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Shared computing power platform Pekka's independent research and development "honest consensus technology POH" patent has been certified by the US Patent Office



April 6, 2021, US patent written by Pekka research team - "Methods and apparatus for verifying processing results and/or taking corrective actions in response to a detected invalid result 

(Methods and Apparatus for Validating Processing Results and Taking Corrective Actions for Detected Invalid Results)" (,970,180) was certified by the U.S. Patent Office. The model of economics, based on blockchain technology - the consensus algorithm of "Proof of Honesty (PoH)", provides a solution to the long-standing computer science problem - verifiable computing problem, and is used by edge computing The community regards it as the world's first solution to effectively deal with verifiable computing problems. It is another major technological breakthrough to realize the sharing of global computing resources in the era of sharing economy.

Bitcoin Vision shared mining machine went online, and the number of mining machine registrations reached 28,000 within 3 hours: According to official data, after the Bitcoin Vision shared mining machine went online at 17:00 (GMT+8) today, the amount of exchanged mining machine BV exceeded 3 million within 3 hours pieces. The number of registrations reached 28,000.

The total computing power of the Bitcoin Vision (BV) shared mining platform is limited to 200,000T, and 20,000 mining machines are limited to be sold. The total initial mining pool is 68.6 million BV. [2020/6/5]

Voice | Wang Xuezong, the initiator of the chain reform experiment: the two major directions of the blockchain in 2019 are sharing and digital finance: Wang Xuezong, the initiator of the chain reform experiment and the founder of the blockchain communication, said on his Weibo today that in 2019 the blockchain will have two General direction: one is shared computing, shared bandwidth, shared storage, and the second is digital finance and digital securities, programmable securities, which are the killer applications of blockchain. [2018/12/26]


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The verifiable computing problem refers to Verifiable Computing ("VC" for short), which means that users outsource computing tasks to third-party computing power providers, and can quickly and efficiently verify the correctness of the obtained calculation results. A long-standing problem is how users can efficiently verify calculation results without re-performing tasks. In the past ten years, many computer scientists have been studying this problem, but they have not been able to find the optimal solution to this problem.

Yuanguang Software has recently won the bid for the State Grid Henan Electric Power Company's "Blockchain-based Data Security Sharing Technology Research" project: this winning bid has achieved Yuanguang's first blockchain breakthrough in the State Grid Corporation. The project will provide support for the construction of State Grid data security sharing, and provide reference for its subsequent development of energy Internet application pilots based on blockchain technology, new energy transactions, financial settlements, and exploration of credible power Internet of Things connections. [2018/5/4]

Starting from the pain point of computing verification, combined with blockchain technology, after years of research and multi-party verification, the Pekka research team proposed the "honesty consensus technology PoH" on March 29, 2019, which solved the verifiable computing problem that has plagued scientists for many years. Proof of Honesty Proof of Honesty (PoH) is inspired by the "police entrapment of lawbreakers", allowing renters to play the role of "police", and at the same time assigning entrapment tasks to computing power providers whose results are known in advance, through smart contracts Verify task results to detect and capture malicious computing power providers in the network, and impose severe economic penalties on cheaters. The emergence of POH will effectively establish a decentralized trusted shared computing power network.

"Police" to trap lawbreakers by posting computational tasks with known results in the network

Pekka is a distributed shared computing power platform, which aims to link spare computer equipment around the world through blockchain technology, maximize the use of global computing resources, and help the cloud service field to achieve a freer competitive market.

Two years ago, Pekka Network ( introduced the sharing economy into distributed computing, allowing global users to share computing power to complete various computing tasks such as machine learning, 3D rendering, and scientific computing . When users use computing power, they can use cryptocurrency to pay for service fees, and computing power providers also receive cryptocurrency rewards by providing computing power. The emergence of Pekka has filled the gap in the shared computing power market.

Since its establishment, Pekka has been committed to the research and development and optimization of shared computing power, and has obtained technical patents in related fields many times. After years of unremitting efforts, the core technology of trusted computing power sharing has become a global leader. The approval of the Proof of Honesty (PoH) patent application developed by the Pekka team means that under the wave of the sharing economy, it is feasible to realize the trustworthy sharing of global computing power. It is foreseeable that the success of this technology will set off a wave of computing power sharing on a global scale. The era of shared computing power will come quietly in this storm.


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Shared computing power platform Pekka's independent research and development "honest consensus technology POH" patent has been certified by the US Patent Office

April 6, 2021, US patent written by Pekka research team - "Methods and apparatus for verifying processing results and/or taking corrective actions in response to a detected invalid result (Methods and Apparatus f.

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