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Golden DeFi Daily | Algorithmic stablecoins have an average increase of 3.34% today



DeFi data

1. Total market value of DeFi: $79.784 billion

The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFibox

DeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko

2. Trading volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: $8.52 billion

Source of trading volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

Top 10 DEX rankings by trading volume Source: DeFibox

3. The total amount of loans on DeFi lending platforms: 15.25 billion US dollars

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of November 10: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Ethereum 2.0, CME Bitcoin Futures, Zilliqa, Filecoin Official, Ripple, Stablecoins

1. The UK Treasury is drafting a draft specification for stablecoins.

2. Filecoin officials will discuss the FilecoinPlus implementation plan at 1 am tomorrow

3. The Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract has accumulated nearly 50,500 ETH, and the completion rate is about 9.6%.

4. Ripple repurchased XRP for the first time in Q3 2020 to support a "healthy market".

5. From now until November 24, you need to deposit 32,000 ETH per day to release ETH 2.0 as scheduled.

6. Report: 2020 CME Bitcoin futures break records in terms of open interest and more.

7. Zilliqa plans to launch a DeFi ecosystem such as the decentralized protocol Zyro and the ZSwap exchange.

8. Overstock plans to expand its Irish team to develop software for tZero.

9. BB: I am optimistic about BSV and DPoS and believe that different consensus mechanisms will prosper together.

10. MicroStrategy CEO: BTC volatility is currently lower than traditional assets such as Nasdaq, S&P 500, and gold. [2020/11/10 12:13:48]

DeFi lending platform total borrowing data source: Debank

Golden Noon News | A list of important developments at noon on April 19: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: decentralized lending agreement, hedge funds, GitHub, Coinbase

1. The decentralized lending protocol is suspected of being attacked, and the site is currently closed.

2. Weekly news on the blockchain of listed companies: 22 companies disclosed the progress of application implementation. Marketing, finance, and traceability are relatively concentrated.

3. The truth about the Montnets Group’s blockchain: Unknown customers of blockchain technology, sharp drop in performance, shareholders and executives cashing out.

4. Renaissance Technologies, a $75 billion hedge fund, will enter the BTC futures market.

5. Report: 4% of encryption developers on GitHub are responsible for multiple encryption project codes at the same time.

6. Coinbase soared in the Apple App Store rankings during Black Friday.

7. The Maker Foundation launched 3 more votes including reducing the USDC stability fee from 12% to 8%.

8. The market value of USDC increased by 65% in March, and the demand in the Asian market mainly comes from small and medium-sized enterprises. [2020/4/19]

Top 10 lending platforms by lockup volume Ranking source: DeFibox

Golden Theory of Relativity | Xiao Zhen: The central bank’s introduction of digital currency is more to deal with the penetration of digital currencies such as Libra and Walmart for the hegemony of the US dollar: In today’s Golden Theory of Relativity, about “the digital currency issued by the central bank will affect the daily life of ordinary people. What is the impact?" Xiao Zhen, a researcher and doctoral supervisor at the Department of Computer Science of Peking University, said that there will not be much impact in the short term, and it may enhance the common people's awareness of digital currency. The central bank’s introduction of digital currency is more from the national strategic considerations. In order to deal with the penetration of digital currencies such as Libra and Walmart, it can be considered as part of the game between China and the United States. Digital currency is not the same as electronic payment. Electronic payment is still settled through legal currency and traditional commercial banks, which is not the real digitalization of assets. After the central bank's digital currency is popularized, I estimate that there will be payment methods similar to Alipay and WeChat. [2019/8/15]

4. Assets locked in DeFi: $54.75 billion

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC/USDT 4 wave trend forecast: Golden disk analysts said: BTC/USDT has gone out of a continuous downward trend since the adjustment from 8487, and the gap between long and short has widened. The bears think that the rebound is over, and the bulls look forward to it new highs. Judging from the current trend, if it is a 5-wave adjustment, then it is most likely that there will be a small 4-wave rebound, and then go the last 5 waves of decline to end this wave of adjustment. [2018/8/6]

Top 10 rankings of assets locked in DeFi projects and locked positions, data source: Debank

