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Interview with Steve Liu, Chairman of the APENFT Foundation: Compared with homogeneous tokens, NFT has a natural advantage in going out of the circle



Theoretically speaking, NFT can be anything digital: sound, image, a piece of text, a prop in a game, etc. The scope of its application depends on people's imagination, but currently it is most widely used in the field of art, NFT In this era, everyone is a collector and everyone is an artist. Why can NFT and encrypted art detonate the market? How much imagination is there behind this wave of digital art? Recently, Jinse Finance exclusively interviewed Steve Liu, chairman of the APENFT Foundation, to gain an in-depth understanding of the unique charm of NFT and encrypted art. The following is the interview record: Jinse Finance: NFT is undoubtedly the focus of the market this year, and has been substantially applied in many fields, especially in the field of art collections. Some previous projects have also tried to apply FT (Fungible Token, FT) token economy to art collections, but it seems that it has not caused much splash. In your opinion, the most critical factor for NFT to detonate the market at present what is it Steve Liu: In 2021, NFT will become the focus of the blockchain industry. Compared with the application of FT token economy to art collections, NFT is more in line with the development needs of the current real society. The full name of NFT is non-homogeneous tokens. Compared with homogeneous tokens, NFT has a natural advantage of being out of the circle. It is not difficult to find that most assets in the real world are non-homogeneous, such as houses, cars, furniture, artwork, data, etc., which are characterized by indivisibility and are not exactly the same. Artwork, gaming gear, identity verification, etc. also fall into this category. The integration of NFT and the real world makes NFT no longer a high-ranking and obscure financial term, but an easy-to-understand concept that the public can accept. In the blockchain world, NFT can be combined with loans, games, etc. to mine the economic value behind NFT, thereby providing a steady stream of liquidity; in the real world, NFT can be combined with some offline physical assets, including real estate , securities, insurance, etc.; not only that, NFT is also gradually "popularizing", a painting, a graffiti wall, a video, etc. may become popular NFT works. NFTized works of art are easily accepted by the public and become a topic of conversation on the streets. The high acceptance of the public has enabled it to be substantively applied in many fields, thus detonating the entire market. The transaction volume of the NFT project Moonbirds exceeded US$200 million: Jinse Finance reported that according to the latest data, the transaction volume of the "Pixel Owl" NFT project Moonbirds has exceeded US$200 million, a record high. When this article was written, it was US$203,974,697, with a transaction volume of 12,311 . Notably, this milestone was achieved within the past 24 hours. Moonbirds issued a total of 10,000 NFTs, of which 7,875 were publicly minted and sold at a price of 2.5 ETH. All of them have been sold out. According to OpenSea data, the floor price of the NFT series has risen to 13.1 ETH, which is also a record high. [2022/4/17 14:29:50] Jinse Finance: Some people pointed out that there are problems such as lack of liquidity, high investment risk, and cashing of digital assets in the current NFT field. Do you agree? Will pure market pricing lead to maliciously raising the price of art and bring about the "winner's curse"? What are the advantages of NFT? Steve Liu: Yes, the current development of NFT is hot and fast, and there are indeed some problems. But counting the many advantages of NFT, we are full of confidence in the future of NFT. First of all, the NFT boom is on the rise, and the combination of NFT and digital art has brought a brand new transaction model. By mapping the corresponding files of digital art works, NFT works become the trading "entity" of digital art. NFT can not only be traded as copyright and ownership, but also a unique bond between artists and collectors. NFT is the ontology of their works recognized by artists. Secondly, compared with traditional art transactions, NFT collections have a complete, transparent, reliable, low-cost and high-efficiency secondary market. Thanks to the data openness of the blockchain and the programmable asset attributes of the token, users can conveniently It can trade and transfer NFT collections in a timely manner, and can realize collection auctions at a very low cost. Compared with traditional collectibles, NFT collectibles have more advantages in the circulation and transaction link, which helps the market to a certain extent to be active, and it is easier to realize the value discovery of collectibles in the active-zce transaction circulation link. Newborn City Technology's world's first video social digital collection collection is officially launched: Jinse Finance reported that Newborn City Technology (09911.HK) world's first video social digital collection collection "YUMY QUEEN 2021 NFTs" is officially launched. The collection of digital collections was released by YUMY QUEEN DAO, a user community organization of the company's product Yumy, and has now been implemented in Yumy's social ecology. Li Ping, CEO of Newborn City Technology, said that the launch of "YUMY QUEEN 2021 NFTs" is another important layout of Newborn City