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Cryptocurrency may be the only field where you can achieve "wealth freedom"



The articles I have written in the past few days are to share with you some of my views on this big drop. It has been 6 days since the big drop on May 19. I remember that since I started writing articles, there has never been a single This time, I wrote my analysis of the market and my personal experience for several days in a row.

It is not my characteristic and style to write market analysis continuously for a long time, but in such a situation, I think it is necessary to record these feelings and feelings, and also for better reflection and summary in the future.

This adjustment is the biggest adjustment in this round of market so far. Although it is still much smaller than the 94 level four years ago, it is probably the first time in the investment market for new investors in this round of market. When encountering such a situation once, it is very normal that it is difficult to accept it psychologically and to calm down emotionally.

But the more we are at this time, the more we must hold on, and we must not retreat mentally. No matter how we prepare to deal with the next market, we need to calm down now.

Jeremy Allaire: Announcing a partnership with Thailand’s cryptocurrency exchange Bitkub: Golden Finance reported that Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said on social media that he was pleased to announce a partnership with Thailand’s cryptocurrency exchange Bitkub. Awareness and adoption of USDC. The visit to Bangkok saw the vitality of the crypto community and was very optimistic about Thailand's role in the growing crypto economy. [2022/7/20 2:26:27]

I suggest that everyone might as well think carefully about our original intention and reason for entering this market.

I believe that everyone has heard the stories of the miracles of wealth created by early participants in the circle when they first came into contact with this circle. Because of these wealth stories, most players are attracted to enter the market.

What do you hope to achieve when you come in? I estimate that apart from a small part of them striving for pure ideals and creating an equal and decentralized encrypted world, most of them still hope to change their status quo, realize class leaps, and realize wealth freedom.

The Busan government is changing its attitude towards cryptocurrencies and exploring the potential of becoming a blockchain industry center: July 7 news, at the 12th World Blockchain Summit held in Busan on Wednesday, Lee Ju- Hyuong said: The government is changing its attitude towards cryptocurrencies, appointing a government agency to manage the industry, and financial companies like us are seizing the opportunity, Busan Bank is one of nine companies selected as the Busan Blockchain Special Zone One, and developed the Busan Digital Voucher. At the same time, Shin Chang-ho, director of the Busan Future Industry Bureau, said that blockchain technology has paved the way for the transformation of South Korea's port city into a financial center and a global logistics center. (Korea Herald)[2021/7/7 0:33:39]

Seeing this, if you agree with this point of view, you might as well continue to ask yourself: Why do we think of changing our status quo in this field, achieving class leaps and even wealth freedom? rather than in other fields?

Because the opportunities created in this field are unlimited, but the required cost is extremely low—so low that most migrant workers can afford it, even without much effort.

Voyager Digital Partners with Cryptocurrency Broker Bosonic: Jinse Finance reported that Voyager Digital Canada, a publicly licensed crypto asset broker that provides investors with turnkey solutions for trading crypto assets, announced Wednesday that it has partnered with crypto prime broker Bosonic partnered to provide institutional clients with greater liquidity and better trade execution, leveraging Voyager's dynamic intelligent order routing and Bosonic's real-time clearing and settlement solutions. Voyager currently offers trade execution on 35 digital assets. (East Fortune Network) [2020/7/9]

In this regard, whenever I have the opportunity, I will share this point of view with you in the article. This is my original intention for writing the article, and it is what I most hope that everyone can understand and be convinced from the bottom of their hearts.

I also invest in the stock market, but as I said, it is just a way to diversify risks and ensure a stable investment income in fiat currencies, not a way to change the status quo. In A shares, how many ordinary investors can catch stocks that have doubled by 10 times? Even if it can be caught, how many ordinary investors have enough principal to invest when investing?

