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Don’t believe in the “Godfather of Currency Circle” Musk, those post-90s who have been speculating in coins for many years have learned how to behave.



During this period of time, Musk turned the currency circle upside down with just one mouth.

A few days ago, Musk announced on Twitter that "Tesla has stopped buying cars with Bitcoin." As soon as the words fell, Bitcoin plunged by more than 17%. Interestingly, at the beginning of this year, Musk publicly expressed his support for Bitcoin more than once, and every time it can drive Bitcoin to soar, the increase is more than double.

The same drama of first praise and then disapproval also happened in an interview program. Musk personally admitted that Dogecoin was a scam, which caused Dogecoin to plummet by 40%. Prior to this, Musk frequently tweeted that he was optimistic about virtual currencies, and many of them have jumped from altcoins to star coins. He is optimistic about Dogecoin, which has increased by more than 260 times within half a year.

"Saturday Night Live," Musk Calls Dogecoin a Scam

Musk's words set off a bloodbath in the currency circle. So far, more than 30,000 people around the world have been liquidated because of this, and the liquidation amount has exceeded 23.7 billion yuan.

Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller: Distrust of central banks could lead to a "renaissance" of cryptocurrencies: Golden Finance reported that billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller said at the investor summit on September 28 that if the public's interest in the central bank due to tightening policies Banks lose trust and cryptocurrencies could rally again, Druckenmiller added, adding that current conditions make investing in assets such as Bitcoin ( BTC ) challenging as the Federal Reserve faces challenges in curbing inflation and a possible recession.

Druckenmiller cited the Bank of England's recent decision to pause its tightening policy to start buying government bonds. He noted that cryptocurrencies could be the asset of choice if other banks follow suit. [2022/9/29 6:02:00]

Many people say that Musk is "cutting leeks" in disguise, but some people don't buy Musk's account at all.

In the three to six years of speculation in the currency circle, there are a group of post-90s who have not been dazzled by Musk's "carrying goods" and the enthusiasm of the currency circle, and they have learned well.

Sun Tian: engaged in Internet operations, has 4 years of experience in currency speculation

CEO of Digital Assets Data: Mainstream finance still doesn't trust Bitcoin: Jinse Finance reported that Mike Alfred, CEO of Digital Assets Data, said that in the vertical fields of traditional financial services, asset management or wealth management, many people still have no confidence in Bitcoin and the ecology The system is skeptical. Alfred believes that this suspicion and mistrust will be the fuel to drive Bitcoin adoption and future price increases, and when these traditional players capitulate, they will be forced by customers and partners to participate at a much higher price. Alfred said he believes Bitcoin still has a long way to go. [2020/9/12]

"I don't see any value in Dogecoin." Seeing Dogecoin soaring all the way to plummeting, Sun Tian has never chosen to enter the warehouse.

There is no certain community consensus, and there is no scenario mechanism for sustainable development. In addition, the ups and downs all depend on Musk's mouth. Sun Tian believes that the "Dogecoins" that have become popular recently are too speculative and risky to Own.

When he first entered the currency circle, Sun Tian suffered from speculation.

At that time, the currency circle was a blind area of legal supervision. Many currencies relied on the endorsement of celebrities, and played the routine of quickly returning to zero after pulling the market. In the end, the team ran away with money. She invested 150,000 yuan and bought a lot of new coins blindly. In less than half a year, she was all in vain, and she only lost a few thousand yuan.

Musk: I don’t believe in Bitcoin, but at least it’s more reliable than the US dollar: According to news on May 18, JK Rowling, the author of “Harry Potter”, said on social networks that he doesn’t believe in Bitcoin. Subsequently, Tesla CEO Musk expressed his approval on social networks. However, "believe" or not is relative. Musk said that compared with the US central bank issuing a large number of currencies, Bitcoin, an online currency, looks more stable and reliable. Musk also revealed that he still only holds 0.25 bitcoins. [2020/5/18]

Now that he has been in the industry for four years, Sun Tian doesn't like to make "speculative money", but likes to make "emotional money".

