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Which is worse, the currency circle or the stock market?



What happened today made me encounter a century-old problem: which is worse, the currency circle or the stock market?

Look at today's currency circle first.

At around 4:00 a.m. on May 17, Bitcoin fell sharply. During the period, it fell by more than 10%, falling below the $44,000 mark, which was nearly $5,600 lower than the intraday high.

At 12:00 noon, Bitcoin plummeted again, falling nearly 13% within the day, falling back to $42,282.

Bitcoin took the lead, and the currency circle fell as a whole. Within 24 hours, Ethereum fell by more than 14%, Binance Coin fell by more than 11%, and Dogecoin fell by more than 10%.

According to data from Bitcoin, over 200,000 people have liquidated their positions in the cryptocurrency market within 24 hours, and 12 billion in wealth has evaporated.

What is the reason for the collapse of the currency circle?

Some users tweeted that Bitcoin advocates will be slapped in the face next quarter because they will find out that Tesla dumps all remaining Bitcoins it holds.

Moreover, Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) did not deny and replied: Indeed (Indeed).

With a reply on Musk's Twitter, Bitcoin plummeted, and the entire currency circle was wiped out.

Economic Daily: The "currency circle" must continue to "shrink the circle": On August 10, the Economic Daily published an article "The "currency circle" must continue to "shrink the circle"". The article stated that the regulatory authorities have once again released a strong regulatory signal because of the recent rise in virtual currency speculation and hype. The public should also see that virtual currency is by no means a one-stop investment product. It is necessary to enhance risk awareness, establish a correct investment philosophy, stay away from related transaction speculation activities, and actively participate in the rectification, and report relevant violations of laws and regulations in a timely manner. As long as a strong joint force is formed to rectify the virtual currency hype, the "currency circle" will continue to "shrink the circle". [2021/8/10 1:44:53]

The bitcoin price then quickly recovered 5%, around $2,000, to $44,000.

There is only one reason for the rebound. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla did not sell any bitcoins.

The rise and fall of the currency circle depends entirely on Musk, and Musk is the YYDS of the currency circle.

When the currency circle cuts leeks, it is also unequivocal. Hundreds of thousands of people are involved in a liquidation, involving more than one billion funds.

Voice | Jiang Zhuoer: In the next cycle, the probability of the currency circle will still be 100 times: Leibit Mining Pool Jiang Zhuoer said on Weibo, first, the demolition man relies on his parents to lie down to win, and no one in the currency circle is given by his parents. , There is a huge gap in personal ability, cognition, and quality. Second, assets in the currency circle are high-risk and high-yield assets, and cannot be easily discounted. Although a bear market is generally 10% or 20% off, a bull market is also generally hundreds of times. And in the next cycle, the probability of the currency circle will still be 100 times. [2018/10/15]

Look at today's stock market again.

On May 17, the three major stock indexes collectively rose, white horse stocks generally rose, while small-cap stocks represented by ST concept stocks collectively fell sharply.

Among the stocks with small market capitalization, there is a new concept stock called "Ye Fei Concept Stock" which collectively plummeted, and 7 of them fell by the limit.

Including Zhongyuan Home Furnishing, Oriental Fashion, Visionox, Haozhi Electromechanical, Longji Machinery, ST Huayu, Jinchuang Group, Eurocrane, Xiangxin Technology, *ST Zhongying, Chengdi Xiangjiang,

The reason is that, according to reports, these companies are suspected of manipulating stock prices.

On May 14, Ye Fei, the person in charge of the private equity agency, broke the news, saying that the listed company Zhongyuan Home Furnishing carried out "market value management", and the trader reneged on his debts and failed to pay the next company as agreed.

