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