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Mining circle game, how to choose cloud computing currency?



Mining has always been an eternal topic in the currency circle, and it is also a business that can make money without losing money.

This year, under the control of Tesla President Musk, the market in the currency circle can be described as ups and downs; Musk's changeability is comparable to the heroine in Qiong Yao's drama, but his purpose is to let all the wealth be in his pocket Among them, the dramatic turning point from shouting Dogecoin to announcing that Tesla does not support Bitcoin payment has put the currency people in dire straits. The currency people who were still indulging in the wealth and freedom brought by Dogecoin the day before, silently shared the joke of "If you fall again, you will be gone" in the major communities the next day. The plunge of mainstream currencies indirectly detonated the small air currency to zero, which can be called one day in the currency circle and three years in the world.

In the bull market, the market is stable like an old dog, and small currencies are flying into the sky, making it difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of currencies; and the sharp drop is the best opportunity for currency people to distinguish. In the recent turmoil in which Musk tweeted the announcement of "selling Bitcoin", all pet coins that have been promoted to the sky are all approaching 0. In contrast, "ICP, FIL, BTCST, XCH" and others rely on physical mining machines Or ecological currencies, which quickly recovered in just two days after being brought down by the market.

Data: The floor price of BAKC series NFT has increased by more than 16% in the past 24 hours: Jinse Finance reported that according to NFTGO data, the transaction volume of Bored Ape Kennel Club series NFT has increased by more than 2000% in the past 24 hours, and the current increase is 2251.30%. In addition, the current floor price is 5.12 ETH, a 24-hour increase of 16.80%. [2022/11/25 20:44:58]

In the game of public opinion in the currency circle, as little leeks, we do not have a great influence to influence the entire market. If we want to obtain high returns, we must bear high risks, but this risk is mixed with too much gambling, and often It is an unbearable consequence of going bankrupt. After years of experience in the currency circle, the editor believes that only mining is a low-risk, high-yield project that can make money in both bull and bear markets in the currency circle. When a bear market comes, hoard coins; when a bull market comes, sell coins. The only risk is not being able to hold the currency in the bear market.

Although mining is stable and profitable, after more than ten years of gaming in the mining circle, the threshold is no longer the same as when Bitcoin first came out; especially popular coins such as FIL and CHIA that have become more popular in recent years, the threshold In the case of mining machine speculation, it is even higher, making ordinary currency people out of reach. In this frenzied and urgent market, Bashcoin came into being, which perfectly solved the problems of high market threshold and physical mine site maintenance, and gave ordinary currency people the opportunity to join the mining army. However, due to various factors such as different physical mines and different mining teams, the quality of Hashcoin on the market is uneven, and the benefits it brings are also very different. So how to choose the hash rate currency to avoid the market crash and avoid the uncontrollable damage caused by the game in the mining circle? The editor will make an inventory analysis of the more popular projects in the market!

Messari: Q3 Avalanche protocol NFT sales rebounded: On November 6th, the encrypted data research organization Messari issued a document stating that the Avalanche protocol (Avalanche) ecological NFT sales rebounded in the third quarter, and its average daily sales in June was 25,000 US dollars. With average daily sales of $70,000 in July, the rebound represents a 180% jump from the lows seen at the end of the second quarter. [2022/11/6 12:22:30]


BTCST is a token mortgaged by 0.1TH/s real Bitcoin computing power, with a power consumption ratio of 60W/TH. Miners contribute computing power to the platform in exchange for BTCST tokens issued on the Binance Smart Chain. Holding BTCST is equivalent to owning the underlying computing power. Mortgaging BTCST on the chain gives users the right to obtain mining rewards issued in the form of Bitcoin . In addition to the 1,000,000 initial circulating tokens, all BTCST tokens will be released linearly every week for 25 weeks.

M2E platform Step App partners with Bolt to launch private beta: Jinse Finance reports that Move-to-Earn platform Step App officially launches with 8-time Olympic gold medalist and 11-time world champion Usain Bolt Following its private beta, Bolt now serves as the face of the brand. The brand launches "SNEAKs" digital footwear that users can digitally buy, trade and wear on the platform. Earn KCAL tokens at every step. (prnewswire) [2022/7/21 2:29:24]

The price of BTCST relies on Bitcoin mining machines and endorsements such as Binance, and its price premium is very serious to a certain extent, so its real value can be calculated, but its future expected value is very vague. For investors who use it as a mining product, it is certainly unacceptable to inflated prices (not as good as mining machine hosting or cloud computing power). For the speculative retail hot money, in the current bull market, there may also be a lack of room for imagination. Furthermore, the linear release period within 25 weeks is too long, and the speed of currency circle replacement may experience a bull-bear situation.