Voice | Lawyer Xiao Sa: In the narrow sense, "coin circle" and "chain circle" are bounded by "issuing currency on the exchange": Xiao Sa, director of the China Banking Law Research Association, published an article today to talk about the difference between "coin circle" and "chain circle". The article states that "in the narrow sense of 'coin circle', it refers only to exchanges and project party members and their alliances on exchanges. In the narrow sense of 'chain circle', it refers only to teams and Alliance, etc. The currency circle and the chain circle in these two definitions are almost non-overlapping, because the values and behaviors of the two are bounded by 'issuing currency on the exchange'." [2018/8/30]

The so-called market value management, in my opinion, is to manipulate the stock price, there is no legal market value management, it is simply to manipulate the stock price.

They take advantage of their capital and cooperate with listed companies, major shareholders, funds, securities firms and other entities to jointly raise the stock price.

As of May 16, a total of 11 listed companies were named by former private equity champion Ye Fei, so the market summed up a "Ye Fei concept stock".

Ye Fei broke the news that there are 4 other securities companies related to market value management, namely Shenwan Hongyuan, Minsheng Securities, Hengtai Securities, and Tianfeng Securities.

Of course, Ye Fei’s revelations quickly attracted the attention of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, which decided to investigate the relevant accounts for allegedly manipulating the stock prices of Litong Electronics and Zhongyuan Home Furnishing.

What is more critical? Ye Fei once said that "there are hundreds of gigabytes of information, and it is estimated that the explosion will be completed in 40 days. It is planned to disclose 18 listed companies, which is not much more."

The big V in the currency circle "Digital Currency Trend Madman" established the "Madman Research Institute" today to grab the blockchain rating: Today, the Madman Research Institute is officially launched, and its members gather many technical geeks and senior investors in the currency circle. Madman said that due to the large number of projects in the currency circle, most of them do not have long-term investment value. Embracing good money and driving out bad money is the original intention of the Institute. Through rating reports, the Institute can better help investors identify high-quality projects and make the industry develop healthier. [2018/6/2]

This shows that A shares are still so bad!

A key question is, which is worse, the currency circle or the A shares?

As we said in the previous article "The Myth of Getting Rich", the reason why digital currency is valuable and the price will rise, there are two dimensions of understanding:

Explanation of the first level of reason: The proliferation of legal currency, whether it is the financial market or digital currency, their price surge is the reflection of the crazy depreciation of legal currency.

Reason explanation for the second level: Dogecoin is no different from fiat currency, because in essence, the value is a huge "marketing".

Referring to the classic case of diamond value formation, we can get a cognition: value is a massive marketing, and then a consensus belief is reached.

Bitcoin, tulips, art, gold, etc. all have one thing in common, that is, everyone believes that they have value, that is, a seemingly false "faith".

Jinse Finance live report Yang Jian, partner of Times Chain News: The risk of the currency circle is far greater than that of the stock market, and the investment funds should not exceed 10% of your own assets: Jinse Finance live report, at the 2018 China Blockchain Summit Forum with "Block What kind of future will the blockchain bring us?" At the roundtable forum, Times Chain News partner Yang Jian said, "If you want to make money in blockchain investment, you need to have your own cognition, and you need to constantly improve your cognition. To be safe, the risk of the currency circle is far greater than that of the stock market, and the investment funds should not exceed 10% of your own assets. [2018/5/20]

You believe it, I believe it, many people believe it, it has value, and this is achieved through "marketing".

Dogecoin, Shib, Bitcoin, etc. are the same for digital currencies. Through continuous publicity, investors are brainwashed over and over again, and the imprint of value will be imprinted in their minds.

In the case of unlimited liquidity, whoever is more provocative and who can guide unanimous expectations will be able to obtain a higher return on investment.

Many celebrities, entrepreneurs, investors, etc., either do not understand digital currency, or disdain to work with it, and they are unwilling to stand for it, except for Tesla CEO Musk.

He is the most well-known figure in the currency circle, and has so many fans on social media that he can determine the price of digital currency and the fate of the currency circle.

Musk is YYDS in the currency circle. In the long run, what the currency circle earns is the consensus money; in the short term, what the currency circle earns is the opponent’s money.

What about the stock market? Generally speaking, there are three types of money earned: the mother’s money, the company’s growth money, and the counterparty’s money.