At the beginning of this year, Sun Tian invested in MEME coins on the recommendation of his friends. "Their community has a high degree of autonomy. Unlike air coins, which only speculate on concepts, no one is actually optimistic about the project." In Sun Tian's eyes, the community sentiment of MEME coins is very good.

After a year and a half of project parties running away and the currency price returning to zero, people in the currency circle gradually calmed down. Since the second half of last year, DeFi virtual currencies with project backgrounds have become popular, and MEME coins also belong to the DeFi field.

In the MEME currency investment, Sun Tian entered the market with a low position of 20,000 yuan, and planned to take out the principal when he earned more than 5,000 yuan. This is a short-term operation. Sun Tian will leave immediately when the community’s sentiment is too excited. “It’s a dangerous signal for the community to be bullish for no reason.”

Voice | Chen Weixing: The real problem to be solved by the blockchain is the distrust of the entire social system: Today, Chen Weixing posted on Weibo that the real problem to be solved by the blockchain is the distrust or oppression of the entire social system, such as the Federal Reserve, various Monopoly enterprises, expensive financial intermediaries, ownership of value data, innovations in organizational forms, etc. Therefore, any blockchain practitioner has to reflect on what problem you are actually solving. [2018/11/21]

In essence, there is not much difference between "emotional money" and "speculative money", both of which are short-term investments. But in terms of long-term investment, Sun Tian is now more cautious.

"It has reached the stage where I dare not gamble." Seeing that mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin continue to decline, Sun Tian and her friends are not planning to buy the bottom this time, but are preparing to ship, even if they do not withdraw money. Will choose to deposit gold at this juncture.

When Bitcoin plummeted on March 12 last year, Sun Tian and his friends bought a large amount of Bitcoin, which has yielded 20 times the rate of return. "20 times the rate of return is an average level. We will leave when we reach it. stable".

After the bull market, there is a bear market. Seeing that Bitcoin has risen for half a year, Sun Tian believes that the bull market has reached the middle and late stages, and it is time to withdraw funds to replenish ammunition and prepare funds for the next round of bull market.

Voice | Xu Mingxing circle of friends refutes rumors: Do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, and create a better blockchain public opinion environment: Xu Mingxing posted to Moments tonight, saying: Do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, and create a better blockchain public opinion environment. According to previous news from the Financial Associated Press, Xu Mingxing was summoned by the police station to assist in the investigation on the evening of the 10th, and was released at around 21:30 tonight in accordance with legal procedures. [2018/9/12]

Song Lin: Engaged in the marketing department of a blockchain company and has 3 years of experience in currency speculation

Not as cautious as Sun Tian, Song Lin earned 2,000 yuan in one day by doing Dogecoin band.

In the early years, Song Lin and the people around him would be optimistic about the future of a virtual currency due to the skyrocketing price of the currency. Maybe they are afraid of being "cut", and now their first reaction when they see the price of new coins is to run away when they are in the band.

During the May Day period this year, Dogecoin rose gratifyingly. Song Lin bought Dogecoin at $0.43, and stayed in front of the screen all afternoon to watch the real-time trend of the currency price. When Dogecoin rose to around US$0.5 that day, he decisively threw away all Dogecoins on hand.

After making money, Song Lin didn’t pay attention to the price of Dogecoin any more. “Dogecoin is just an air coin. If you make money, run away quickly.” Song Lin told Zinc Finance that the rise and fall of the air coin is unpredictable. Just accept it when you see it, don't worry about it. "

I have worked in the blockchain project for three years, and Song Lin and his colleagues often use the band of air coins to earn pocket money. "We generally don't invest too much, usually around 5,000 yuan," Song Lin said.

Of course, doing band also depends on the timing, and luck accounts for seven points.

After the May Day holiday was closed, Song Lin came to the office and heard about his colleagues’ experience of speculating in coins. He invested 7,000 yuan and made 4,000 yuan within half an hour. "Envy is for sure, but it's useless to be envious. My luck goes up and down. For me, I don't lose money," Song Lin said.

