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In May, 20 authors were honored on the list of "Most Influential Authors on the Platform"



In May 2021, Jinse Finance opened a platform recommendation channel for outstanding columnists; through recommended attention, home page recommendation, monthly list, etc., the columnists will be reached to more golden users, and excellent columnists will be given more benefits. Recommend exposure and channel display opportunities to help columnists accumulate fans while the platform is also depositing data, hoping to better serve columnists in the future and bring real benefits to authors.

Channels has launched the DAI and USDC lending function at 23:00 on May 14: According to official news, Channels has become the top DAI and USDC lending platform on Heco. Channels has launched the DAI and USDC lending functions at 23:00 on May 14th, and the total deposits and loans reached 13 million US dollars within 24 hours of the launch.

Channels focuses on the security of user assets and supports LP mortgage lending + LP smart pool. Currently, it supports deposits and loans of 17 mainstream currencies and 6 LP asset mortgage loans. The platform token CAN has been launched on Huobi Global. [2021/5/15 22:06:35]

In order to build a sustainable content-zce production and consumption ecology and protect the tripartite rights of columnists, users and the platform, the platform will strengthen the control of content.

ZG.COM will launch leveraged tokens ETH5L and ETH5S at 16:00 on May 6: According to the official announcement, ZG.COM will launch 5x leveraged token trading at 16:00 on May 6, 2021 - ETH5L (5x do Long ETH), ETH5S (5 times short ETH), and opened ETH5L/USDT, ETH5S/USDT trading markets.

ZG.COM Leverage Token is a kind of token with leverage function issued by ZG.COM (non-chain token). The leveraged token has the characteristics of floating leverage, intelligent adjustment mechanism, low fee rate, etc., and each leveraged token corresponds to a basket of ZG.COM contract positions, and the price of the leveraged token will track the ZG.COM contract market The price changes, and consequently the rise and fall of the leverage level. [2021/5/6 21:29:00]

Since May 2021, Jinse Finance has launched the "Jinse Finance Most Influential Authors List" to encourage Top 20 columnists with high quality, high traffic, and high fan stickiness. The list is based on weighted data such as the author's increase in fans in May, the quality of past posts, dissemination data, and update frequency.

The deadline for the selection of the main plaintiff in the Canaan Technology class action case is set for May 4: Jinse Finance reported that according to an official statement today, the US law firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP announced that it has entered the "Canaan Technology" (NASDAQ: CAN) securities class action, the deadline for selecting a lead plaintiff is May 4, 2020. That said, until then, Canaan shareholders must decide who will represent their interests in the case. The securities lawsuit, filed in the Oregon District in November 2019, alleges that Canaan and certain members of its team violated the Securities Act of 1933 in connection with its initial public offering. The lawsuit alleges that Canaan's IPO registration statement was false, misled investors and withheld material information. [2020/4/8]

In the future, Jinse Finance will continue to increase support for high-quality columnists, continuously improve the experience of using Jine Finance products, improve the author's posting service ecosystem, and introduce more rights & resources. Looking forward to more Jinse Finance columnists on the honor list of "Jine Finance's Most Influential Platform Authors List".

Finally, a healthy content-zce ecology needs to be jointly maintained by all columnists. If you want to enter the list to obtain more rights & resources, please strictly abide by the following specifications:

Comply with the platform's posting norms and create high-quality original content;

Do not create blunt and water-filled advertising content, and do not publish low-quality advertisements in batches;

Refuse to brush up the amount of painting in batches, and directly cancel the posting permission of the account when you see it in the background;

Reject illegal promotion, including but not limited to leaving any contact information or variations in the text.

The following is the complete list of "Jinse Finance's Most Influential Platform Authors List" in May:


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In May, 20 authors were honored on the list of "Most Influential Authors on the Platform"

In May 2021, Jinse Finance opened a platform recommendation channel for outstanding columnists; through recommended attention, home page recommendation, monthly list, etc.

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