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Technology Weekly|Kusama Parallel Chain is expected to be launched next Monday



This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news about Ethereum, Polkadot, EOS and other networks.

The Ethereum Foundation JavaScript team will release EIP-1559 / London-ready version

On May 20th, the JavaScript team of the Ethereum Foundation tweeted early this morning that if there are no latest bugs or specification changes, EIP-1559 / London-ready versions of the EthereumJS Block, Tx, VM and Common libraries will be released within the next week.

The Ethereum Foundation disclosed a security vulnerability discovered in 2019, which is less dangerous after the Berlin upgrade

The Ethereum Foundation disclosed a security flaw first discovered in 2019 that, prior to last month's Berlin upgrade, was critical enough that an attack could take down the mainnet. The essence of this vulnerability is to trigger random Trie queries. Ethereum developers have tried to use EIP-1884, EIP-2583, EIP-2929, and snapshot functions to defend against this vulnerability. Finally, after the Berlin upgrade, the risk of this vulnerability was reduced.

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Guangxi Supervision Bureau: Combining blockchain and other technology application trends to develop a new model of intellectual property pledge financing: News on July 19, according to the official website of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Guangxi Supervision Bureau Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau recently The "Notice on Further Strengthening Intellectual Property Pledge Financing" was released. The "Notice" emphasized the need to increase the application of financial technology, and all banking and insurance institutions should use new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and mobile Internet, combined with blockchain and other technology applications According to the trend, research and develop a new model of intellectual property pledge financing, and strengthen the innovation of intellectual property pledge financing products and services. [2021/7/19 1:01:47]

Ethereum 2.0 developer: Ethereum will save at least 99.95% of energy after switching to PoS

According to the official Ethereum blog, Ethereum 2.0 developer Carl Beekhuizen published an article saying that Ethereum will complete the transition to Proof of Stake (PoS) in the next few months. It is estimated that the energy efficiency of PoS will increase by about 2000 times, which indicates that the total energy consumption will be reduced by at least 99.95%.

Voice | Nanwei Software: "Blockchain + Electronic Certificate" technology can put the behavior of the masses using the certificate on the chain to ensure traceability: According to Sina Finance, Nanwei Software (603636.SH) said in answer to investors' questions that Quanzhou The electronic certificate library in the government service system has fully used Nanwei Software's "block chain + electronic certificate" technology, and each certificate issued has chain information of the blockchain. Through the consensus mechanism of the block chain, it is possible to safely store and record the behavior of the public to use the certificate, to ensure that all the use of electronic certificates can be traced to the source, and to prevent others from misappropriating them. In addition, Nanwei Software stated that "blockchain + electronic certificate" is still in the pilot promotion stage. [2019/12/11]

ETH 2.0 beacon chain browser BeaconScan will be maintained tomorrow

According to official news, BeaconScan, the ETH 2.0 beacon chain browser, will start maintenance at 2AM (UTC) on May 21, and it is expected to take 10 to 12 hours.

The income of a single block of Ethereum was once as high as 30 ETH

China Credit Technology and Inclusive Finance Forum: Blockchain and other technologies promote the development of inclusive finance: Today, the "2018 Second China Credit Technology and Inclusive Finance Forum" was held in Beijing. The participants agreed that the lack of credit services is the reason why the inclusiveness of China's financial industry needs to be improved. Financial technology represented by big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence is changing the expression, measurement dimensions, and evaluation methods of credit, and is also promoting inclusive finance to reach a wider range of people. [2018/4/28]

On May 19, according to data from OKLink, affected by market fluctuations, the gas fees for Ethereum blocks rose sharply, and the revenue of a single block once reached 30 ETH. The average price of Gas in nearly 1,000 blocks reached 580 Gwei.

Polkadot version 0.9.2 is officially released, which is crucial to the start of the parachain

On May 21, Bill Laboon, director of Web3 technical education, said on Twitter that Polkadot version 0.9.2 has been officially released and has a high priority for upgrading. This version is crucial to the start of the parachain, and each node should be upgraded as soon as possible.

