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After the plunge, should I buy ETH or BTC?




We said earlier that the support of Bitcoin is at $43,000.

MicroStrategy CFO: Despite the market crash, MicroStrategy will continue to buy Bitcoin: On January 25th, MicroStrategy Chief Financial Officer Phong Le said that our strategy for Bitcoin is to buy and hold, so if we have excess Cash flow or we find other ways to raise capital, we will continue to put it into Bitcoin. MicroStrategy will continue to buy bitcoin this year, but it's unclear if it will buy more than last year; the company has no plans to sell the asset. MicroStrategy is also considering buying bitcoin-backed bonds in the next year or two should the market become more liquid. The company is scheduled to report fourth-quarter earnings on Feb. 1. (WSJ)[2022/1/25 9:12:07]

If the pin breaks and finally closes up, it’s actually fine, and it’s not considered an “effective break”.

The price of Bitcoin on Binance.US plummeted to $8,200 for a short time: According to news on October 21, the price of Bitcoin on Binance.US fell from $65,500 to $8,200 in a few seconds. Prices on other exchanges fell but not by much. (The Block) [2021/10/21 20:47:06]

If it continues to fall tomorrow and stays below 43000, it will be a bit cold.

Bitcoin Freefall Plunges Ethereum Or Takes Crypto Throne: Benjamin Roberts, Co-Founder And CEO Of Canadian Venture Exchange-Backed Citizen Hex, Thinks Whether Bitcoin Can Improve Transaction Efficiency And Ethereum Uncertainty in future development is the reason for Bitcoin's plunge this time. While both Bitcoin and Ethereum are cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology, Ethereum is an open source platform for creating and distributing decentralized applications. Roberts expects Ethereum to become the dominant cryptocurrency in 2018. People will continue to see volatility measured in dollars until ethereum has a clear lead over the bitcoin platform in terms of market capitalization, he said. [2018/1/31]

I personally tend to call back normally, and the bull market is still there.


Because Ethereum has risen a "big band" in front of it.

In the later period, there is a high probability that it will enter a period of rest and consolidation, which is a bit similar to the previous trend.

Compared with ETH, Bitcoin is still in the consolidation period.

Bitcoin indicates that there is a wave of market "brewing".

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What is the prospect of the wildly growing Uniswap V3?

The biggest advantage of Uniswap V3 is higher capital efficiency, but if there is a large amount of arbitrage.

Judicial freezing of bank cards should follow legal procedures

In recent years, some criminal suspects of telecommunication fraud and domestic and overseas gambling have used bank cards to transfer huge amounts of money and commit crimes.

After the plunge, should I buy ETH or BTC?

BTC: We said earlier that the support of Bitcoin is at $43,000. MicroStrategy CFO: Despite the market crash, MicroStrategy will continue to buy Bitcoin: On January 25th.

Bitcoin may explode again in the second half of the year

After a massive first quarter rally, Bitcoin (BTC) has been relatively quiet so far in the second quarter, even as Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and other cryptoassets exploded.In 2020 and early 2021.

Dogecoin Interview: What is it like to work with Elon Musk?

It was almost midnight on a quiet Thursday in London last week. Software engineer and part-time Dogecoin developer Ross Nicoll was putting on his pajamas and getting ready for bed when his feeds suddenly came alive.

If there is no more darkness, only light remains

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