Technology in the Metaverse field after the internal testing of the metaverse module MetaTown and the strategic cooperation with virtual technology companies. This not only shows that Newborn City Technology is further exploring the new social gameplay in the metaverse, but also means that the company is opening up more room for imagination for the extension of the social content-zce ecological chain. "(Securities Daily) [2022/3/17 14:02:18] In addition, artists have always sold their works to make money only once. If the work changes hands again, even if the price is sky-high, it has nothing to do with the artist himself. And NFT Changing this situation, digital artists who sell NFT works have a special benefit, that is, when their works are re-sold, they can continue to benefit from them. Pure market pricing will not lead to malicious artwork prices The increase will, on the contrary, lead to the return of art prices to rationality. Golden Finance: What is the original intention of APENFT to focus on mainstream and top traditional art NFTs? What kind of ecology does APENFT hope to build? Faced with the pain points of the market, what solutions does APENFT propose? ?Steve Liu: In recent years, with the development of the market economy, people have higher and higher requirements for artistic accomplishment, and more and more people devote themselves to art collections, but the shortcomings of the traditional trading market still exist. It has brought great difficulties for the public to participate in art transactions. HyperBC, the HyperPay wallet custody service provider, has obtained the Lithuanian encrypted asset custody license: According to news on February 28, HyperBC has obtained the Lithuanian encrypted asset custody license, and HyperBC's HyperPay wallet has become a holder of The digital currency wallet with a compliant custody license provides compliant custody services for digital assets of global users to ensure the security of digital assets.HyperPay wallet was established in 2017. It is a managed wealth management wallet, decentralized self-management wallet, HyperMate hardware wallet, A multi-ecological digital asset wallet that integrates co-management wallets, providing users with one-stop services such as asset storage, wealth management value-added, consumer payment, etc. So far, HyperPay wallet users have exceeded one million, asset management scale has exceeded US$1 billion, and transfers have exceeded 310 million Second, the public chain of managed wallets supports 50+, the public chain of self-managed wallets supports 30+, and the HyperMate hardware wallet supports 17+ of public chains. [2022/2/28 11:19:35] The traditional art field is dominated by capital. Most people can only stay away, let alone enjoy the opportunities brought by the appreciation of the art market. Secondly, it is difficult to distinguish professionally. In the past, when appraising works of art, most experts used the common methods of creators and the feel of paper to identify them. The authenticity of works of art, with the rapid development of imitation technology, the difficulty of identification has greatly increased. Finally, the opacity of traditional transactions. The information asymmetry between sellers and buyers can only rely on third-party institutions, which increases the passivity of buyers and sellers .As an intermediary agency, the third-party agency can make a huge profit difference, which makes the artwork lose its true value positioning, leads to the inflated price of the artwork, and destroys the regularity of the entire artwork trading market. Facing industry opportunities and industry Pain point, APENFT was officially registered and established in Singapore on March 29, 2021. The APENFT Foundation will explore and promote the application of blockchain in different applications through the practice of blockchain technology in the NFT field. The actual landing of the scene, using traditional well-known artworks and well-known NFT artworks as the underlying assets, improves the industry standards for NFT transactions and promotes the healthy development of the industry. European Central Bank executive member Panetta: The digital euro will provide a currency anchor for digital innovation: On November 5th, European Central Bank executive member Panetta: The digital euro will provide a currency anchor for digital innovation. We are working hard to make the digital euro an attractive payment method for everyone. (Golden Ten) [2021/11/5 6:33:55] As a blockchain field, APENFT focuses on art investment, supports the development of traditional art and digital art, and will play its own role in technology, market, industry, and policy research and other advantages to promote the implementation of blockchain technology in various application scenarios. Jinse Finance: APENFT chose Ethereum and TRON as the underlying support, and combined with the world's largest distributed data storage system BitTorrent File System, what advantages can these bring to APENFT? Steve Liu: Ethereum and TRON are the world's top public chains, and Bittorrent File System (BTFS) is the world's largest distributed data storage system. We are very honored to cooperate with these excellent heads, which brings APENFT It has strong technical support and strategic value. At present, APENFT has deployed contracts on multiple public chain platforms such as TRON, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Huobi Ecological Chain, among which TRON’s ecological advantages are the most