Wu Xiaoqiu, director of the Institute of Finance, Renmin University of China: Internet, blockchain and other technological revolutions, promote the rapid development of technology and finance: Wu Xiaoqiu, vice president of Renmin University of China and director of the Institute of Finance, held a media meeting at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018 on the 8th One of the important basic functions of financial supervision is to prevent systemic risks. At present, my country's financial market has been dominated by institutional risks, and has developed into an era where institutional risks and market risks coexist. Rapid financial development. [2018/4/8]

GavinWood: Kusama parachain is expected to go online next Monday

Polkadot founder Gavin Wood said at the Polkadot Decoded community conference that the Kusama parachain is expected to go live next Monday. "This parachain refers to the Shell parachain (whiteboard chain). I wrote its Runtime in the past few weeks. It is very, very simple. It may be the simplest Runtime so far. It can hardly do anything, The only thing we can do is to wait for the upgrade to be approved. But this is an important first step. We can see the verification process of adding blocks and final confirmation. Before we actually deploy some important things on it, such as Statemine Before the parachain (this is the Kusama version of Statemint), we will do some tests. We found some bugs, but they will be fixed soon. We will release 0.9.2 soon, and it should be very soon, either today or tomorrow. We will focus on Observing its operation in several aspects, we will upgrade the Shell chain to Statemine after about 24 hours of Shell’s stable operation.” In addition, the public welfare parachain Statemine is expected to go online within this week; it is expected to be a week or two after the Kusama auction Start the Polkadot auction. (Polka World)

Proposal to add Kusama parachain passed

Jinse Finance reported that on May 18, Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot and the chairman of the Web3 Foundation, just tweeted: "Proposal 110 has been passed. Within two hours, the deployment will be completed, and if all goes well, we will start the Kusama The first block is seen on the parachain.” It is reported that according to Gavin Wood’s Medium article on Polkadot’s launch of the parachain, the launch of the Polkadot parachain is expected to take place after two things are completed: 1. A complete external audit completed. 2. The Kusama network should have proven that the new logic works by executing at least one successful auction involving crowdlending and hosting at least one functional parachain. The relevant audit work has already started and will be completed in three steps in the next few days.

EOS Nation update " attacked" progress: MSIG will be advised to return the funds based on the snapshot

Official news, EOS Nation released a review of " flash loan smart contract attacked". On May 17, 6/10 MSIG was implemented to cancel the authorization of the flash loan contract so that the funds can be safely returned to Next, with the agreement of the account owner, EOS Nation recommends that block producers transfer all recovered funds back to the original account at MSIG, authorized by the current 6/10 custodians. After funds are withdrawn, two historical snapshots will be released to identify SXEOS and SXUSDT token holders before and after the event. Token holders whose balances remain the same will receive a discounted rate of value, and token holders who sell, withdraw or move tokens will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. MSIG will be advised to return the funds to their rightful owners based on the snapshot released. SXEOS and SXUSDT tokens will be recovered and burned, and SX Vault and Flash will remain closed indefinitely. Upgrades Voice to NFT-Based Social Platform has decided to close its decentralized social media platform, Voice, to the public for a few months, upgrading it to an NFT-based social platform. Voice currently says it’s an “NFT platform for emerging creators” and plans to launch in summer 2021. "By tokenizing the content-zce itself, we offer creators the opportunity to directly tokenize their work," the statement said. Explaining the reasoning behind its latest NFT-oriented move, pointed to the company's regulatory woes, saying they are “happy to work with U.S. regulators to gain approval for our fungible and transferable voice token.” claims it remains committed to building on the EOS mainnet. (Cryptonews)


Financial Commission: Crack down on Bitcoin mining and trading behaviors and resolutely prevent individual risks from being transmitted to the social field.

Liu He presides over the 51st meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Committee of the State CouncilOn May 21.

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Technology Weekly|Kusama Parallel Chain is expected to be launched next Monday

This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news about Ethereum, Polkadot, EOS and other networks.The Ethereum Foundation JavaScript team will release EIP-1559 / London-ready versionOn May 20th.

SBF's Carbon Emissions Math Classroom: How much carbon does Bitcoin emit, you can figure it out

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Send out another 20,000 digital RMB red envelopes, this time for Suzhou trade union members

Not long ago, Suzhou launched the "May 5th Shopping Festival" digital renminbi red envelope activity. A total of 181.

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