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An article to understand the NFT distribution platform based on Nervos: Golden Legend (Golden Legend)



Since the beginning of this year, when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet in 2006 as an NFT at a high price of more than 2.9 million US dollars, NFT, which had been "quiet" for several years, was once again detonated by the market and quickly appeared. Circle: "Time Magazine" auctioned 3 cover NFTs, and a column article by "New York Times" columnist Kevin Roose was finally sold for 350ETH. The Chinese auction company Yongle Auction will enter NFT... As the ancestor of NFT, the origin The CryptoPunks pixel avatar project in 2017 is also rejuvenated. On May 12, the auction of 9 CryptoPunks NFTs designed and issued by Larva Labs was completed, with a total auction price of US$16,962,500. Previously, Larva Labs also launched a new NFT collection meebits - 20,000 unique 3D pixel-style characters, and sold out all 9,000 meebits within 6 hours after the sale, with a total price of more than 70 million Dollar. How fast is the market for NFTs growing? According to data from Dune Analytics, the number of users of OpenSea, a decentralized NFT trading platform on Ethereum alone, has exceeded 112,000. At the beginning of this year, the number was 36,000, and the number of users doubled in just 4 months. by 2.1 times. The threshold for using OpenSea is very high, and the ETH fee required to interact with the contract is very high, but despite this, in the first four months of this year, OpenSea recorded a turnover of 322 million, 147 million, 93 million, and 105 million US dollars respectively. ConsenSys released a new EVM equivalent zk-EVM specification, and developers can deploy any smart contract: According to official news, the Ethereum infrastructure development company ConsenSys released a new EVM equivalent zk-EVM specification. The EVM specification executes unaltered native bytecode (native bytecode), 100% coverage of different opcodes, and delivers 2 types of zk-EVM defined by V God, allowing developers to deploy any smart contract, use any tool, and fully follow They develop by building applications on L1, and the test version is currently open. [2022/10/14 14:27:29] Data source: The market is so big that it is attracting a lot of capital, institutions, exchanges, developers, Artists have entered this field, and even Binance has announced its entry in a high-profile manner, and will officially launch the NFT platform in June 2021. The best-developed Nervos among the emerging PoW public chains, its ecology officially began to explode in the second quarter of this year: the first NFT platform based on the Nervos CKB main network, the Golden Legend (Golden Legend) created by Nervina Labs, is currently has been officially launched. Different from NFT platforms on blockchains such as Ethereum and BSC, Golden Legend has extremely low operating threshold and excellent user experience. It is a blockchain product comparable to Internet-level applications to some extent. NFTs issued through the Golden Legend platform can be received through the web wallet developed by Nervina Labs, which is affectionately called "Crypto Treasure". Celsius withdrew 400,000 stETH from Aave, or about $418 million: According to news on July 12, the Celsius Network wallet address (beginning with 0x8ace) withdrew 400,000 stETH (about $418 million) from Aave tonight. At 19:23:07, 19:31:39, and 19:37:54, repay a total of 63.5 million USDC to the Aave protocol in three installments. [2022/7/13 2:08:51] Next, we will give a brief introduction to the Golden Legend and Secret Treasure. Golden Legend The name "Golden Legend" is taken from the Hearthstone game launched by Blizzard. In Hearthstone, there is a card with a very low probability of occurrence and a golden card face, which is very precious, so it is called the golden legend. In essence, the Golden Legend launched by Nervina Labs is a SaaS platform dedicated to issuing NFTs. It is mainly aimed at artists and NFT issuers. It has the following four features: 1. Simple and smooth user experience without having to deal with complex key management , Golden Legend will provide secure key escrow, signature and transaction management services; TreasureDAO responds to team members participating in the creation of NFT projects on the road: On February 23, the team member Cheese was exposed by the community to participate in many NFT projects on the road , TreasureDAO posted a response in the Discord community: 1. Several community members initiated a series of failed NFT projects after leaving the Treasure team. After discovering this problem, TreasureDAO community members issued a report on this incident in the industry in October 2021. warning. 2. Cheese did some UI/FE work for these running NFT projects, and got paid according to the contract. But the run-off was led by those former community members, and it took place long after the Cheese delivery. Cheese's contribution to the Treasure project is outstanding, but it must be made clear that he is only a community contributor. [2022/2/23 10:11:23] 2. Flexible creation of exclusive NFT supports batch creation of NFT, can set limited release, custom package, designed for real application scenarios; 3. Efficient operation and management platform creation After NFT can be quickly distributed in batches, and considerate transaction management, let users bid farewell to the long wait and uncertainty on the chain; 4. Rich ecological components have supporting components such as secret treasure account, secret treasure browser, SDK, etc., greatly reducing It reduces the amount of infrastructure development and easily links users. One point that needs to be explained here is the rich ecological components of the golden legend. A large number of SDKs and APIs make Golden Legend very easy to be integrated by other Internet Apps or dApps on the blockchain in the subsequent development process. Imagine, opening your WeChat applet, or some commonly used mobile phone software in the future, you can enter the background of Golden Legend, create and issue your own designed NFT, how convenient and cool! Nervina Labs Founder and CEO Cipher Reveals: Robinhood Begins Testing Crypto Wallet: Jinse Finance reports that Robinhood will expand the test to 10,000 customers by March, and then further expand to those on its WenWallets waitlist, according to a Thursday blog post. the rest. The company said it will add a feature for customers to calculate the amount of cryptocurrency to send and receive. Beta testers have a total daily withdrawal limit and 10 transaction limit of $2,999 and require two-factor authentication to be enabled. Testers will help Robinhood evaluate the wallet's functionality and provide feedback to the company. The beta rollout fits with Robinhood's previously communicated timeline, which called for a beta launch in early 2022. Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev said in October that demand for the wallet has been strong and that the company's waitlist has now exceeded 1 million customers. \u2028 (Coindesk) [2022/1/21 9:03:32] We hope to promote the implementation of blockchain technology and empower traditional Internet applications. Golden Legend and Secret Treasure Wallet are a set of NFT technology overall solutions. Users Through the API, it is very convenient to integrate our solution into the company's software products to empower your own software and App. Our current customers are mainly enterprise users with their own traffic. At present, Nervina Labs has reached cooperation with many platforms, companies and personal IPs such as Netease Wenchuang Sansan Studio and the blockchain consulting company WXY, and will provide various services from entertainment, art, sports, cultural creation, games, finance, fashion, etc. Provide technical services and business scenarios in various fields, and provide better business value-added services for influential institutions and individuals in various fields and industries. Guotai Junan: The third-generation social security card will add digital RMB function: On January 18, according to Wall Street news reports, Guotai Junan Research Report stated that the Beijing Municipal Government’s official disclosure of the “Draft for Comment on Technical Specifications for Beijing Minsheng Card” It is mentioned that "in accordance with the relevant normative requirements formulated by the Digital Currency Research Institute of the People's Bank of China, a unified digital renminbi application standard and application data structure should be formulated to support functions such as digital renminbi hard wallet and card-type soft wallet balance inquiry, and digital renminbi transactions." Guotai Junan believes that social security cards may become one of the forms of digital renminbi hardware wallets. Digital renminbi has two forms: software wallets and hardware wallets. store shelves. The hardware wallet refers to the wallet based on the form of "chip", and the social security card may become a kind of hard wallet. Secondly, in the form of digital renminbi, the central bank may launch monetary policy tools that directly reach the real economy, such as targeted poverty alleviation. Since the social security card is directly tied to the personal identity, it is expected to become a best practice tool. On the whole, Guotai Junan believes that the digital renminbi function will be added to the third-generation social security card. [2022/1/18 8:55:58] On the platform of Golden Legend, secret treasure has two meanings: one refers to the NFT issued through the platform of Golden Legend, and the other refers to the NFT webpage launched by Nervina Labs edition wallet. Users can register a Secret Treasure account through their mobile phone number or email address, or create an account by directly connecting to an Ethereum wallet (such as MetaMask, imToken, etc.), whether they are outsiders who don’t understand blockchain at all, or veterans with multiple wallets , Mibao is very considerate in terms of user experience. In this small registration process, two "black technologies" are actually hidden: Unipass and interoperability 2.0 technology. The reason why users can register by mobile phone or email is because Mibao uses the Unipass component provided by Lay2 Tech. You can think of it as the MetaMask key manager on CKB, but it achieves Internet-level user experience and The high security of the blockchain world, and the assets are fully controlled by the users. Accounts registered through Unipass are essentially CKB’s encrypted wallet accounts. This is thanks to CKB’s flexible support for cryptographic primitives at the bottom layer, and the cryptography used for mailboxes and mobile phone numbers has been moved to CKB. Therefore, through Unipass, users can smoothly generate encrypted accounts without mnemonic words. Many people have already taken it for granted by connecting to the Ethereum wallet to register and log in, because many DApps on Ethereum, BSC, and HECO operate in this way, but the NFT here is issued on CKB, and CKB and ETH are two completely Different underlying public chains. Using the Ethereum wallet to receive and send NFT on CKB is one of the application cases of interoperability 2.0 proposed by Nervos. After creating a secret treasure account, users can view and manage their own NFT anytime, anywhere, which is very convenient. The core advantage of "Golden Legend + Secret Treasure" allows NFT issuers and NFT collectors to get an experience like Internet products, and there are almost no barriers to use. As an NFT issuer, he does not need to understand blockchain technology, the deployment of contract codes, or even how much handling fees are required to create and issue an NFT, whether the network is congested, and so on. He only needs to know the name of the NFT he issues, whether it is limited to issue, and how many to issue, which is completely an experience of Internet products. After the NFT is created, the issuer can distribute it in batches through the Golden Legend platform, and the NFT comes with a package, so there is no need to consider the handling fee when distributing, and there is no need to purchase additional CKB as a handling fee. On the platform of Golden Legend, creating and issuing NFT only needs to consume a certain number of "energy points", which is similar to the energy value in many games, and there is no strangeness at all. As for NFT enthusiasts and collectors, he does not need to understand blockchain technology, just register a Secret Treasure account with his mobile phone number or email address. In the secret treasure account, he can preview the NFT in the account in real time. Here is a small detail: open any NFT in the account, move the mouse over the NFT picture, and the picture will move in the direction of the mouse movement. It is very similar to the dynamic effect of the MetaMask little fox wallet, which makes people feel very friendly. If you want to transfer the NFT in Secret Treasure to others, you don’t need to purchase additional CKB or consider handling fees, etc. You can just transfer it to others like a normal transfer. Each NFT issued through Golden Legend comes with a 1CKB package. According to the current network fee situation, more than 7,000 transfers can be made. This is enough for NFTs with a low turnover rate. Even if there are insufficient handling fees due to too many transfers in the future, the follow-up will still "fuel" NFTs in a simple way..


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