1. The stablecoin TUSD is now officially launched on Compound

According to the latest news, the stablecoin TUSD approved by the community governance proposal is now officially launched on Compound, and users can now earn interest by depositing TUSD to obtain cTUSD. Compound is a lending protocol based on Ethereum, a pool of funds that calculates interest rates algorithmically based on changes in asset supply and demand. Suppliers and borrowers of assets interact directly with the protocol, earning or paying floating rates. TUSD is the most transparent, fully collateralized and verified real-time USD stablecoin on the chain. It is currently listed on 70+ centralized exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, and Poloniex, basically covering top exchanges, and trading in dozens of DeFi and circulation on the lending platform. The ratio of TUSD circulation to U.S. dollar reserves has reached 1:1, achieving 100% reserves, and has been audited in real time by the accounting company Armanino.

Golden Finance live report PCHAIN founder Cao Feng: At present, the blockchain is facing three major problems: Golden Finance live report, at the 2018 Blockchain Technology and Application Summit, PCHAIN founder Cao Feng believes that the current blockchain is facing three major problems The problems are: 1. Decentralization: participants are dispersed as much as possible; 2. Performance: Tx/s; 3. Security: Resist more attackers in units of nodes. Cao Feng also said that the POW algorithm is by far the best decentralized algorithm, "no one". Although the efficiency of the recently hyped DPOS algorithm has been greatly improved, its degree of decentralization is indeed too low. [2018/3/30]

2. Data: The total lock-up volume of DeFi protocols on Ethereum dropped by 24.28% in the past week

According to data from OKLink, the total lock-up volume of DeFi agreements on Ethereum this week reached 67.68 billion US dollars, a decrease of 24.28% from last week. The top 3 protocols with locked positions are Maker ($12.50 billion), Compound ($6.81 billion), and WBTC ($6.41 billion); Fei Protocol (2.2%); in addition, the current total circulation of stablecoins on Ethereum has reached 65.80 billion US dollars.

3. Opium and Uma will provide SpaceX with a decentralized insurance product

Crypto derivatives exchange Opium and DeFi contracts platform Uma have partnered to launch an insurance product for SpaceX flights. The partnership will see Opium plugged into Uma’s Optimistic Oracle DeFi product, offering a financial derivative for hedging risks associated with SpaceX flights. These derivatives work in the form of binary options contracts, allowing users to buy insurance against a failed launch by SpaceX, the space transportation services company founded by Elon Musk.

4. The Wing community passed the WIP-38 proposal, OKT and others will implement a new mortgage coefficient

On May 24th, the credit-based cross-chain DeFi platform Wing community passed the WIP-38 proposal, which will implement new mortgage coefficients: OKT (70%), USDT (80%), USDC (80%), BTCK (70%) ), ETHK (70%). According to previous news, the Wing DAO community launched the proposal WIP-38 to vote, suggesting to increase the mortgage coefficient of non-WING assets in the WING (OKExChain) flash pool.

5. Algorithmic stablecoins have an average increase of 3.34% today

According to Jinse Finance, the algorithmic stablecoin has an average increase of 3.34% today. Of the 8 currencies, 6 rose and 2 fell, among which the leading currencies were: MITH (+33.28%), RSR (+15.37%), and LUNA (+8.65%). The leading currencies are: BAC (-18.84%), ONS (-16.90%), BAGS (-4.43%).

1. HECO stablecoin management agreement Depth is online for OTC exchange

According to the official announcement, Depth, the HECO stablecoin management agreement, officially launched the Depth OTC bulk currency exchange business on May 24. Users can conduct multi-currency transactions with zero slippage in Depth OTC. Share DEP rewards every day. Depth OTC supports bulk exchange between multiple currencies, and users can conduct point-to-point currency transactions with zero slippage without registration, deposit, or custody. Among them, Taker needs to pay 0.12% transaction fee, which will be remitted to the DAO pool to provide xDEP holders with income. Both parties who successfully complete a specific asset transaction will be rewarded with DEP. Assets that are known to participate in DEP rewards in Depth OTC include mainstream assets such as HBTC, ETH, and DOGE, popular HECO assets such as MDX, FilDA, and LHB, and the Pilot pToken zone. Depth is a safe and efficient stablecoin asset management protocol, developed based on the HECO ecological chain. As the steward of HECO's safe assets, Depth can allow assets to be saved and traded in a safe, stable, low-slip, deep, and low-fee on-chain environment. Depth introduced the concept of DAO, which will carry out long-term, efficient governance and fair income distribution in a hybrid governance manner.