News | Cryptocurrency payment app Fold gift card plan: On December 20, the cryptocurrency payment app Fold launched a new gift card plan, users can get BTC and BCH when they buy gift cards as gifts. Previously, in July, Fold announced the addition of the Bitcoin Lightning Network payment option; in November, Fold announced its support for the short-term rental platform Airbnb (Airbnb). (Decrypt)[2019/12/20]

Not only A-shares, but all traditional markets such as commodities, precious metals, oil, and foreign exchange. Therefore, the traditional investment market only guarantees that our wealth can increase in value steadily, and it is absolutely impossible to create miracles for us.

In the digital currency market, if investors follow us to make regular investments, I believe that before this sharp drop, many investors more or less have almost 10 times the income on a certain currency. Ethereum is one of them, right? And is it that difficult to invest in Ethereum? Need to read a lot of financial statements, analyze fundamentals, and do in-depth research? Not at all. It is the second largest digital currency. Its consensus is second only to Bitcoin, and its market value is also second only to Bitcoin. It has high security and a large insurance factor. Investors who know nothing about it know it and just buy it.

And in A shares, investors who don’t know anything can buy stocks with high safety, high insurance coefficient, and the second largest market value in just a few years?

This is true of the stock market, as well as other traditional markets.

After talking about investment, let's look at entrepreneurship. Why look at entrepreneurship? Because only starting a business can change oneself, realize class leap and even wealth freedom.

So what opportunities are there for ordinary people to start a business?

Open a small restaurant, do some small business? That can only make a living, and now there is no such opportunity in the early days of reform and opening up, to make a fortune from small businesses. Even in the high-tech industry, it is far from achievable to start a business with unique technology. At least it requires investment, a team, and market operation. And if any link is wrong, all previous efforts will be wasted.

Therefore, for ordinary people, whether in traditional industries or in high-tech, the chances of starting a business are almost slim.

So why has digital currency seen opportunities for countless ordinary people? Because the vast majority of those who create wealth miracles (such as Li Xiaolai, Bao Erye) do not have high diplomas, no network resources, and they have achieved our dream goals by simply buying and holding.

Such a simple operation can create such an incredible miracle, so we rushed here.

But are these superficially simple operations really that simple?

Absolutely not. There is no best of both worlds in the world. Its operation is indeed extremely simple, but the heart and beliefs that support its operation are rare and unimaginable for ordinary people. The difficulty is that it has fallen by 90%, and you can still hold on to it; the difficulty is that the country has banned trading, but you still believe that it has a tomorrow; the difficulty is that everyone is laughing at you, but you can still encourage yourself .

Without this courage, why did so many people buy Bitcoin together at that time, but only a few achieved their life goals in the end? Without arduous efforts, how can we talk about huge rewards?

In other fields, this arduous effort may be funds, resources, mental and physical strength; but in this field, there is almost only one——mental strength.

This market can exhaust you physically and mentally, make you miserable, and even make you lose all hope. Why is this market so cruel? Because it puts all the funds, resources, mental and physical efforts of other fields on the fulcrum of "mental power". Therefore, investors should support the entire business with this only one fulcrum. Can it be difficult and painful?

It is not easy for investors who can resist all kinds of tortures to come to the present, and now is the time to test everyone.

If there are investors who want to withdraw completely for various reasons, then I also hope that these friends will continue to pay attention to the next market. At least mentally paying attention to such a complete trend will be of great benefit to one's life.

If you are an investor who still has hope in this field but has limited financial resources, I suggest temporarily withdrawing some assets and switching them to legal currency to ensure that your life will not be affected.

If investors who will not use this part of assets in their lives in the next few years, then I suggest that you might as well take a gamble, at most, this part of assets will return to zero. But because this part of the money will not affect our lives in the next few years, I think even if we lose it all, we still have a chance to earn it again. And if we give up at this point, we may be completely discouraged in our mentality and leave the market completely, thus losing an opportunity to change our lives.

In life, such opportunities and such fields are few and far between.


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Cryptocurrency may be the only field where you can achieve "wealth freedom"

The articles I have written in the past few days are to share with you some of my views on this big drop. It has been 6 days since the big drop on May 19. I remember that since I started writing articles.

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