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Want to prove your innocence? Tesla may also need a blockchain




A month ago, a video of a woman standing on the roof of a Tesla yelling "Tesla brakes failed" went viral on the Internet. Subsequently, Tesla released the driving data of the accident vehicle one minute before the accident to prove its innocence, while rights defenders believe that Tesla may have tampered with the data. In this rights protection incident, both the rights protection car owner and Tesla held their own opinions. The reason for the controversy was the question of whether the platform data was credible.

On April 28, shortly after the Tesla crash, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers held the "Intelligent Connected Vehicle Data Security Symposium" in Beijing, focusing on the safety supervision of intelligent connected vehicle data, industry development, and privacy protection of private data. , data credibility to conduct in-depth discussions. At the seminar, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers released a blockchain platform for trusted deposit of automobile data.

The automobile market not only contains huge potential, but also presents many pain points. What changes can blockchain technology bring to the automobile industry? Will it set off a digital and intelligent revolution in the automotive industry?

Trusted storage and sharing of car data on the chain core developer: The United States wants to carry out on-chain KYC and GDPR: (YFI) core developer banteg tweeted that the United States wants to carry out on-chain KYC, but this will not work because of GDPR . Can't wait for these bastards to kill each other.

In response, some netizens replied: "GDPR is very good, isn't it? It limits the abuse of personal data by the state and private companies-the encryption community usually lags behind in terms of privacy." Banteg responded: "I'm not saying it's bad, the point It’s that you can’t design a system that caters to every country. Ethereum is a neutral domain.”

Note: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation of the European Union, formerly known as the Computer Data Protection Act enacted by the European Union in 1995. [2020/12/25 16:29:32]

Behind the Tesla rights protection incident, it is not only the safety of smart cars that are exposed, but also the lack of credibility of platform data. In terms of data security, the value of blockchain technology is prominent. The anonymity, traceability, and tamper-resistant features of the blockchain can solve this problem well. With the support of blockchain technology, the data will be equally shared by each party, that is, after the driving data is uploaded to the chain, the data will no longer be controlled by Tesla and other car manufacturers, but will be shared by all car owners and Tesla. Under this extensive supervision, Tesla cannot interpret the data at will, and it is almost impossible to tamper with the data technically.

EthHub co-founder: EIP 1559 is important because it brings the user experience people want: EthHub co-founder Eric Conner just tweeted that EIP 1559 is important because it brings the user experience people expect . And the current charging market is not user-friendly at all. It is reported that EIP 1559 aims to change the Ethereum fee market. The main changes involve: 1. The current 10 million gas limit will be replaced by two values, one is the "long-term average target" (10 million), and the other is "per district block hard upper limit" (20 million); 2. The transaction needs to pay a base fee (BASEFEE, which will be burned), which is adjusted according to the block, and the goal is to determine a value so that the average gas usage of the block Keep it around 10 million. [2020/7/16]

For car companies like Tesla, the application scenarios of blockchain are not limited to this. Autonomous driving technology has become a new trend in the automotive industry in recent years, and traditional automobile companies and Internet companies have stepped into this field one after another.

Voice | Indian IAMAI lawyer: The bank ban does not solve any problems that the Reserve Bank of India wants to solve: The case of "Crypto v. RBI" in the Supreme Court of India resumed today, and the judgment has not yet been announced. At the hearing, Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) lawyer Ashim Sood said the central agency failed to produce any studies to support its claims on how cryptocurrencies affect payment settlements. He further pointed out that the banking ban did not solve any of the problems that the RBI wanted to solve. Nakul Dewan, a lawyer for cryptocurrency exchanges, said the RBI's measures were "arbitrary". (ambcrypto)[2020/1/28]

The mainstream method for major manufacturers to realize autonomous driving is through V2X technology (vehicle to everything), that is, the car and roadside sensors jointly collect environmental data and upload it to the central cloud system, and the cloud system and the vehicle itself jointly make driving behavior decisions. In this process, vehicles are isolated from each other, and all environmental data needs to be processed by the cloud system, which requires a huge amount of computing power. And once the central cloud system is attacked, the entire vehicle system will be paralyzed.

Voice | General Manager of Shanghai Stock Exchange: If the blockchain wants to develop on a large scale, it must do a good job in social science popularization: Golden Finance reported that Zhang Yunfeng, general manager of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, said that the blockchain is still in a "concept" stage. There is still a long way to go before mature applications can affect people's daily life. Shenyang should be cautious about the "block chain" and its social and economic effects. If the blockchain wants to develop on a large scale, on the one hand, it is necessary to do a good job in the social science popularization of this complex technology, so as to accelerate the public's understanding of the blockchain. On the other hand, it is necessary to give full play to the role of the market and allow enterprises to use real technological innovations to empower the development of the real economy. [2019/11/17]

The introduction of blockchain technology may be a feasible method. Because blockchain technology can help vehicle data to be safely shared in a distributed form, it can avoid the possible risks of data centralization to a certain extent.

In addition to autonomous driving, the concept of shared cars has also emerged in recent years. Shared cars can be seen everywhere now, and the addition of blockchain may take the concept of sharing to a higher level. Today's taxi-hailing and carpooling services still have to go through intermediaries such as third-party payment platforms, and the matching between passengers and vehicles is mostly determined by service providers. This series of behaviors that need to go through the platform has led to problems such as insufficient payment transparency and unreasonable route arrangement for car sharing. When using blockchain technology to hail and carpool, both passengers and vehicles can no longer rely on intermediaries, and the sharing of data greatly enhances payment security and choice autonomy. Now there are many related projects, such as China’s Fun Travel, Israel’s La’Zooz, and the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) are all using blockchain technology to improve carpooling services.

