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Top 10 Most Potential Blockchain Game Projects in 2021



In 2017, NFT first attracted attention in the cryptocurrency community and became the focus of excitement. The crazy hype surrounding CryptoKitties once caused the collapse of the Ethereum network. Decentraland, which has been on fire for nearly half a year, is also trying to completely change the VR-based game world. By 2021, we seem to have reached a new turning point in the integration of NFT and games, and this time the situation is much more favorable. More importantly, thanks to the sales of well-known artists such as Beeple, Grimes, and Leons Kings, NFTs have become mainstream news headlines and gradually entered the public eye. NFT games are becoming mainstream NFT truly realizes the scarcity of game assets by providing players with provable asset ownership and decentralizing the absolute power of traditional game operators. The financialization of game assets has also greatly promoted the free trading of game assets in the secondary market, thereby increasing the income potential of players in the game asset market. Overall, we are about to usher in a perfect storm of NFT-based gaming worlds, and spur gaming innovation and potential to a whole new level. Tim Draper: The price of Bitcoin will reach $250,000 by early 2023: Golden Finance reports that in a recent interview with famous cryptocurrency trader Scott Melker, American investor Tim Draper predicts that more women will start using Bitcoin. Coin, which will significantly expand the user base of cryptocurrencies. Considering that approximately 51% of wealth in the United States is controlled by women, it is not far-fetched to predict that they could drive up the price of Bitcoin significantly. \u2028 According to a prominent venture capitalist, retailers haven't realized they can save 2% by accepting Bitcoin instead of bank-issued credit cards. This could potentially double their profits, which are very thin. Draper again predicts that by early 2023, the price of Bitcoin will reach $250,000. \u2028 In 2014, Draper purchased 30,000 bitcoins in an auction conducted by the US Marshals Service. At the time, he accurately predicted that Bitcoin would hit $10,000 by 2018. [2022/5/30 3:49:44] The following are the main points - players never really own the assets they get in the game, and "NFT + game" tries to make this a reality; according to the collected items Scarcity and overall demand, the items that players spend a lot of time and energy in the game will get huge rewards; a new game asset trading market is about to emerge, where players can freely buy and sell items; the game ecology will be completely opened up, People can acquire weapons and equipment from one game and use them in another game. National Bureau of Statistics: In February 2021, the national consumer price fell by 0.2% year-on-year: National Bureau of Statistics: In February 2021, the national consumer price fell by 0.2% year-on-year. Among them, the city decreased by 0.2%, and the rural area decreased by 0.1%; food prices decreased by 0.2%, non-food prices decreased by 0.2%; consumer goods prices decreased by 0.3%, and service prices decreased by 0.1%. On average from January to February, the national consumer prices fell by 0.3% compared with the same period last year. [2021/3/10 18:31:11] Huge game market According to Deloitte data, more than one-third of Americans have tried at least one new type of game during the epidemic, and this proportion is higher than that of millennials. up to 43%. Once the epidemic returns to normal, about one-third of game companies will continue to launch new businesses, which will herald a compound annual growth rate of up to 11% for the game market in the next ten years. Obviously, the NFTization of games and game assets will be the next growth point of the blockchain industry in the future. But, as with many blockchain project hypes in 2017 and 2018, it's too early to talk about it all. Because most projects aiming to merge NFT and games are still in the early stages of development. Some of these games still rely more on centralized management, while others hope to build a completely decentralized financial world. Trump was officially nominated as the 2020 Republican presidential candidate: The Republican National Congress of the United States officially nominated the current President Trump as the 2020 Republican presidential candidate on the afternoon of the 24th, Eastern Time. (Xinhua News Agency) [2020/8/25] Below, the editor will compile a copy of "Top 10 Most Potential Blockchain Game Projects in 2021" Guild of Guardians official website: /Guild Of Guardians is a multiplayer action role-playing game that allows players to turn their gaming passion into an asset. This mobile RPG game is developed by Stepico Games and published by Immutable. It combines Immutable's expertise in blockchain games with Stepico's recognized mobile game development capabilities to provide players with industry-breaking games. Space Misfits official website: As a sandbox MMO game, the focus of Space Misfits is not to follow a linear narrative, but to allow players to create and experience their own stories. Voice | CoinGecko co-founder: Bitcoin price does not rise in 2020 may put miners in trouble: news on December 20, Bobby Ong, co-founder of the encryption analysis website CoinGecko, said that although Bitcoin miners rewards will be halved in Bitcoin After the reduction, but the price should have increased substantially. However, since this did not happen, many miners were in a state of anxiety. While there are several miners looking to sell more hardware, the price of Bitcoin cannot