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Must-read of the week | What stage has DeFi developed to?



1.MEV Era

Miner-extractable value, or MEV, has gradually permeated every aspect of DeFi, quickly transitioning from an academic concept to the undercurrent of all Ethereum transactions.

MEV growth is hard to measure. But by all measures, MEV has soared from barely a year ago to more than $400 million. This increase is not only due to the rise in the price of Ethereum, but also due to increased arbitrage opportunities and increasing awareness among miners on how to take advantage of it. click to read

2. Why ETH will eventually win the value storage battle?

Two developments in Ethereum caught my attention: 1) Ethereum's move to proof-of-stake (PoS); and 2) a change in the protocol's monetary policy. I quickly realized that these changes would have a huge impact on the monetary properties of ETH, possibly even making it a better store of value than BTC.

Data: In the last week, 1,063,300 NFT assets were added to the Ethereum network: Jinse Finance reported that NFTScan data showed that in the latest week, 1,063,300 NFT assets were added to the Ethereum network, with an average of 151,900 new NFT assets minted every day. [2022/2/1 9:26:06]

Bitcoin already has such a huge lead. It’s a household name, it’s the safest in terms of network computing power, and large institutions like Tesla, MicroStrategy, and MassMutual have started adopting it as a reserve asset. Can Ethereum Really Catch Up? click to read

3. You better hold BTC yourself

Data: In the past week, the amount of ETH burned was more than 50,600, a decrease of 22% from the previous week: According to the data of the masters on the Okey Cloud Chain, the current amount of destroyed Ethereum is 614,500 ETH, the burning rate is 5.18 ETH/minute, and the average value of a single block is 1.184 ETH; the amount burned in the past week was 50,676.35 ETH, a decrease of 22.27% month-on-month. [2021/10/25 20:54:24]

The question we all need to ask ourselves before buying any BTC ETF is who exactly is holding your BTC at the end of the day? In today's view, this question may show your ignorance, but based on past experience, in the near future, this question will be of great significance. click to read

News | Bitcoin peer-to-peer transactions in the Philippines and Malaysia have soared in the past week: Jinse Finance reported that according to a report by crypto market data provider Coindance, Bitcoin peer-to-peer transactions have recently surged in Malaysia and the Philippines. Trading volumes on peer-to-peer trading platform Paxful have experienced spikes over the past week. While last week coincided with bitcoin hitting a six-month low, the growth in the Philippines stood out in particular. The report noted that BTC trading volume in the country has jumped to Php 1,221,000 from a value of Php 291,837 in the previous week, the highest volume ever traded in the Philippines. The report also noted that Malaysia traded 157,615 MYR worth of bitcoin in the week of Nov. 23, up from just 149,724 MYR in the previous week. Bitcoin holders in the country continue to grow steadily, which also represents an all-time high (ATH) achieved by Paxful in Malaysia. [2019/11/27]

4. V God: UNI should become a prophecy token

I suggest that Uniswap and UNI tokens can provide such an oracle mechanism, such as imitating the design of Augur or UMA, which specializes in providing reliable price data, and manipulating data and attacks requires extremely high costs. click to read

5. Is there still time for Chia to get on the bus?

If you missed DeFi in 2019 and NFT in 2020, then maybe you shouldn't miss Chia in 2021. This "king of heaven" encryption project has introduced a new concept of hard disk mining. Now looking at the global hard disk market, many people will find that the price of hard disks has suddenly started to soar in recent weeks, and it has doubled to three times in just a few weeks. So, let us find out how awesome the Chia encryption project is. click to read

6. Use data to speak: what stage has DeFi developed to?

In just 8 months, DeFi has attracted over $100 billion into smart contracts. These contracts not only realize what traditional finance can do, but also bring new financial primitives. These innovations provide new opportunities for individuals to truly own their assets, participate in global capital coordination, trade through decentralized exchanges, use lending markets, and more.

In this article, we explore the current state of Ethereum-based DeFi and examine key metrics that help us understand its explosive growth and usability. click to read

7. The currency circle thinks about the apocalypse of "Crazy Zootopia"

It has been less than a year since the "curtain call" of DeFi food tokens, and animal tokens led by SHIB have begun to stir up the cryptocurrency market again. click to read

8. Digital currency development pattern, potential risks and countermeasures

With the rise of the modern information technology revolution, the impact of technology on finance and currency is unprecedented. Digital currency, as a new form of virtual assets and financial tools, emerges from time to time, and continues to change and evolve, and its influence is becoming stronger day by day. On April 14, 2021, Coinbase, the world's largest digital currency trading platform, landed on Nasdaq, with an IPO market value of approximately US$65.3 billion. It has now become the most downloaded app in North America. Affected by this, the price of Bitcoin has repeatedly hit new highs, which has aroused public attention and a lot of debate in the industry. In view of this, we track and analyze the latest pattern of digital currency, focus on the main risks and their impact on our country, and put forward preliminary suggestions. Click to read


Another harvest season of leeks, 1.1 million bitcoins in wallet addresses were cleared during the plunge.

In this wave of Bitcoin's decline, the most pitiful ones are the leeks who ran into the market and then jumped out of the building. The total number of addresses holding non-zero BTC balances has also dropped -2.8% fr.

Golden Sentinel|Manchester City will release NFT collectibles commemorating the Premier League champions

According to news on May 20, Manchester City will release a series of NFT products commemorating the Premier League champions. Commemorate the championship with NFT collectibles. The club said the collection.

Encrypted market wealth-making campaigns have emerged one after another, and exchanges have resorted to "three axes"

Anti-cyclical assets such as exchange platform tokens and DeFi tokens have successfully resisted the market downturn in the recent plunge in cryptocurrency prices.

Must-read of the week | What stage has DeFi developed to?

1.MEV Era Miner-extractable value, or MEV, has gradually permeated every aspect of DeFi.

China Securities Observation: The risk of speculation is huge, and strict supervision is the general trend

Recently, Bitcoin has once again stepped out of the "roller coaster" market that has skyrocketed and then plummeted. In addition to frequent price rises and falls, reflecting the extreme frenzy of speculation.

Popular Science: Visual Explanation of Algorithmic Stablecoins

The use of stablecoins has exploded in the last year, yet fewer and fewer people understand how stablecoins actually work. For some reason, the creators of stablecoins are obsessed with complex designs.

Opinion: Uniswap V3 LP is essentially shorting volatility

In the current stage of high market volatility, Uniswap V3 liquidity providers will face greater risks. Summary: The author thinks that it might be more appropriate to change the name of Uniswap V3 to Uniswap PRO. My.