1. What I earn is Yang's mother's money. When Yang Ma desperately releases water and the money in the market is abundant and cheap, the stock price will rise. This is the same as in the currency circle. The rise in asset prices is essentially the depreciation of legal currency.

2. Earn money for business growth. As the enterprise grows from small to large, the value of the company also grows from small to large, and the value of the stocks held will naturally increase. This is the so-called "growing with a great company".

The most common of these transactions is insider trading.

3. Make money from the counterparty. The essence of this kind of transaction is a game of human nature, that is, human nature (greed or fear) drives market participants to chase ups and downs and exchange chips.

This kind of fair transaction, only those who have insight into human nature and can operate in reverse, can really make money from the counterparty.

In this kind of transaction, the most common is to manipulate the market.

1. Coin speculation. It is to play with the price difference, which is the same as the logic of earning the counterparty's money in stock trading.

Digital currencies are divided into mainstream coins, altcoins, air coins and MLM coins, just like stocks are divided into blue chip stocks, growth stocks and junk stocks.

Speculating in coins and stocks to make money from counterparties, there are also old leeks who rely on hard work to make money, but very few, most of them cut leeks by manipulating prices.

To sum it up, they "realize" their own resources and influence through various means, and use poor information, funds, and public opinion to bully disadvantaged groups.

The stock market is similar to the currency circle. Major shareholders, bulls, hot money and market capitalization management funds are all sickles.

1. The major shareholder sits on the bank, and the routine is to show some bright cards. Niulan, hot money, and market value management funds hold hidden cards. The secondary market is well ambush. Wave goods, form a closed loop by themselves, and play like a thief.

2. Niusan is a real buy, and then negotiates with major shareholders for business transformation, business diversification, etc. to release benefits, and then conducts major strategy conferences and investment roadshows to fool more people into paying attention to investment targets, and finally takes the opportunity to ship.

3. Hot money mainly plays plate-making tactics. One positive line changes beliefs, and the third board becomes a monster, until retail investors account for more than 50% of the trading volume, and they sell and leave.

This kind relies entirely on capital advantages, draws K-line charts on market software, and fiddles with the nerves of retail investors.

4. Market value management funds. The process is that the major shareholders generally need to pay some margin, buy some at will, and drive down the stock price to seize the margin of the major shareholders. Then, release the good news, raise the stock price, and cut leeks back and forth several times.

In the end, if you really can’t sell it, you can find a few dealers, such as public funds, etc., and negotiate a 3-5 point bonus for the fund manager. Private equity funds are more expensive, and usually give a 12% rebate.

The difference between the currency circle and the stock market is that if the currency circle cuts the leeks hard, they will be caught in, so we often make news for people in the currency circle. As for the stock market, such an operation turned out to be "legal".

Therefore, if the currency circle can artificially modify the price and lose 1 point, then the stock market will also lose 1 point for legally cutting leeks, and the two sides will be tied in this round.

Second, cross-market arbitrage.

The quotations of different exchanges are different. They go long on the exchange with the lower quotation and short on the exchange with the higher quotation, earning the difference to make a profit.

This kind of operation depends on strength, technology and experienced investors, and it can indeed be earned. But A-shares cannot perform this kind of operation, and lack this kind of money-making routine.

This round, the coin circle wins.

3. Squeeze the wool, the white wolf with empty gloves.

Sweeping wool and empty rolling are free play coins.

At the beginning of some projects or new digital currencies, investors will be asked to play APP to mine coins, or hang up to mine coins.

Some even register with your mobile phone and email, and you can get some air coins for free. There are also some project parties, in order to cultivate leeks, they will first issue some air coins to build a community, and promote their projects to get more air coins.

In this way, although investors get some objective digital currency without spending money, they serve as a tool for others to cut leeks.

This round, the currency circle is slightly better than half. After all, selling one's conscience and acting as a tool for others to cut leeks is not a pretty thing to win.

Therefore, compared with the currency circle, we think the stock market is worse. If A-shares continue to be like this, the result will be more and more people joining the currency circle.


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