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Golden Interview | Zhou Rong, CEO of Yikuang Network: The value of Yikuang will be more prominent in the bear market



Entering 2021, Bitcoin has soared all the way, breaking through the $30,000, $40,000, and $50,000 mark one after another. The mining machine market has also set off a wave of climax. The price of new and old mining machines has doubled, and even a situation where it is hard to find a machine, and there is no market for the price.

Bitcoins are "mined". The mine owner invests in computing power through the mining machine, obtains the packaging right of the bitcoin block, and obtains the bitcoin generated by the system as a reward after the packaging is completed. This process is commonly known as "mining". The "mining" hardware device is called a mining machine, which is essentially a computing device.

All along, the price of mining machines is closely related to the currency value. In the past six months, the rise in the price of Bitcoin has driven a surge in the demand for mining machines. Investors have purchased more mining machines with high computing power, hoping to obtain more stable income by increasing the computing power while the price of the currency is at a high level. The price of mining machines has risen, and at the same time, a new business model - mining machine e-commerce has emerged.

Jinse Finance Market Report | BTC rebounded slightly, and the overall shock: According to the Huobi market, BTC started to rebound after reaching a minimum of 10,833 USDT last night. The daily chart has been organized for three consecutive days, and the excessive deviation has been adjusted; the 4-hour chart is in the range of 10,900-11,200 USDT to form an interval consolidation; the 1-hour chart has a single K-line with increased fluctuations, and the long-short game is fierce. As of 10:00, the specific performance of the mainstream coins on the Huobi platform is as follows. [2020/7/31]

There are many ways in the mining machine trading market. Reliable sources of supply, transparent prices, mining machine quality and after-sales services, etc., are all things that miners need to consider.

The birth of Easy Mine lies in opening up the upstream and downstream of mining machine circulation.

Golden Noon News | A list of important developments at noon on February 26: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Malta, digital dollar, DeFi, Hurun, ETC

1. The Malta Financial Services Authority publishes a Feedback Note on the STO Consultation Paper.

2. Chris Giancarlo, former chairman of the CFTC, disclosed the official website of his digital dollar plan.

3. Experts from the Korean Tax Policy Association proposed a step-by-step encryption taxation plan.

4. Since the bZx exchange incident broke out, DeFi has lost more than 200 million US dollars.

5. There are 6 billionaire entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry on the Hurun Global Rich List.

6. ETC will hold a developer conference call on the Phoenix upgrade at 21:00 tonight.

7. BM: EOSIO contracts can store data on hard drives in the future.

8. The market generally fell. BTC temporarily reported at US$9,181, down 4.31% in the past 24 days, with a market value of US$167.224 billion. [2020/2/26]

"What we do is more integration, through the aggregation of traffic through the platform, and at the same time, we cooperate with all partners based on the miner's mining machine service demand system to realize the retail distribution of mining machines." Eminem Network Technology Co., Ltd. Company CEO Zhou Rong introduced Jinse Finance.

Golden Morning News | Binance will destroy all ERC 20 BNB in cold and hot wallets: 1. The New York court approved Bitfinex's motion to allow it to continue to maintain business activities.

2. The Secretariat of the United Nations will use cryptocurrency to encourage people to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Coinbase is negotiating to acquire XAPO's Bitcoin custody business.

4. Member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve: Bitcoin lacks an accountability mechanism.

5. Changpeng Zhao: Binance will destroy all ERC 20 BNB in cold and hot wallets.

6. German Finance Minister Scholz: A decision on the blockchain strategy will be made before the summer.

7. The World Bank and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia use blockchain technology to record bond transactions.

8. Executive meeting of the State Council: network speed reduction and fee reduction, expansion and upgrading are conducive to the cultivation of emerging industries such as blockchain.

9. Estonia passed a new bill aimed at strengthening the regulation of license issuance for cryptocurrency activities. [2019/5/17]

In the mining machine sales track, from the perspective of business modules, mining machine trading is an investment product rather than a consumer product. In view of this, it is very different from traditional e-commerce. "The relationship between us and our customers starts with mining machine transactions, and then derives follow-up related services; while traditional e-commerce ends with commodity transactions, this is a difference. In addition, mining machine users are also divided into professional institutions and retail investors. Due to their different resource conditions, they have different requirements for platform services.”

In view of this, Easymine proposes different service models for different customers.

For veteran miners, Emine is a reliable platform with a compliant platform and a reliable source of goods; for individual miners, Emine can not only provide mining machines, but also a one-stop service system such as mining machine hosting, operation and maintenance .

It is reported that the founding team of Yikuang is either an early entrant in the industry or a serial entrepreneur in the Internet industry.

Talking about the development of Yikuang, Zhou Rong, CEO of Yikuang Network Technology Co., Ltd., said that it will be roughly divided into three stages.

"E-Mine has just been launched, and we hope to pass the running-in period with many of our partners in the next month. In mid-June, we will connect with payment institutions, open more functions for the platform, and meet the industry's financial regulations. and risk control system requirements. After July, Eminee products will be upgraded, and business modules such as computing power services in the direction of To B will be released. At the same time, in the direction of To C, a city partner system will be established, that is, offline partners of Eminee, to solve the later stage Specific problems in operation and maintenance, so that we can better serve customers."

Zhou Rong concluded that in the short term, what we want to do is Jingdong in the mining circle. "JD will have faster logistics, more secure self-operated products, and more reliable merchants. We hope that Yimin's mining machine trading model based on platform-based e-commerce also represents trust, responsibility and responsibility."

In the long run, Emining hopes to serve users outside the traditional miner group, continue to expand outward, and bring more fresh blood to the industry. the

The price of Bitcoin soared, sparking enthusiasm in the market. At the same time, in the past two years, institutional users have accelerated their entry into the cryptocurrency market, bringing a larger amount of funds and professional users to the mining industry. The huge market demand has also turned the mining industry from a buyer's market to a seller's market.

"Frankly speaking, during the bull market stage, the mining market has a large demand, and it is easy for Yimin to obtain more traffic. We will cooperate with multiple merchants such as Inbit to distribute traffic based on mining machine transactions; and develop mining machines based on customers. Operation and maintenance, financial services, etc.; at the same time, extend downwards to help individuals overcome the current so-called challenges such as institutional entry and capital going overseas, so that everyone has their own right to choose in the brilliant era.”

Zhou Rong, CEO of Yikuang Network Technology Co., Ltd. analyzed, "But we are not worried about the conversion of the bull-bear market. The reason is that the real value of Yikuang lies in the coming of the bear market. The bear market can make our products better accessible, circulated and interactive. Influence. At this time, the buyer's market can be truly realized."


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Golden Interview | Zhou Rong, CEO of Yikuang Network: The value of Yikuang will be more prominent in the bear market

Entering 2021, Bitcoin has soared all the way, breaking through the $30,000, $40,000, and $50.

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