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BitKeep's new V6.0 released to create the world's largest decentralized traffic portal



On May 21, 2021, the new version of BitKeep wallet, BitKeepV6.0, was released. BitKeep is a world-leading decentralized multi-chain digital wallet, dedicated to building the world's largest decentralized traffic portal. Whether you are a novice user or an experienced trader, you can feel the extremely convenient operation experience on the new version of BitKeepV6.0.

The main update content-zce of this version includes the reconstruction of the underlying framework, product UI optimization, cross-chain aggregator, open platform construction, DEFI plate data improvement, DApp browser V1.0 release, EcRank ranking algorithm, BKB ecology, etc., for global users Bring a new trading experience.

V6.0 update content

Reconstruction of the underlying framework --- BitKeep V6.0 version is a brand new underlying framework. In order to bring users a better experience, there is an idea for the reconstruction of the underlying framework and action. Compared with the old version of the framework, the new version will be clearer and smoother. After the V6.0 version of the underlying framework is restructured and upgraded, BitKeep can carry more public chains and applications, bringing users a more convenient and smooth decentralized wallet experience.

The IoTeX anonymous Defi protocol token CYC is officially listed on Hotbit, with an increase of 300%: At 14:00 on February 23, 2021, Beijing time, the anonymous protocol token CYC has been listed on Hotbit, and the trading pair (CYC/USDT) transaction and withdrawal will be opened business. Within 24 hours, the increase reached +300%, with a maximum of 407%.

CYC is the native token of the Cyclone protocol for anonymous transactions. It is reported that the Whirlwind Protocol is an anonymous protocol that uses non-interactive concise zero-knowledge proof (zkSNARKs) technology and has the characteristics of supporting multi-chain, non-custodial, and privacy-centric. CYC launched the Internet of Things public chain IoTeX, which is the first anonymous Defi application on its platform. [2021/2/23 17:43:43]

BitGo Letter to OCC Outlining Best Practices for Banks in Securing Digital Assets: On August 4, BitGo published an open letter in response to a request for comment from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), outlining best practices for banks in securing digital assets practice.

The OCC recently sought to provide input on how best to adapt to new technologies and innovations in banking, and supported that NAB could “provide cryptocurrency custody services on behalf of customers, including holding unique cryptographic keys associated with cryptocurrencies.”( Businesswire)[2020/8/5]

Users can download the wallet directly from the Bitkeep wallet official website ( / ), which supports Android version (APK version, Google Play version and Hach version), Apple version (AppStore version and TestFlight version). The Apple version AppStore version requires Hong Kong Or a foreign ID can log in to the Apple Store to download the BitKeep wallet. Users can choose to download the corresponding version of the wallet according to their own situation. At present, BitKeep has supported nearly 30+ mainstream public chains such as BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, BSC, OKT, HECO, DOGE, DOT, FIL, OKT, etc.

BitSG Leveraged ETF daily market report: As of 10:00 on May 7 (GMT+8), the current net value of BTC3S/USDT in the leveraged ETF area is 0.32 US dollars, an increase of 1.35%; the current net value of ETH3S/USDT is 0.38 US dollars, an increase of 8.62% The current net value of LTC3S/USDT is $0.64, an increase of 10.75%; the current net value of XRP3S/USDT is $1.86, an increase of 8.38%; the current net value of BSV3S/USDT is $0.12, an increase of 7.22%; the current net value of EOS3S/USDT is $1.34, an increase of 11.67%; The current net value of /USDT is 0.76 US dollars, an increase of 8.28%;

The full name of ETF is Exchange Traded Fund. At present, BitSG has launched BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ETC and other currencies. [2020/5/7]

News | 6 million USDT transferred from Binance exchange to Bitfinex exchange: At 15:21 on October 30, Beijing time, 6 million USDT was transferred from Binance exchange to Bitfinex exchange. Based on the current price, the value is about 6.022 million US dollars , the transaction hash is: 0x26d337535a7766c158eafdf2c851a3b215346bc6e0ed9e04327a5bc5e0e156b4. [2019/10/30]

Product UI optimization---In the V6.0 version, the UI has been fully upgraded. In addition to technical iterations, the development team also attaches great importance to the UI design of the product. After changing the previous style, the interface looks more fresh and concise after the revision. Users can choose functions more clearly and quickly, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of functions and bring better trading experience to users around the world.

Cross-chain aggregator --- Aggregate multi-chain DEX, CEX, break through the barriers of decentralized exchanges between different chains, realize decentralized cross-chain transactions, bring users safe and convenient transaction settlement, and help users in multiple Find the optimal transaction price and the best transaction path in the chain DEX network.

DAPP browser V1.0 is online

EcRank ranking algorithm--BitKeep self-developed EcRank ranking algorithm, through the project's TVL, transaction volume, daily activity, total favorites, clicks, and new users, etc., to calculate the ranking according to its corresponding weight. All rankings in the wallet use the EcRank ranking algorithm. Users do not need to conduct data comparison research by themselves. The EcRank ranking algorithm automatically ranks the best projects in turn.

DApp browser V1.0 --- DAPP search-zce engine is online, which automatically includes DApp applications from various channels. It is more convenient and accurate for users to search-zce for DApps. Users do not need to search-zce tediously, and they can directly search-zce and operate on the home page.

Disclaimer Note: BitKeep DApp ecological applications and content-zce come from third-party platforms such as the Internet and social networking. We do not make any type of guarantee for the search-zce application and its content. All searched applications and content-zce are for learning and research purposes only, and do not constitute any advice or basis for investment, legal and other fields. Users need to fully understand the relevant risks, and All risks are voluntarily assumed. It is strongly recommended that you independently research, review, analyze and verify the DApp and its content.

Complete data in the DEFI sector --- This V6.0 version update supports ETH, BSC, TRX, HECO and other market sectors. In the future, OKT, DOT and other data markets will be added to give users a more comprehensive and high-quality market experience. At the same time, the project and data sections are added to facilitate users to understand the project data information, so as to analyze and verify.

Open platform construction --- The new version of BitKeepV6.0 has added an open platform construction, based on BitKeep's technical framework and ecological resources, to provide more diversified innovations to global blockchain industry developers not limited to project parties Experience and basic services make the construction of decentralized applications more efficient and cost-effective.

BKB ecological launch --- BKB will be launched in version V6.0. BKB is the ecological token of BitKeepFin, which can be circulated in multiple scenarios and is the identity proof of payment and membership rights in the BitKeep ecosystem. More details about BKB can be found in the BitKeep community.

The Bitkeep platform will continue to bring better trading experience to global users, making Bitkeep the world's largest decentralized traffic portal.


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BitKeep's new V6.0 released to create the world's largest decentralized traffic portal

On May 21, 2021, the new version of BitKeep wallet, BitKeepV6.0, was released. BitKeep is a world-leading decentralized multi-chain digital wallet.

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