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It is also a kind of beauty to accept other people's panic chips



Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality, and no exaggeration!

The information and data in this content-zce come from publicly available information, and strive to be accurate and reliable, but we do not make any guarantees for the accuracy and completeness of the information. This content-zce does not constitute investment advice, and investment based on it is at your own risk.

Madman Says

A big face every day, this is the current market, Bitcoin has the smallest decline, and the big pie is gradually regaining its market value through this method. It has reversed from 39% to 43%, and the initial rebound is falling Slower than others, the later stage of the rebound means that it will rise faster than others. When the big pie is over, it will be the time for other mainstream coins and small coins to rebound. Therefore, in terms of overall rhythm control, you can consider concentrating on the big pie first, because In the days when the market has no backbone, funds must be the first to flock to Bitcoin. This is the consensus of every market, and it will also become a sign of market stability.

Data: 1,243 BTCs were transferred from Coinbase to Binance: Jinse Finance reported that WhaleAlert data showed that 1,243 BTCs (approximately $25,029,681) were transferred from Coinbase to Binance. [2022/9/18 7:03:47]

The head of Goldman Sachs digital assets said that Goldman Sachs will continue to expand its products in the field of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, and that Goldman Sachs has reconsidered whether cryptocurrencies are a viable asset class. Nothing has changed. The fundamentals of Bitcoin are still very strong, but it has been sniped by various countries in the short term, showing extreme panic. At this time, the more panicked others are, the more greedy we should be.

The three major financial groups in South Korea refused to issue real-name accounts to cryptocurrency exchanges. Previously, South Korean regulations stipulated that commercial banks can conduct comprehensive verification of encrypted exchanges, and exchanges need to obtain real-name accounts from banks before they can operate. This means that South Korea’s traditional financial institutions have hindered the development of South Korea’s encryption exchanges, causing some panic to South Korea’s encryption investors.

Coinbase criticized the status quo of cryptocurrency regulation in the United States and provided relevant advice to the SEC: Golden Finance News, Coinbase criticized the current status of cryptocurrency regulation in a document submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Faryar Shirzad, Chief Policy Officer of Coinbase, explained that without effective regulation, the United States will lag behind in digital asset innovation.

In the filing, Coinbase Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal outlined key challenges related to regulating cryptocurrencies, including a lack of clarity about which digital assets constitute securities and conflicting or unnecessary requirements. Grewal also lays out a series of issues that the SEC will need to consider in creating a regulatory framework that addresses classification, issuance, trading and custody. (CoinDesk) [2022/7/22 2:30:03]

The former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury stated that cryptocurrencies are expected to become digital gold, accounting for one-third of the market value of gold, and cryptocurrencies will become part of the entire financial system and exist for a long time.

Cryptocurrency companies 2TM and Paxos receive investment from Mercado Libre: Jinse Finance reported that Latin American e-commerce company Mercado Libre has invested in 2TM, the holding company of Brazil's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Mercado Bitcoin, and blockchain infrastructure company Paxos. Mercado Libre said in a statement Thursday that it bought a stake in 2TM and made a strategic investment in Paxos, for an undisclosed amount.

These investments reinforce Mercado Libre's "commitment to the development and use of crypto assets and blockchain technology in the region," Mercado said. Mercado Bitcoin will raise $250 million in 2021 at a valuation of $2.2 billion. (coindesk) [2022/1/21 9:04:07]

Changpeng Zhao tweeted that he cannot predict the future, but knows that Bitcoin will be part of it.

Musk believes that he supports cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies.

Except for the price drop, nothing has changed, what has changed is people's emotions, and when people's emotions collapse to the extreme, the bull market will come back again. The market will not change the original trend because of temporary bad or good news, which has been proved countless times in any market in history.

10,000 bitcoins flowed into Bitfinex, and 480 million USDTs flowed into Bitfinex. The game of left-handed and right-handed was offset.

The total market value of stablecoins has exceeded 100 billion US dollars, setting a new record high. The market value of cryptocurrencies has decreased, but the market value of stablecoins has reached a new high. This is an extremely healthy rebound signal.

Tether issued an additional 1 billion USDT, and funds are still flowing in.

The panic index is 14, which is still extremely panic, and the opportunities outweigh the risks.

Market Analysis


Today's trend is weaker than expected. At present, the hope of the whole village is pinned on the Americans, because the supervision of the United States is still relatively neutral, and the whole world is frantically suppressing cryptocurrencies. I hope everyone remembers the title-zce of the madman yesterday. It will make me stronger. Unless this wave of global regulation brings cryptocurrencies to zero, after this wave of suppression, it is only a matter of time before I go back to where I came from. Just be patient.


The big pie and ether have fallen a lot today, but they are all gone, indicating that the panic sell-off has entered the final stage, and the market outlook will start to rebound at any time.


I was brought down by the market today and locked up the bottom-hunting funds from the previous few days, but don’t panic, the funds will save themselves in the future.


It has already fallen below the new low of the previous few days, indicating that it is weaker than most mainstream currencies. Currencies that have no funds to pay attention to can be avoided or switched for a short time, and they will be relatively weak when they rebound.


Today's shrinkage and fall is also a case of capital quilt, let's wait for a rebound later.


There is almost no way to go down, the bull market has everyone locked in, and the selling pressure in this position will be very small.


The fall is immeasurable, patiently waiting for the rebound.


Linkage pie.


In the short term, we don’t see too much money buying bottoms. Defi has fallen in an all-round way under the leadership of the leader. Long-term investors don’t need to worry. You can consider buying gradually when new lows are reached. Gold will always shine.

With the market plummeting, it is useless for the madman to say more. In the end, time will prove the correctness of the madman in the trend. Short-term panic is an opportunity to buy gradually without thinking. At this time, there is no sense of fear, but it should be like eating Like a stimulant, work hard to find opportunities in the market.


Recent thoughts about the bull market and DeFi

In recent months, the market has been rising. In fact, in the bear market stage of the previous two years, the fixed investment prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum that I have been writing in the article were 10.

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Sister Sa’s team collected more than 2,000 public verdicts in criminal cases involving currency, among which 409 were crimes of organizing and leading pyramid schemes.

Minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting: Controversy continues.Will monetary policy continue to loosen or tighten?

Original title: "Fed meeting minutes hint to discuss tapering bond purchases, Summers accuses Fed of creating 'complacency' on inflation"On Wednesday afternoon Eastern time.

It is also a kind of beauty to accept other people's panic chips

Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality.

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