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Dual Stablecoin Mechanism Algorithmic Stablecoin Cash Flow



Algorithmic stable currency is the most important effort in the pursuit of native stable currency in the encryption field. It does not need to be generated through asset mortgages, but is realized by making full use of people's profit-seeking characteristics. There are a lot of games, speculation, arbitrage and other behaviors. However, it has a feature that previous stablecoin experiments did not have, it is crypto-native and has the opportunity to achieve a truly decentralized stablecoin.

Cash Flow is HECO's non-anchored algorithmic stablecoin. It adopts a dual stablecoin mechanism to allow the market to adjust freely, solve the problem of the algorithmic currency Bretton Woods system, and truly realize the currency standard of the algorithmic stablecoin. Below is the entire core and economic model of Cah Flow.

How Cash Flow works

The Cash Flow protocol has four tokens, COC, COS, COB, and COO. Among them, COC is the abbreviation of Cash Flow, which is a stable currency, and its target price is $1; COB is the abbreviation of Cash Flow Bond,

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COS is the abbreviation of Cash Flow Share, COO is the abbreviation of Cash Flow Equity, COS and COB, the main function of COO is to pull the price of COC back to 1

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COC and COB, COS, COO are important tools to achieve COC stability. Specifically, how is it achieved?

If the COC/COB value is lower than 1

When the price of COC/COB value is less than 1, users can buy COB tokens, what incentive do people have to buy COB tokens? Buyers expect to obtain higher premium income by redeeming COC in the future. And participate in mining, a channel that can be realized at any time.

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When the COC/COB ratio is lower than 0.95, users can exchange COC for COB at a ratio of 1:1, and COC will be destroyed, resulting in a decrease in COC circulation. When the COC/COB ratio returns to above 1.2, COB can be converted back to COC at a ratio of 1:1, and COB will be destroyed. The market achieves real free regulation

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If the COC/COB value is higher than 1.05

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When the COC/COB value exceeds 1.05, the current additional issuance of COC is basically issued to COS pledgers.

If the COC/COB value is lower than 0.95

When the COC/COB value is lower than 0.95, the current additional issuance of COB is basically for COS pledgers.

Cold Start of Cash Flow

The cold start of Cash Flow needs to distribute the initial genesis COC (Cash Flow) and COB (Cash Flow). The total amount of initial distribution is 25,000 COC and COB respectively. Users deposit MDX, TPT, BAG, HUSD, USDT, HBTC, ETH, HT, COO into the distribution contract, and thus obtain. Each of these nine pools has a deposit limit of 20,000 tokens (9 stablecoins mentioned above). Get 5,000 COC and COB every day, and distribute them within five days. After the creation of COC, the next step is the distribution of COS. This part is done.

COS Token Distribution

The total amount of COS is capped, a total of 210,000. They have no pre-mining at all, and are distributed by providing liquidity and staking COS.

Provide liquidity to obtain COS additional issuance rewards

To obtain COS tokens, users need to provide liquidity for the COC/USDT and COB/USDT, COS/USDT, COO/COO pools on MDEX. At the beginning, users will first obtain COS through COC/USDT, COB/USDT, COO/COC. In the allocation of additional tokens, the COC/USDT, COB/USDT, and COC/COO pools will receive 85% of the total COS, which is 178,500 COS. For one year, the same amount of tokens will be issued every day

Pledge COS to get COS additional issuance rewards

The COS/USDT pool can get 15% of the COS reward tokens for one year, and the same amount of tokens will be distributed every day.

Cash Flow Community Governance

The COO token is the community governance token of Cash Flow, and it is the most critical link in community voting and NFT cards. There are community volunteers, community representatives, special representatives, and board members to jointly manage the community and solve the centralization of a single currency.

The total amount of COO tokens is 1 million

For stablecoins, although there are many speculative factors in the early stage, it must eventually mature and cannot rely too much on speculation, but on the "adoption" of stablecoins. With community development funds, it is beneficial to establish a partnership with the DeFi ecosystem, to motivate contributors to the ecosystem, and to facilitate its final adoption.

In the short term, it is reflected in the difference in the rate of return of users and the degree of speculation. In the long run, it will eventually evolve in different directions.

The fate of stablecoins is not speculation. Speculation is only the necessary path to realize the stability of algorithmic stablecoins in the early stage, but it is not the purpose. In the long run, its rate of return will drop to a reasonable level and maintain a balanced state.

Stablecoins win in the end, not because the epoch is 8 hours, 2 hours, or 24 hours, or the length of the lock-up time, but how it achieves continuous stability and how it is embedded in more DeFi ecosystems. If a stablecoin is longer If it stays below 0.9 for a long time, it will be difficult to be adopted by other DeFi protocols. Therefore, the current market value of stablecoins is not the final decisive factor. The key to stablecoins is always "stability". (Of course, this is not to say that the growth of market value is not important, the necessary growth of market value is very important, but the premise of stability cannot be ignored).

If the algorithmic stablecoin can achieve a level of stability similar to the current level of "DAI", it is very likely that it will gradually match DAI, or even surpass DAI, and become the largest type of truly decentralized stablecoin. DeFi is like a living body, it has a natural impulse to expand, and if its genes want to expand, it will advance infinitely towards decentralization, and in the process of advancing, the algorithmic stable currency is obviously better than "DAI" and " USDT" is more suitable for this role.

Experiments unprecedented in human history

With the rise of DeFi, new implementation paths have been explored. As long as it is possible to realize it, someone will experiment. While it’s not certain that Cash Flow will ultimately succeed, crypto-native stablecoins will.

Encryption-native stablecoins will eventually surpass DAI, USDT, etc. in market value, becoming the third largest track after Bitcoin and Ethereum, and becoming the true holy grail in the encryption field.

Who will win the Holy Grail in the end? No idea, time will tell. Once realized, it will be one of the biggest events in the crypto space.


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Dual Stablecoin Mechanism Algorithmic Stablecoin Cash Flow

Algorithmic stable currency is the most important effort in the pursuit of native stable currency in the encryption field. It does not need to be generated through asset mortgages.

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