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5 must-reads in the evening | Nobel Laureate: Bitcoin may be worthless



After 1.5.21, 6 institutions suspended services for users in mainland China

The act of rectifying the virtual currency market has risen to the height of the State Council, and it is clear that a new round of strict supervision is about to begin. Mining and exchanges are the key targets of this round, and some relevant institutions have already taken action. click to read

2. What are the gameplays based on the cross-chain system?

Huobi Market Report丨BTC broke through a small increase in volume at night and formed a short-term rebound trend: According to the Huobi market, BTC rose slightly in volume last night, effectively breaking through the 10,600 USDT resistance level. The 1-hour level K-line market went out of a wave of pull-ups and the highest reached 10,749.13 USDT, and then continued to trade sideways at the high level of 10,700 USDT. The rising pattern is relatively strong in multiple directions, and the current upward trend of the 1-hour level is still continuing. As of 10:00, the specific performance of mainstream currencies is as follows: [2020/9/15]

Some time ago, a relatively popular DEX model was born, called O3Swap, which is a DEX based on a cross-chain system. With the birth of this product, the author feels that it is necessary to explain to everyone, what is the gameplay based on the cross-chain system?

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of April 14: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: G20, China Mutual Finance Association, Litecoin trademark, CME

1. The G20 requires the world's major economies to set ground rules to prevent stablecoins from undermining financial stability.

2. China Mutual Finance Association Blockchain Report: Be wary of technical dependence on foreign open source programs.

3. Litecoin and Yunbi trademarks are listed on the Jingdong auction platform, with a starting price of 100,000 yuan.

4. The first case involving virtual currency in Fujian was solved, involving more than 110,000 USDT.

5. Analysis: The price difference of $3,500 on CME may lead to a sharp correction of Bitcoin.

6. Huang Qifan: The digital economy centered on blockchain is changing our lives.

7. China Mobile's "Ruili Cross-border Import Commodity Blockchain Traceability System" went online.

8. Bithumb will launch staking service on April 20.

9. Data: BTC "realized volatility" has recovered.

10. China Mutual Finance Association: Explore the application of blockchain technology in fields such as Internet financial registration and disclosure. [2020/4/14]

Because this problem actually involves a problem of asset interoperability and application diversity. To put it mildly, it involves the difficulty and convenience of users. click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of March 22: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: central bank, 12345, blockchain application

1. The central bank’s official Weibo forwarded the 3.15 series of articles to remind the public to be alert to the trap of virtual currency.

2. Zouping seat of the central bank: Blockchain promotes the democratization of the economic system.

3. Vice Chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Banks provide financing services for small and micro enterprises through blockchain and other technologies.

4. The 12345 citizen service hotline will use blockchain and other technologies to improve service levels.

5. The Jiangsu provincial agricultural product quality traceability platform has realized the data interconnection of the provincial, city, and county traceability systems.

6. Innovative "blockchain" applications in the Dalian area of the Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone.

7. MoneyGram has already sold the $11.3 million XRP it received from Ripple.

8. The data shows that only 5 exchanges have positive deposits to users.

9. Bitcoin fell slightly within the day, from a minimum of $6,450 to $5,920. [2020/3/22]

3. Stable power supply The President of Iran announced the ban on encryption mining before September 22

In an interview with Iranian media on May 24, a spokesman for Iran’s power sector said that the main reasons for the electricity shortage were hot weather, increased electricity consumption due to industrial prosperity, reduced hydropower generation due to drought, and consumption by Iran’s private cryptocurrency “mines.” Too much electricity and so on. Iran's power department stated that Iran will use peak shifting, build new power plants, and prevent cryptocurrency "mining" in the future. click to read

4. After crypto volatility, White House officials are studying whether new cryptocurrency rules are needed

White House officials are looking at existing rules around cryptocurrencies and whether new restrictions are needed to protect investors from market turmoil like last week. Administration officials are looking at possible "loopholes" in regulation related to the crypto market, the people said, discussing, for example, whether ordinary retail investors who buy cryptocurrencies need some protections and whether the market could be used to finance illegal or terrorist activities wait. click to read

5. Nobel laureate: Bitcoin may be worthless

Why am I skeptical about cryptocurrencies. This is related to two issues: transaction costs and lack of anchoring. Allow me to explain slowly. Click to read


Understanding the Ethereum Difficulty Bomb: Why Has It Been Delayed?

If it is said that this year’s Bitcoin bull market and the upsurge of shib have allowed a large number of outsiders to know and enter this market.

Golden Observation | After 5.21, 6 institutions suspended their services for users in mainland China

Cryptocurrencies usher in strong regulation.Three days after the three financial associations issued an announcement reiterating that virtual currency-related businesses were involved in crimes.

Will Musk's defection to Bitcoin affect Bitcoin's continued progress?

After Musk turned his back on Bitcoin, Bitcoin fell for 3 consecutive days. Despite the short-term collapse of the encryption market.

5 must-reads in the evening | Nobel Laureate: Bitcoin may be worthless

After 1.5.21, 6 institutions suspended services for users in mainland ChinaThe act of rectifying the virtual currency market has risen to the height of the State Council.

Xinhua News Agency: There are many risks in speculative trading in the "currency circle"

Original Title: Bitcoin Miner: The annual power consumption of my "mine" is equivalent to the total annual power consumption of three citiesVirtual currency is called "currency" but it is not a real currency.

Golden Observation丨Bitcoin fell below $50,000, but why exchange platform currency can outperform the market

Golden Finance Blockchain, May 19 News The recent bitcoin price has plummeted like a roller coaster. It fell again, and it has now fallen below $50,000. According to CoinMarketCap data at the time of writing.

Golden Observation|Cryptocurrency cuts in half and reappears These ideas can’t be missed?

Yesterday, the bloody "slaughter" in the currency circle reappeared. Bitcoin fell from 43,000 US dollars to a minimum of 29,000 US dollars, and Ethereum fell from 3,400 US dollars to a minimum of 1.