2. Registration for the HECO global node election has officially started

On May 24th, HECO announced that it has officially launched the global node election registration. Node candidates will register through a unified page link and participate in the global node election of the HECO ecological chain. After the node candidates complete the registration, the voting pledge interface will be opened later. At that time, users can vote for node candidates through the HECO official website and pledge HT (HECO) to the HECO address specified by the node. The top 11 node candidates with the most votes will become the master node, and the 12-21 will become the candidate nodes. It is reported that to become a HECO node candidate, you need to pledge 5,000 HT. The pledged HT can be unlocked until the candidate withdraws from the election or gives up node governance. The unlocking period is 15 days. All node candidates must pass the KYC review.

1. Digital art group Ouchhh settled in CryptoArt.Ai

According to the official news from the CryptoArt.Ai platform, Ouchhh, a world-renowned creative new media studio, has officially entered its official platform. This hardcore technology art studio, which has been established for more than ten years, will make its first NFT attempt on CryptoArt.Ai, Asia's largest digital art NFT platform, and will participate in the exhibition "Shock in Reality" ( On May 29, 2021, it will open at West Bund Oil Tank), bringing a series of works in cooperation with NASA "Data Gate", which will participate in the subsequent on-site auction (NFT special session at Greenland Marriott Hotel on May 29).

2. NFT community CryptoC Labs announced the completion of $1.6 million in financing

CryptoC Labs announced the completion of a $1.6 million seed round of financing, with a valuation of $15 million in this round, led by Metaverse Capital, followed by Rebase D. Ventures, Conflux Tech, and several angel investors including Suji, the founder of Mask Network. cast.

3. The top goal scorer of the European Football Championship will receive NFT prizes from UEFA and Gazprom

The player with the most goals at the European International Football Championship this summer will receive a special prize. UEFA, the governing body of European football, and Gazprom, the sponsor of the tournament, will award NFT prizes to the winners. NFTs represent original artworks created by famous Russian painters in St. Petersburg, and organizers plan to destroy the physical artworks. Gazprom said that the artwork will be scanned into a 3D animated video, which will become the basis for creating NFT tokens, and the name of the game, the names of the players and the spirit of friendship of the game will be encoded into the NFT.


Ethereum Price
Golden DeFi Daily | Singer A Duo releases NFT digital music works

DeFi data 1. Total market value of DeFi: $94.65 billion The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

When the cryptocurrency plummeted, the trading platform Coinbase still maintained a strong growth momentum

Despite the recent collective slump in cryptocurrencies, Coinbase, a cryptocurrency trading platform that was just listed in mid-April, has no loss of confidence in the future.

Filecoin's first lending platform: The value of DeFIL is far more than crossing bulls and bears

Recently, the crypto market has fluctuated, and the virtual currency continued to plummet on the evening of May 19. That night, Bitcoin once fell below $30,000, falling by 30% within 24 hours.

Golden DeFi Daily | Algorithmic stablecoins have an average increase of 3.34% today

DeFi data 1. Total market value of DeFi: $79.784 billion The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

Ethereum Seven Day Talk: Eth2, Consolidation, EIP-1559, Layer2

Altair Upgrade Progress According to Ben Edgington's record of the latest PoS implementers meeting, the Alpha 6 version of the Altair upgrade specification has been released, and the content-zce is basically confirmed.

Proof of Honesty POH: Realizable Probabilistic Solution for Verifiable Computation

With the rapid development of the Internet and blockchain technology, the prosperity of the industrial chain, and the rapid development of the platform economy, related large-scale enterprises are constantly emerging.

First release | Can the new version of Uniswap v3 dominate AMM? Detailed explanation of new features

Detailed explanation of the new features of Uniswap v3.LBANK Blue Shell launched DORA at 18:00 on March 22, and opened USDT trading: According to the official announcement, at 18:00 on March 22.