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Filer: Bring mining back to the masses.



Mining has always been considered as a business logic that can truly overcome bulls and bears, and is an important magic weapon for investors to achieve self-protection. However, today’s mining industry continues to de-retail and has become a game for a few people. Ordinary investors participate in mining become out of reach.

On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, packaged the first block Block#0 on a small server, and obtained a reward of 50 bitcoins automatically generated by the system, thus the birth of "mining". "concept.

The process of Bitcoin mining is to calculate the mathematical problem on the block. Whoever calculates the answer first can obtain the bookkeeping right of this block and the Bitcoin reward in this block, and the contribution of computing power in the network , The nodes that compete for the right to bookkeeping are called "miners".

Satoshi Nakamoto used computing power as the unit of proof of work. The initial vision was to build the Bitcoin network on countless personal computers, and each user can freely act as a Bitcoin miner. However, with the increasing influence of Bitcoin, people are constantly trying to use new methods to improve mining efficiency. When dedicated FPAG and ASIC chips came out one after another, mining has gradually evolved into a professional and large-scale industry.

FIL broke through the $70 mark and fell 28.83% within the day: data from Huobi Global shows that FIL has risen in the short term and broke through the $70 mark. It is now reported at $70.0005, with an intraday drop of 28.83%. The market fluctuates greatly, so please do a good job in risk control. [2021/5/19 22:21:39]

At the same time, mining has become a heavy asset investment after going through five stages of CPU mining, GPU mining, professional mining machine mining, mine mining and cluster mining, and the cost has far exceeded that of ordinary laptop computers. several times. The mining threshold has been rising year by year. Nowadays, it is not only difficult for ordinary laptops to dig out bitcoins, but it is also difficult for personal professional mining machines to become a single node or participate in mining. It can be said that the era of personal mining is completely over.

All of this deviates from Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision.

Filecoin released a roadmap update, and the mainnet will be launched in mid-to-late September: Jinse Finance reported that Filecoin today released an update to its roadmap for August 2020 and announced that it has launched a testnet reward program. Filecoin stated that the final milestone is the Filecoin mainnet, which will be launched in mid-to-late September. According to previous news, in the three-week reward competition, miners will compete for token rewards of up to 4.1 million FIL by providing as much storage space as possible. [2020/8/25]

After more than ten years of development of Bitcoin, everyone has realized that mining has more obvious advantages than buying coins. Buying coins is a means of investment, while mining is more like a business model. It has a stable, long-term, and value-based investment logic. Jiang Zhuoer, CEO of LeBit, believes: "Buying coins is against human nature, while mining is in line with human nature. The shortcomings of human nature make it difficult to make money by speculating or hoarding coins, and even suffer losses. For retail investors, there is no advantage in the market. And 90% of the miners can almost eat the entire bull market.” Therefore, mining not only allows investors to obtain the most primitive digital currency, but also has a strong risk resistance.

Filecoin developers: If there is no unexpected situation, the testnet incentive plan will be launched at 6 am on August 25th, Beijing time: On August 24th, a user asked in the Slack community whether the launch time of the testnet incentive plan is tentative. In this regard, Filecoin developer "momack2" replied that the team has already started preparing to launch a new testnet. If there is no unexpected situation, the testnet incentive plan will be launched at 6 am Beijing time on the 25th. [2020/8/24]

However, as the head gathering effect of Bitcoin became more and more obvious, and the halving was completed last year, the dividends of Bitcoin mining gradually disappeared. People waiting outside the door to participate in mining can't wait to find new targets and participate in This level 0 market game.

Filecoin has its own star halo, and it has become the focus of the market since its birth, and its peak market value even surpassed Bitcoin. People think that they have missed Bitcoin mining, and this time they must not miss IPFS mining again. Especially at present, Filecoin is in the first mining stage, and global investors are ready to join the Filecoin mining army in one fell swoop.

CoinW 30% off Filecoin purchase event has started: CoinW warm reminder, the 11th CoinW Funsup fan carnival event 30% off Filecoin purchase has started, the current server is full, there may be lag, in order to ensure smooth participation of users Activities, please pay attention to the backup link, see the original link for the backup link. [2020/7/1]

However, it just fell into a new round of mining involution again. The unit price of mining machines is high, the cost of pledge is high, the consumption of gas fees is large, the liquidity of mining machines or nodes is poor, and the time effect is obvious... Many problems, Filecoin mining once again keep ordinary investors out of the door.