The sharp drop in Bitcoin caused 43 institutions to lose tens of billions of dollars, and Tesla, Meitu and other speculators suffered losses: According to news on May 10, data shows that up to now, a total of 43 companies or institutions, including Grayscale Investment, have held There are 1,225,600 bitcoins. The current round of decline of Bitcoin has fallen below the cost price of Bitcoin of many institutions or companies. At around 13:00 on May 10, Bitcoin was temporarily reported at US$30,878. Since the Federal Reserve announced the interest rate hike on May 4, it has fallen by tens of thousands of US dollars, which also means that the Bitcoin held by these institutions and companies has evaporated more than US$12 billion. . According to public information, based on the bitcoin price of US$30,800, 12 institutions or companies, including Tesla, currently hold bitcoins at a loss. Among them, AKer ASA lost 21.62 million US dollars, Meitu lost 19.75 million US dollars, and Plunwra lost 16.95 million US dollars, ranking the top three. In addition, Tesla holds 40,900 bitcoins, with an average price of $32,000.

In addition, the sharp drop in cryptocurrencies has also affected stocks related to the industry. Due to the drop in the price of Bitcoin, it once fell below MicroStrategy's cost price of $30,700 per coin, and the company's currency holdings also suffered losses. At the same time, MicroStrategy stock also fell 25.55% at the close of trading in the early hours of today (May 10th, Beijing time) to $219.05. Other cryptocurrency concept stocks have also plummeted recently. (Financial Associated Press) [2022/5/10 3:04:00]


XCH is Chia's mining token. Chia is an attempt to improve proof-of-work-based blockchains, calling it a new consensus algorithm for proof-of-space and time. Instead of requiring power-hungry and wasteful single-purpose ASIC hardware to verify transactions, Proof-of-Space leverages the overprovisioned surplus disk space that already exists in the world today.

Chia has been extremely popular this year. Under the banner of hard disk mining, it has continuously pushed up the hard disk market, causing "hard disk out of stock" to be on Weibo's hot search. The fact is that many merchants are not selling their goods, and the price is also priced every minute. In terms of calculation, skyrocketing and plummeting is a common situation, which completely disrupts the entire hard disk market. The current price of XCH tokens has reached as high as 1000u, and there is no room for growth in terms of market value.


Factor (FTR) is a digital asset financial ecosystem that uses computing power as settlement collateral, and is committed to solving the existing mining-chain finance problem.

Factor has rich mine resources in Xinjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan and other places in China. The assets of the team behind it include but are not limited to the largest mining pools and cloud mining service providers at home and abroad.

At present, the physical world is migrating to the digital world. Physical IPFS mines all over the country have given FTR digital tokens strong computing power support in the physical world; the computing power of IPFS mining machines and the valuable token FIL issued by FTR Tokens provide a guarantee of value.

The Factor project team standardized and packaged the IPFS mining machine computing power of multiple leading physical mines. At the current unit price of FIL's computing power, it is about 15,000 RMB per T. The initial anchor computing power of a single pass is 0.001T effective computing power.

Factor will encapsulate 2P's computing power in the first stage, and ensure that the total number of tokens circulating in the market always corresponds to Factor's total IPFS mining capacity. Through regular third-party audits, supervision and disclosure, token holders are legally Functionally, it is equivalent to owning the underlying Filecoin mining rights.

The essence of Factor’s use of computing power as settlement collateral is to make the wealth of mining machines transition from commercialization and equity to a new stage of digitalization.

IPFS computing power promotes the development of Factor, and Factor drives the growth of IPFS computing power. The team plans to integrate the potential computing power of global mines in the later stage, making it a successor part of the ecology, so as to continuously expand and improve FTR in the Factor ecology —The financial ecological service system with integrated computing power of FIL continuously promotes the development of IPFS mining industry through technological innovation.

You chose PIG, I chose DOGO, we both had a bright future, and now we are all waiting in line on the rooftop. In the currency circle, choice is greater than effort, and risk is not equal to income. While longing for high income, it is also necessary to do a good job of risk estimation, and Hashpower currency may become one of the methods to avoid risks in the future.


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Mining circle game, how to choose cloud computing currency?

Mining has always been an eternal topic in the currency circle, and it is also a business that can make money without losing money.This year, under the control of Tesla President Musk.

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