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Find new | NEAR-based NFT platform Mintbase mainnet launched



At present, mainstream NFT platforms such as SuperRare, Foundation, Opensea, Rarible, etc. are all based on Ethereum. One of the things that users criticize for casting NFT on them is that because of the high gas fee of tens of dollars on Ethereum, the Many NFT users are excluded. The vision of making everything NFT can not be implemented.

In order to allow anyone to create NFT, PoS sharding public chain Near and NFT platform Mintbase have joined forces since October last year, and recently released the Mintbase mainnet based on NEAR.

NEAR is a decentralized, fragmented, developer-friendly public chain that uses the POS mechanism based on the NEAR protocol. Its TPS design goal is as high as 100,000, and the Gas fee is ultra-low, so it is a very suitable platform for building NFT .

Nearly 50,000 NFTs have been minted for the first week of the Arbitrum Odyssey event: According to news on June 29, according to the official NFT collection page of the Arbitrum Odyssey event, as of press time, 47,998 NFTs have been minted for the first week of the event. In addition, the NFT collection of this event will continue until August 23. [2022/6/29 1:38:53]

Therefore, Mintbase, an NFT platform that has been running on Ethereum for many years, decided in August 2020 to build it from the ground up using NEAR.

On May 24, 2021, Mintbase, the NEAR-based NFT platform, was finally officially launched. Users can mint NFTs on Mintbase with ultra-low gas fees.

Bitcoin-thematic ETF listed on Italian stock exchange platform Borsa Italiana: June 7 news, Italian stock exchange platform Borsa Italiana launched the Bitcoin-thematic ETF of French asset management company Melanion Capital today, providing Italian depositors, institutions and pension planners Bitcoin investment exposure.

Cyril Sabbagh, managing director of Melanion Capital, said the Melanion BTC Equities Universe UCITS ETF is an equity ETF that revolves around stocks in the crypto ecosystem. (Cointelegraph)[2022/6/7 4:08:41]

Mintbase is a platform available worldwide. Mintbase allows anyone to create NFT without having to worry about the complex technology and algorithms behind it. Artists can create NFTs to sell digital artwork, musicians can release new music creations to sell as NFTs, and event organizers can sell tickets to events through NFTs. Mintbase makes possible the popularization of NFT, anything but money can be tokenized.

Data: More than 50,000 ETHs have been pledged to the Ethereum 2.0 deposit address in the past week: According to the data of Okey Cloud Chain masters, the current Ethereum 2.0 deposit address has received 8.25 million ETH, accounting for 7.03% of the supply of Ethereum , 50,016 ETH were newly pledged in the past week, a month-on-month decrease of 54.04%; there are currently 53,696 addresses pledged, an increase of 779 month-on-month. [2021/11/15 6:52:07]

Mintbase allows anyone (merchants, authors, brokers, and even other creators, etc.) to share the one-time income and royalties of an NFT work, and the number of people participating in the sharing can reach up to 40 people.

Mintbase and NEAR have jointly defined a new token standard - NEP-171. Under this standard, NFT royalties are embedded in the token, and creators can earn usage fees through multiple different platforms.

Data: The number of ETH non-zero addresses exceeded 69 million: On December 1, according to Glassnode data, the number of ETH non-zero addresses reached 69,019,783. [2021/12/1 12:43:34]

Mintbase also plans to launch an auction feature, allowing users to bid on-chain.

Mintbase stated that it is cooperating with the famous German music festival Wilde Moehre to hold an immersive and hybrid NFT festival Wildeverse. Artists and festival attendees can build their own economy selling NFTs on the Wildeverse store.

1. After deploying the store, you can have your own on-chain contract, which only consumes 7 Near.

2. Mint 5 NFTs-0.0017 NEar ($0.00034-0.001 per NFT)

3. List 5 NFTs (Quiet Auction) - 0.0024 Near (0.00048-0.002 USD per NFT)

4. List 10 NFTs (simple sale) -0.00331 Near (0.000331-0.001 USD per NFT)

1. Mintbase interface login:

2. Log in with your Twitter or email account

3. Link NEAR account

Near account registration guide:

4. Deploy the store and have your own face contract, which costs 7 Near

5. Casting NFT (Minting)

First select Create, then click "Mint", select the appropriate parameters to issue your own NFT.


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Find new | NEAR-based NFT platform Mintbase mainnet launched

At present, mainstream NFT platforms such as SuperRare, Foundation, Opensea, Rarible.

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