It is worth noting that Filecoin not only does not give opportunities to ordinary investors, Filecoin also blocks the entry of many miners in classic mining circles due to its complexity and particularity. Because Filecoin has the most complex economic model among all blockchain projects, its mining uses copy proof and space-time proof, which is a very complex mining system. The core factors include cost-effective hardware + deeply customized mining system + Stable operation and maintenance. This makes Filecoin mining have extremely high requirements and barriers in terms of hardware, software, and operation and maintenance. For example, in terms of hardware, a large amount of data processing needs excludes general configuration of home computers from the very beginning, and because Filecoin adopts a system cluster architecture, even a single professional machine cannot participate in mining. In terms of operation and maintenance, uninterrupted storage services must be guaranteed, otherwise there may be risks of zero computing power and mortgage deduction, and the huge cost investment is prohibitive.

The bug in the second phase of the Filecoin test network may lead to pre-mining behavior: the second phase of the Filecoin test network has been officially launched, and the IPFS ecological team T01475 stated that it has found a bug on the official Slack and notified the official before the launch, but the test network two When the stage goes live, it still has these bugs. These bugs may lead to unfair pre-mining behaviors, and it is not realized that all miners start at the same time. [2020/5/15]

Aiming at the high threshold of mining in the market, in recent years, the mining industry including Filecoin has also developed a "cloud computing power" model: the mine calculates its overall computing power, and then divides it into multiple shares. Users can follow shares to buy. When distributing income, users can obtain corresponding income according to their share ratio.

It is true that cloud computing power has indeed simplified the process and lowered the entry threshold for ordinary investors. However, the computing power, which is similar to financial products, cannot be sold. It lacks liquidity just like physical mining machines. At the same time, it lacks real financial activities to obtain additional income. The gameplay is monotonous, and the utilization rate of funds is low. It also faces high sinking just like physical mining machines. cost.

We think that what is more needed in the market is a method that allows ordinary investors without any mining experience to easily participate in mining and share the dividends of mining, and there is no capital limit in the mining process, and the use of funds is maximized. You can also quit mining at any time.

Thus, Filer was born.

Filer takes the entity's effective computing power as a guarantee, and tokenizes Filecoin's computing power, and combines the current DeFi, NFT, DAO and other excellent ideas to build computing power services, computing power circulation, financial services, and information services, allowing ordinary investors While being able to participate in physical computing power mining with a low threshold, you can also enjoy the dividends of the current DeFi and NFT upsurge. Through voting governance, you can participate in platform governance equally and fairly, and protect your own rights and interests from being violated.

In the initial stage, we will cast Filer, a standard full-storage token that anchors Filecoin computing power. Each Filer will anchor 0.001T Filecoin full-storage computing power. Users can obtain Filecoin mining income by pledging Filer. This process does not require Pledge coins, no encapsulation period, and mining when you buy them.

In the follow-up planning, we will also support each cryptocurrency miner to list their own cloud computing power and physical computing power products. Miners submit all the properties of computing power products for sale, including computing power validity period, computing power number, mining interest rate, mining After receiving the merchant node and other information, the computing power NFT product is independently minted, thereby realizing the sale and transfer of computing power at any time. Simultaneously develop multiple DeFi products to allow computing power to flow.

So far, Filer has completely opened up the high threshold, ultra-low liquidity, and high-complexity ceiling of the Filecoin storage mining industry, and has truly returned to Satoshi Nakamoto's original intention: to allow everyone to participate in mining.


Filer has now completed the 2P computing power encapsulation, the first batch of computing power tokens will be minted soon, and mining products will be launched at the same time. The capital efficiency brought by high liquidity will inevitably attract more investors to participate in the Filecoin ecology, and will once again promote the mining industry innovation.


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Filer: Bring mining back to the masses.

Mining has always been considered as a business logic that can truly overcome bulls and bears, and is an important magic weapon for investors to achieve self-protection. However.

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