support it. In addition, he also pointed out that if the price of Bitcoin does not rise next year, mining giants such as Bitmain and Canaan may be in trouble, and many miners may shut down their businesses. (AMBCrypto) [2019/12/20] By giving players more control over the entire game and converting key in-game assets into NFTs, Space Misfits hopes to empower players like never before. Star Atlas official website: Atlas is a large-scale multi-player metaverse built on Solana, which realizes the economic benefits of players by extracting the virtual income in the game into real life. The team achieves better development by building the game into the high-performance Solana public chain and relying on its thriving community and ecosystem, which also optimizes the long-term goals of Star Atlas. News | South Korean software giant Hancom launches office application Office 2020, applying blockchain, AI and other technologies: South Korean software giant Hancom recently launched office application Hancom Office 2020. This Office 2020 improves the convenience of document generation by applying technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. It is reported that Hancom Office 2020 consists of word processing software, spreadsheets, presentation documents, PDF converter applications, etc. (MTN) [2019/10/10] Nestables official website: is a pet raising game based on Enjin. People are involved and entertained. The game allows players to collect, trade and cultivate their own exclusive 3D "block sprites" and earn income. Each block sprite in the game has its own unique personality and physical characteristics. SpaceY 2025 official website: SpaceY 2025 is a sandbox tower defense NFT game based on the theme of Mars immigration. It was created by the BlockFish team and has received interest from tens of thousands of game communities around the world. The game combines current hotspots such as Mars, Elon Musk, NFT and blind boxes, and belongs to the groundbreaking new gameplay of model innovation in the field of blockchain games. 80% of the consumption income in the game is used for player rewards. Ember Sword official website: Sword is a true player-driven MMORPG free-to-play game, in this world, players can control the world through real land ownership. In the game, players can freely buy and sell equipment, and high-value skins are marked as NFT collectibles. These collectibles are acquired by players through game levels, not sold through loot boxes. Illuvium official website: is an NFT game created based on the elements of "Pokemon Pokémon", which can arouse the nostalgia of players. In the game, players can collect, trade, fight and obtain rare valuable assets. In the game, players collect creatures called Ilvuvials by exploring the world and fighting, and collect these Illuvials at a reasonable price to permanently store them on the blockchain. The Sandbox official website: Sandbox is a decentralized virtual game world based on the Ethereum blockchain. Creators can create 3D pixelated assets and store them in the form of NFT Imported into the game. In this virtual space, players can use the two main utility tokens, SAND and LAND, to create personalized content-zce or interact in the game. Axie Infinity official website: Infinity is one of the most powerful early Pokémon style games created on the Ethereum blockchain. With constant updates and a growing player base, this role has grown into a serious contender well into 2021 and beyond. People are investing heavily in Axie land, and mystic axes are selling for thousands of dollars. 22 Racing Series official website: Racing Series is a tactical racing game that combines elements of strategy games such as Wipeout and Gran Turismo. The game is built on the Phantasma blockchain, and players have ownership of their vehicles. The smart contract for the competition is integrated into the game, allowing gamers to earn money. NFT is setting off a storm visible to the naked eye on a global scale. On Chain Gaming means that players will have the opportunity to have real asset ownership in online games. At present, the total market value of traditional games is hundreds of billions of dollars, and it is still growing. However, for game lovers and players, although the game market has such a huge capital scale and market volume, it is difficult to bring lasting value to the players themselves. As one of the clearest use cases and developments of blockchain, gaming has a huge user base worldwide. This means that NFT will unleash unprecedented economic potential for global gamers and game companies. Traditional game operators hold the ownership of game assets and have the right to steal items from players' accounts and prohibit the resale of assets. But blockchain-enabled games will have the opportunity to return the true ownership of game assets and currencies to players. This not only greatly saves the cost of players in the game, but also means that the wealth in the game will have the possibility to transfer from the virtual world to real life! In the near future, relying on the combination of the real economy and the virtual game economy, "NFT+game" is bound to grow into a huge encrypted economy. Investment is risky. The views and opinions in this article represent only the author himself and do not constitute any investment advice.


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Top 10 Most Potential Blockchain Game Projects in 2021

In 2017, NFT first attracted attention in the cryptocurrency community and became the focus of excitement. The crazy hype surrounding CryptoKitties once caused the collapse of the Ethereum network. Decentraland.

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