obvious. First, the current number of users of the TRON public chain exceeds 34 million, and the ecology is gradually enriched and perfected. APENFT can stand on the shoulders of giants and attract more effective users with the help of TRON's ecological drainage. Basic users have formed a complete market foundation; second, the high throughput performance of the TRON public chain can well handle the high concurrency of transactions, and the transaction speed is completed in seconds, providing better user experience for APENFT users and enhancing user experience. Stickiness; Third, high security provides reliable protection for user rights and interests. TRON has never had a single security incident since its operation. In addition, compared with the high transaction fees of Ethereum, the transaction fees of TRON are almost negligible. High efficiency, safety and low cost are bringing APENFT strong industry competitiveness. MasterCard will cooperate with three Asian encryption companies to launch cryptocurrency payment cards: On November 9, according to Forbes, MasterCard announced on Tuesday that it will cooperate with AmberGroup, an encrypted financial company in Hong Kong, Bitkub, an encrypted trading platform in Thailand, and an encrypted transaction in Australia. Platform Coinjar cooperation. The partnership aims to launch cryptocurrency-related credit, debit and prepaid cards for individuals and businesses in the Asia-Pacific region. Cardholders can instantly convert Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into fiat currency, which they can then spend online or offline at any merchant that accepts Mastercard. In a statement, Mastercard said the partnership comes at a time when interest in cryptocurrencies in the Asia-Pacific region is surging to record highs. The U.S. payments giant found in its latest survey that 45 percent of consumers in the region are considering using digital currencies in the next year, higher than the global average of 40 percent. [2021/11/9 21:37:46] Today, the cooperation model of "NFT+TRON+BFTS" has been opened, and APENFT has completed the NFT of the first batch of collections including works by Picasso and Andy Warhol The ownership of the collection has been mapped to the TRON chain through the TRC-721 standard, and is permanently stored on the TRON public chain and the BTFS decentralized storage system. Its files will be permanently stored on the human Internet, which also marks the history of The blockchain "first show" of Picasso's works. Jinse Finance: APENFT can help artists or works of art to participate in the digital economy in the form of NFT. What role does the token NFT of the APENFT platform play in this process? How does APENFT empower it? Steve Liu: NFT, as the only token officially released by APENFT, is the governance token of the APENFT ecosystem. NFT token holders participate in APENFT system governance by holding NFT tokens. From the perspective of business model, NFT holders enjoy governance rights and interests. They will have voting rights to dispose of NFT artworks in the APENFT DAO ecosystem, determine the future of NFT artworks, and participate in different levels of APENFT activities according to their holdings. From the perspective of the reward mechanism, users can obtain NFT rewards through mining, community governance, and participation in activities. We are gradually expanding the usage scenarios of NFT. I believe that as NFT has officially landed on Huobi Prime, the use of NFT will soon usher in a big explosion. Later, we will continue to carry out many usage scenarios such as mining and voting. Of course, we will also carry out in-depth cooperation with the TRON ecosystem to further empower NFT. Please stay tuned! Jinse Finance: At present, NFT seems to be one of the core breakthrough points for breaking the circle of DeFi and encryption market. What challenges do you think NFT will face in the process of breaking the circle? How will APENFT respond? Steve Liu: As of March 2021, the transaction volume of the entire NFT artwork is 546 million US dollars, and the total number of transactions exceeds 190,000. NFT has become an important breakthrough point for breaking the circle of the encryption market. Of course, NFT will inevitably encounter some challenges in the process of breaking the circle. At present, the survival of most NFT projects depends on centralized institutions. The data content-zce pointed to by the links in NFTs is often stored in the servers of the institutions. The links in the token contract on the chain cannot be changed, but the content-zce of the links can be replaced. At the same time, NFT The data is interpreted and executed by a centralized organization. This will cause the content-zce corresponding to NFT to be largely dependent on centralized institutions. Once there is a problem with the centralized organization, NFT will also be implicated. Secondly, the market value of NFT has grown explosively. The characteristics of data determine that digital art can be spread more quickly and widely. Its iteration speed may have higher requirements for blockchain infrastructure, and the development of blockchain infrastructure may not meet expectations. . In addition, security has always been a challenge for the NFT industry.


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Interview with Steve Liu, Chairman of the APENFT Foundation: Compared with homogeneous tokens, NFT has a natural advantage in going out of the circle

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