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Virtual assets enter public financial management: a new choice in the "long tail era of investment democratization"?



Before you knew it, did you also see the following plot unfold?

I don't know when it started, the giants suddenly stopped "attacking". From the Internet, finance, community, technology, cloud, to electric vehicles... These ubiquitous and omnipotent technology giants used to be like the faceless man in "Spirited Away". He ate and drank so much in his soup house that he seemed to be able to swallow everything. Suddenly one day, the faceless man took the pill given by the river god, and then vomited violently—and finally turned back into that light and fluffy paper man.

I don’t know when it started, Creator (creator) officially became the "37th line"; "Creator economy" (creator economy) has also become a part of the GDP of almost all countries that cannot be ignored.

Kakao's Ground X will transfer the virtual asset wallet Kaikas business to Sfresso247: June 23, according to the announcement issued by Kakao's blockchain subsidiary Ground X's virtual asset wallet Kaikas, Kaikas service providers will start from July 25. Ground X changed to Sfresso247. The specific information of Sfresso247 company is not known yet. [2022/6/23 1:27:13]

I don’t know when it started, the blockchain itself was born for long-tail empowerment, and under the concept of “self-sovereign, self-governance”, it broke out for the second time in the virtual currency market.

Encrypted exchange OSL and Interactive Brokers cooperate to provide virtual asset services in Hong Kong: According to news on June 9, the encrypted currency exchange OSL Digital Securities has signed a cooperation agreement with Interactive Brokers (IBKR) to jointly provide virtual assets in Hong Kong Serve. Under the agreement, Interactive Brokers will provide crypto services directly to its professional trading clients in Hong Kong. OSL is a subsidiary of BC Technology Group. David Friedland, head of Asia Pacific at Interactive Brokers, said: "Investors around the world are flocking to the digital asset market, and the cooperation with OSL comes at a critical moment in the development of Hong Kong's regulated digital asset ecosystem." ( )[2022/6/9 4:13:53]

Also, I don't know when it started, the investment threshold is getting lower and lower, more and more community-oriented, and more and more "intense". In 2021, the Robin Hood retail investors in the WSB community squeezed out Wall Street hedge funds.

Hong Kong's proposed virtual asset licensing system will be submitted to the Legislative Council within this year: According to news on February 15, Hong Kong's proposed licensing system for virtual asset service providers may be submitted to the Hong Kong Legislative Council within this year. Previously, in November, the Hong Kong SAR government issued a consultation document recommending the establishment of a licensing system for virtual asset service providers, which plans to prohibit retail investors from trading cryptocurrencies. Throughout January 2021, the government has been consulting the public and industry groups. Now that the consultation period is drawing to a close, the proposal is expected to be turned into legislation and introduced to Hong Kong's Legislative Council later this year.

Previously, in November 2020, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government issued a consultation document proposing the establishment of a licensing system for virtual asset service providers, stipulating that anyone who intends to engage in regulated businesses of virtual asset trading platforms in Hong Kong must apply for a license from the Securities and Futures Commission, and Meet fit and proper criteria and comply with money laundering rules, etc. (Cointelegraph) [2021/2/15 19:49:31]

How about it, do you think the grass roots have awakened? Welcome to the age of the long tail.

News | The island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis passes the "Virtual Assets Act 2020" to legalize tokens such as BCH: The island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis, located in the West Indies, recently passed a bill that makes bitcoin Digital currency assets such as currency cash are legalized. Dubbed the Virtual Assets Act 2020, the bill aims to provide cryptocurrency regulation for businesses and residents of St. Kitts and Nevis. ([2020/2/7]

The Cracked Wall forum invited two entrepreneurial experts to start a brainstorm on "investment democratization" at the crossroads of "from the elite era to the long-tail era".

Guests of this issue

Dr. Yang + Kelvin Lei (CEO of AQUMON Smart Investment Advisory)

"Another One Bites The Dust", Queen

Topic of this issue


Have we come to the era of "long-tailed grassroots" of "democratization of transactions and investment"?

The advertising space in Central Hong Kong is a place where you can feel the trend of financial development: the eyeball space that was once occupied by luxury goods, family wealth management, etc. now seems to be becoming more and more "grassroots"-basically all advertising spaces are being used Internet trading platform occupation.

We see more and more "civilian" trading platforms, such as Robinhood, Webull, and Kikitrade; it seems that in just one year, all brokers, no matter how big or small, are embracing the grassroots, wishing to take all the original The elite financial products—from options, derivatives transactions to virtual assets—have all been poured out to the grassroots.

Is this a big trend? We stared helplessly, watching the axis of abscissa shift just like that?


How to attract/serve the investment, transaction and financial management needs of "Generation Z"? Is "less white", "lower barriers to entry", "more community-based", and "more gamified" a good way?

The concept of gamification was first used in the consumer goods and Internet industries, with the purpose of making "buying things" fun, addictive, and community-based. But is it appropriate that the same concept is being used in finance today to make investing and trading more addictive, easier and more fun?

The trends are here: Internet penetration, mobile phones are increasingly powerful, and investment information and services are readily available - conveniently, quickly and at low cost.

Do the two financial professionals who used to provide the most complex derivatives transactions to elites and institutions in major investment banks agree with this trend?

"Freedom can only be obtained by losing freedom": A completely unregulated "free market" (such as the currency circle) has a greater probability and intensity of being "cut".

Bringing "complex transactions" to ordinary people is different from bringing "asset management" to ordinary people.

Will the "democratization" and excessive "gamification" of financial platforms increase market systemic risk?


JP Morgan to issue actively managed funds, Grayscale funds, approved ETFs in Canada, upcoming ETFs in the US, CME Bitcoin futures, "mini" Bitcoin futures: options for traditional asset management to dabble in Bitcoin appear to be growing more. Is it feasible to add bitcoin, cryptocurrency services and products to asset management?


How to make investors invest in cryptocurrency financial management more safely? More diverse starter portfolio options?


Will we soon see virtual currency derivatives in "non-currency exchanges" and traditional wealth management funds?


In the era when Metaverse is rolling in, how to deal with KYC, AML, traditional/virtual asset integration, and regulatory requirements in the real world? What education do "grassroots civilians" investors need?


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Virtual assets enter public financial management: a new choice in the "long tail era of investment democratization"?

Before you knew it, did you also see the following plot unfold?I don't know when it started, the giants suddenly stopped "attacking". From the Internet, finance, community, technology, cloud.

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