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Golden Trend丨Market Slump Is the End of the Bull Market or Opportunity to Buy Low?



At present, Bitcoin is still above the trend line of the long-term upward channel. The Mavericks market driven by the halving of LTC in 2019 has not effectively broken through this trend line. The normal trend, compared with 2017, it can be seen that there is also a stepping back after the breakthrough. After the sharp downward insertion, the mad bull market in the next few months ushered in. The increase from the low point of the insertion to the peak of the 17-year bull market was as high as 5.6 times.

Golden hot search-zce list: DOGE tops the list: According to the data of Jinse Finance and Economics rankings, in the past 24 hours, DOGE topped the list. The specific top five list is as follows: DOGE, FTI, ONT, BF, ANT. [2020/7/8]

Similarly, the Bitcoin bull market in 2013 also officially broke through the trend line, and then ushered in the crazy period of the 13-year bull market, followed by an increase of more than 5 times, which shows the strong support and suppression of the trend line. At present, the line is not broken, and it cannot be judged that the market has reversed. At present, it is only a step back at the monthly line level. There were two tops in the 13-year bull market, and after forming a top, it stepped back sharply to the October moving average. Above 35,000 US dollars, but the bull market is not over yet, but the washing force is relatively strong, the current trend line has not been broken, and it is still a bullish trend. It cannot be ruled out that after the finishing of this area, Bitcoin will also have a chance to get out of the madness of the late bull market in 13 and 17 years The market is bullish, so don't be blindly bearish at the moment.

Analysis | Golden disk: The list of the top 100 tokens by market capitalization: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: In the past 24 hours, mainstream currencies fell more and rose less. Among the top 100 currencies by market value, only 6 rose, and the largest increase was CMT is 9.17%. Let’s look at the daily trend of CMT. It is still in the downward channel. MACD golden cross, forming a bullish trend. pressure. [2018/9/18]

If you look at the callback volume, the recent adjustment is a shrinking posture, and this area has not sold a lot of goods, which is obviously different from the enlarged short volume column of the previous top adjustment, and it is also significantly different from the previous top consolidation time. The tops of several rounds of bull markets are in a state of accelerating to the top, and they will soon fall back into a bear market. This time, they have been consolidating in a range for more than 3 months. They do not meet the characteristics of the tops of previous rounds of bull markets. It does not mean that they do not meet the top characteristics. , but it is still above the trend line and has not broken the position. The current point is around 39500.

Jinse Finance’s exclusive analysis of each city’s embrace of the blockchain may indicate that relevant laws and regulations are on the way: Jinse Finance’s exclusive analysis Following the opening of the Hangzhou Blockchain Industrial Park, Chengdu also established a big data association blockchain professional on April 9 Committee, and then various cities entered the blockchain one after another, and the first-tier cities even offered high support policies for blockchain projects. From a policy point of view, it is undoubtedly a positive side for the development of blockchain, representing the country's vigorous development area. The determination of the blockchain, but on the other hand, the high amount of support funds also confirms that the development of the blockchain still needs a lot of money and time, which also shows that the development of the blockchain is still in its infancy. However, all cities are open to the blockchain and support it without any scruples, which seems to indicate that relevant regulatory laws and regulations on the blockchain will follow suit. [2018/4/12]

Compared with the bull market in the next 17 years, Bitcoin’s previous major adjustments in the last round of bull market, each time Bitcoin’s weekly line did not effectively fall below the 0.382 support line, and turned upward after touching it, continuing the bull market process. Only when the real bull market top effectively fell below , After the market oversold and rebounded, it entered a bear market. Looking at the current trend, Bitcoin has not fallen below the support line so far, and the price is around 41,500 US dollars. At present, since Bitcoin started the bull market on 312, it has not fallen below 0.382 in previous major washings. Therefore, it is currently judged that the end of the bull market is unreasonable and not broken On the contrary, this area is a good opportunity to buy low during the bull market, which is a phased low point, so it is still too early to say that Bitcoin has peaked.


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Golden Trend丨Market Slump Is the End of the Bull Market or Opportunity to Buy Low?

At present, Bitcoin is still above the trend line of the long-term upward channel. The Mavericks market driven by the halving of LTC in 2019 has not effectively broken through this trend line. The normal trend.

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