In addition to doing band work occasionally, taking airdrops from early projects is also a way for Song Lin to make money.

There are endless ways to cut leeks in the currency circle, and taking airdrops is a way of "sweeping wool" that currency lovers have never changed. When the project party releases virtual currency, it will distribute coins for free for activities. If you are lucky, the project party’s exchange on the currency can earn a wave for free, but most of the cases are worthless coins.

At the beginning of this year, Song Lin spent US$100 to subscribe to the content-zce service platform of an overseas virtual currency project party and became the SVIP of the platform. In recent years, virtual currency, as an application method in financial scenarios, has become a currency in circulation for payment transactions. Song Lin is sure that the platform will issue coins.

Sure enough, the platform released virtual currency two months later. As an early member, Song Lin received 30,000 coins in the "airdrop" event, which is equivalent to about 50,000 yuan in RMB.

But he is not in a hurry to cash in, "The content-zce on this platform is high enough, and the project will definitely have a great upside value."

Xu Wen: Engaged in traditional industries and has 6 years of experience in currency speculation

"Our old leeks don't eat Musk's set." Xu Wen, who has 6 years of experience in currency speculation, often laughs at himself as an "old leek".

Since Xu Wen entered the currency circle in 2015, he has seen many examples of celebrities taking the lead in cutting leeks. "When I first entered the currency circle, Li Xiaolai was very popular. I followed his investment advice to buy, but they all returned to zero."

Six years later, this low-level scam is still emerging.

During the time when Dogecoin was popularized by Musk, many people came to ask Xu Wen if he wanted to buy it and how to buy it. Xu Wen's advice to novices has always been not to buy too much, and throw away as soon as you earn about 20% of the principal. For those with experience, Xu Wen suggested to double their earnings before leaving.

It is a habit that Xu Wen developed after he successfully bought coins for the first time.

When Xu Wen first entered the currency circle, Xu Wen had just graduated from university. He bought 5.8 bitcoins when the bitcoin price was 6,000 US dollars, and spent a total of about 30,000 yuan, accounting for about one-third of his total assets.

He had the experience of buying stocks before, and the ups and downs of the currency circle were normal fluctuations for Xu Wen, and he neither bought nor sold. In less than half a year, he doubled his earnings before selling all of them. This fund of 60,000 to 70,000 yuan was the principal for him to officially enter the currency circle.

In the currency circle, no one does not dream of getting rich overnight. With a certain accumulation of funds in Bitcoin and Ethereum, Xu Wen followed his friends in the currency circle to try his luck and invest in new projects. Every time he would invest 5% or 10% of his total assets.

Celebrity effects are the easiest way to cut leeks in the currency circle, while fake team information is a more subtle way to cut leeks.

During that time, the deceptive tricks of the project side were also updated. From the crazy marketing at the beginning to pretending to do things, publishing project progress and project weekly reports is a common trick. However, the sharp drop in currency prices cannot cover up the fact that later, "Don't panic, the team is working" has also become a joke in the currency circle.

Having gone through a lot of routines in the currency circle and suffered a lot of losses in the currency circle, these post-90s are no longer blindly fooled by Musk's one or two words of "poisonous milk".

But everyone has to pay tuition fees all the way from the currency circle to Xiaobai, and there are only a very few examples of getting rich overnight.

One day in the currency circle, ten years in the world, there are still many new things in the currency circle. Fortunately, these people who have been in the currency circle all the year round have learned to be good.

At the request of the interviewees, the above names of Sun Tian, Song Lin and Xu Wen are all pseudonyms

Text/Ge Yu



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Don’t believe in the “Godfather of Currency Circle” Musk, those post-90s who have been speculating in coins for many years have learned how to behave.

During this period of time, Musk turned the currency circle upside down with just one mouth.A few days ago, Musk announced on Twitter that "Tesla has stopped buying cars with Bitcoin." As soon as the words fell.

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