News | Boeing wants to use blockchain technology to create a traffic management system for drones: Boeing said it wants to use artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies to create a traffic management system for drones. Greg Hyslop, Boeing's chief technology officer, said in a statement today: "We are at a historic moment where technological advances and societal trends are converging, requiring bold solutions and a Different ways of traveling.” [2018/7/17]

Blockchain-based data security sharing provides feasible technical options for faulty vehicle recall, parts traceability, vehicle positioning, and auto insurance.

The incentive mechanism is expected to give the auto industry more "games"

As the technical support behind the digital currency, the blockchain is not only meaningful to the automobile industry at the data storage level, but to users, it can also endow automobile data or the automobile itself with certain financial attributes. For example, Huobi’s EGCC coin was launched in March 2018.

The name of the EGCC project is ENGINE. ENGINE uses blockchain as its core technology to establish an automotive big data sharing platform, and is committed to building the first chain of the global automotive industry. By realizing the openness, transparency, traceability, and query of the entire life cycle data of automobiles, ENGINE promotes the blockchain in the automotive field revolution. ENGINE aims at the used car market, aiming to eliminate fraudulent behaviors caused by information asymmetry in used car transactions, and truly realize the fair trade and sale of used cars.

It is worth noting that users can share data on the platform and obtain benefits, and there are incentives for contributions, which adds a new layer of business meaning to the ENGINE blockchain ecology. However, the ecological design of ENGINE is not perfect. It allows different definitions of data side chains. This model has hidden dangers of privacy leakage. After listing on Huobi, the actual circulation of EGCC is not clear, and the popularity has gradually declined.

In addition, there are many innovative projects trying to endow automobiles with financial attributes. On March 17 this year, Alibaba's Zhiji Automobile disclosed to the outside world for the first time the core operation link of its world's first user rights platform CSOP (Customer Share Option Plan). There are two notable concepts in CSOP—"Crystal" and "Original Stone". "Crystal" means points, which users can get by participating in tasks, activities or opening functions. "Original stone" can be understood as an incentive for car data. The earlier the vehicle is used, the greater the value of the data, and the greater the chance of obtaining the original stone. In addition, users can also extract rough stones by using crystals. Behind the rough stone is the right to dividends. Through the link of the rough stone, the relationship between users and enterprises is closer. Every user is a possible partner and may enjoy the benefits brought about by the rise in the "stock" price. To some extent, Zhiji Automobile is like an STO (Security Token Issuance). Whether this innovation can develop smoothly under the current regulatory system is still a question mark.

Make every commercial vehicle a trusted source of mobile data

The auto finance discussed above is generally within the scope of passenger cars. At the same time, in recent years, benefiting from the development of e-commerce, the logistics industry has also ushered in a big explosion, and commercial vehicle finance is also a field full of opportunities and challenges. Commercial vehicles, that is, vehicles designed and technically used to transport people and goods. The development of my country's commercial vehicle financial leasing market is slow, because risks are difficult to control and there is a lack of credit mechanism. For example, drivers who carry out logistics distribution do not have ownership of commercial vehicles, and the depreciation of commercial vehicles is often faster, which also leads to a series of problems such as shifting responsibility and reducing delivery efficiency. Another example is that second-hand commercial vehicles lack a unified set of inspection standards, and logistics companies or individual drivers face a market that lacks trust when purchasing commercial vehicles.

Aiming at the problem of financial leasing of commercial vehicles, Chery Commercial Vehicle, the main brand undertaking the company's urban logistics business, is trying to establish a credit mechanism. On May 6, Chery Commercial Vehicles and AntChain signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the application of blockchain and other technologies in the field of new energy commercial vehicles, and jointly build a new trust system for urban distribution logistics.

The market for new energy commercial vehicles is huge. According to China Automotive News, there are about 20 million logistics vehicles in my country, of which new energy logistics vehicles only account for 2.5%. In addition, it has the basis of "Internet of Vehicles", but the current data is scattered, but the potential of new energy commercial vehicles is huge. The cooperation between Chery Commercial Vehicles and AntChain aims to solve the previous state of "information islands" among commercial vehicles. Chery has implanted blockchain technology for new energy logistics vehicles, and the real-time recording and transfer of operating data on the AntChain means that each vehicle is a data center and will become a mobile and trusted data source. This has realized the digitization of the entire delivery process. From the perspective of risk control, the credit risk of the driver has been changed to the credit risk of the vehicle. Obviously, the latter is more controllable.

Many problems behind the infinite imagination

In the process of using a car, the valuable data that can be collected is not only driving data, but also fuel price data, road data, weather data and so on. If these data can be uploaded to the chain, the fields that will benefit will no longer be limited to the automotive industry, but will penetrate into all walks of life. Based on blockchain technology, the imagination space of the automotive industry is infinite, and the application scenarios and values that can be mined are infinite.

However, to pursue such benefits, how much cost do we need to pay and how much data network to build? In addition to the computing power requirements for building a data platform, it also involves the immature regulatory system in the blockchain field and the various uncertainties it brings. The prospect of "car + blockchain" is endless, but there are also many difficulties.


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