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Blockchain "National Team" Launches New Tianjin Heavy Release of Independent Controllable Blockchain System "Haihe Smart Chain"



The draft outline of the "14th Five-Year Plan" regards "accelerating digital development" as an independent chapter, and blockchain and other technologies and applications are listed as the seven key industries of the digital economy. The block chain that escapes from the virtual to the real will become China's new technology infrastructure, so many places across the country are vigorously developing the development of the block chain in the government affairs and public fields. In the development and construction of blockchain in full swing in China, the strength of the national team plays an important role.

On May 21, the blockchain "national team" added another newcomer. Under the guidance of the Strategic Planning Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, hosted by Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau and Tianjin Hexi District People's Government, organized by Tianjin Hexi District Science and Technology Bureau, China Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy Tianjin Research Institute, and China New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategy Research Institute The summit forum of the Tianjin National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Pilot Zone was held grandly. At the forum, Tianjin released a major technical achievement of blockchain independent innovation - Haihe Smart Chain.

Market | A-share opening: Shenzhen Securities Blockchain 50 Index fell 2.19%: A shares opened, Shanghai Composite Index reported 2982.07 points (-1.62%), Shenzhen Stock Exchange Component Index reported 11537.55 points (-1.99%), Shenzhen Securities Blockchain The 50 index fell 2.19%.

The blockchain sector fell 1.88%. Among the 199 concept stocks, 4 rose, 194 fell and 1 fell. Among them, Sichuan Changhong's daily limit, Chenxin Technology (-5.02%) led the decline.

The digital currency sector fell 1.99%, and 1 of the 32 concept stocks rose and 31 fell. Huali Chuangtong (+4.63%) led the gains, Netac Technology (-4.62%) led the decline. [2020/2/25]

News | E-sports infrastructure provider Matcherino received $1.5 million from Wells Fargo and others to develop blockchain tools: According to The Block, e-sports infrastructure provider Matcherino received additional support of $1.5 million in the A-1 round, Galaxy EOS VC Firms such as Fund and Wells Fargo participated in the investment. Matcherino CEO John Maffei said the company is currently developing tools to leverage the EOSIO blockchain. “Future versions of the product may include blockchain functionality for metering and financial spending.” [2019/8/6]

Zheng Weimin, director of Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center, Li Keqiu, executive director, and Ma Haobo, deputy director, jointly released the Haihe Smart Chain.

Policy| Hangzhou City: Blockchain and other industry enterprises leading international standards will be subsidized: According to Xinhua News Agency, the Hangzhou Municipal Government has recently decided that software and information technology service enterprises will lead the formulation and completion of international, national, industry (group), local standards and For technical specifications, subsidies of up to 1.5 million yuan, 450,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan, 150,000 yuan and 75,000 yuan will be given for each item respectively. It is understood that the software and information technology service industry includes: software products, information technology services, embedded system software, and artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality (augmented reality/mixed reality), quantum computing and other related software and information technology services field industry. [2018/10/27]

Fully independent and controllable blockchain operating system, "five firsts" demonstrates the hard strength of the national team's innovation

Haihe Smart Chain is a fully independent and controllable blockchain system, hatched and launched by Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center. Behind the Haihe Smart Chain, there are a number of blockchain technology teams from top domestic scientific and engineering circles, working together to complete the research and development.

It is understood that Haihe Smart Chain is based on the blockchain system launched by aelf  Enterprise, a blockchain underlying infrastructure jointly developed by Tianjin University, Tsinghua University, and Haopu Technology. In the research and development, the team has worked together to overcome dozens of technical problems. At present, the system has passed two authoritative certifications of the blockchain system function test and performance test of the China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In addition to passing the certification of authoritative standards, Haihe Smart Chain has created five "firsts" in terms of functions and features, namely:

The first fully autonomous, controllable and real-time open source blockchain system

The first blockchain system to handle 100,000-level throughput and high concurrent data

The first blockchain system that supports multi-scenario cross-chain collaborative working mechanism

The first blockchain system with highly scalable multi-level tree architecture

The first blockchain system that can run mainstream programming language smart contracts

Gartner, an international authoritative analysis organization, predicts that the blockchain will enter the mature stage of production in the next 2-5 years. Throughout the world, the United States, the European Union, Japan and many other countries and organizations have listed blockchain as a national strategy. If the blockchain wants to maintain a long-term and dynamic trend, it is imminent to develop independent and controllable blockchain technology. The heavy launch of Haihe Smart Chain this time is a manifestation of China's blockchain field's persistence in innovation, and it also highlights the excellent strength of the blockchain national team.

Blockchain industry ecology has added new troops——Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center

All parts of the country are actively investing in the construction of new blockchain infrastructure. Behind the Haihe Smart Chain this time is the new army of the national team of blockchain industry ecology, Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center.

The Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center is jointly led by Tsinghua University, Academician Zheng Weimin, a dual-appointed academician of Tianjin University, Tianjin University, and Beijing Haopu Information Technology Co., Ltd., with the targeted support of the Tianjin Municipal Government. Academician Zheng Weimin serves as the director, Li Keqiu, director of the Department of Intelligence and Computing at Tianjin University, serves as the executive director, and Ma Haobo, CEO of Hopo Technology, serves as the deputy director.

According to reports, Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center will focus on implementing blockchain architecture design and infrastructure; blockchain transformation consulting and solution design; blockchain system monitoring and operation and maintenance; Centralization/smart contract application development.

As the national team of the blockchain industry ecology, Tianjin Blockchain Technology Innovation Center actively plays a two-way driving role of technology exploration and application implementation, making Tianjin a domestically leading and world-class blockchain technology innovation highland, application highland, The highland of talents has made "Tianjin Contribution" to the improvement of my country's blockchain industry ecology, and demonstrated "Chinese wisdom" on the stage of international blockchain competitions.

China's blockchain ecology is developing rapidly, and blockchain is also an opportunity for the technology development community to get close to the new economic format. Innovation has always been the gene of technology development. The development of China's blockchain is worthy of more domestic excellent technical personnel to join in, use decentralized distributed technology, explore more new application scenarios of blockchain, and use technology to change the world .


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Blockchain "National Team" Launches New Tianjin Heavy Release of Independent Controllable Blockchain System "Haihe Smart Chain"

The draft outline of the "14th Five-Year Plan" regards "accelerating digital development" as an independent chapter.

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