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Ethereum seven-day talk: ETH1, ETH2, Layer2, ecology



Ethereum 7 Day Talk • 24th London Upgrade @trent_vanepps @trent_vanepps, responsible for community ecological integration of the Ethereum Foundation, announced a new project "Ecosystem Readiness" on Twitter on April 30, aiming to upgrade the London network (7.14) Prepare Ethereum development tools. This project will track the progress of the code base, developer tools, ecological infrastructure, etc. related to proposals like EIP-1559. The first meeting on upgrading infrastructure in London was held on May 8. In addition to core developers, the participants also included infrastructure providers, exchanges, wallets, code bases, etc. The content-zce of the meeting is roughly as follows: 1. In the EIP specification, the name of gasLimit in the block header-zce is reserved instead of gasTarget. According to EIP-1559, the new gasLimit will become "200% full", it should be noted that this refers to the previous gas limit (12.5 m) instead of the current 15 m. This needs to be communicated with the miners. 2. The basefee of the first block after EIP-1559 is listed on the main network is calculated as 1,000,000,000. 3. Regarding the naming of multiple fields in JSON RPC, the meeting has not yet reached an agreement 4. Discussed the specification of the London upgrade testnet Baikal for client integration (the Aleut testnet is about to be closed) specification: https://github. com/ethereum/eth1.0-specs/blob/master/network-upgrades/client-integration-testnets/ Tengi, an NFT aggregation trading platform, has launched the Ethereum mainnet: On July 7th, Tengi has launched the Ethereum mainnet. Tengi is an NFT aggregation trader that can complete orders on several mainstream NFT platforms (such as: Opensea, Looksrare, X2Y2, Coinbase NFT, etc.) in one transaction. Opensea Seaport orders are now supported, and more other NFT trading platforms are being adapted. [2022/7/7 1:57:31] The current progress of the Baikal test network is as follows: Source: Want to experience EIP1559 before the Aleut test network is closed For the test network, the following is the portal: Block browser: Faucet: RPC URL: http://3.12 .166.199:8545 Geth v1.10.3 is out Go Ethereum has released Geth v1.10.3, a maintenance release with important updates on snap sync. Geth team leader Péter Szilágyi tweeted that this may be their last updated version, in which snapshot synchronization is not the default mode, and he encourages everyone to try it. He stated in the comments that this means the initial sync can be done in 4 hours (if your bandwidth and disks can handle that throughput). The number of profitable Ethereum addresses dropped to a 21-month low: Jinse Finance reported that according to Glassnode’s on-chain data, the percentage of Ethereum addresses in profits was at a 21-month low, at 66.77% as of press time. Meanwhile, the chart shows that more than 33% of Ethereum addresses hold their ETH tokens at a loss. The last time such data was recorded was a year and a half ago - on October 8, 2020, when the percentage had dropped to 66.82%. [2022/5/11 3:05:24] github: The first merged test network April 30, Ethereum developers in The Rayonism project released the first multi-client test network - Steklo, which simulates the Ethereum blockchain running on the Ethereum 2.0 client, with a total of 7 clients participating. But after Steklo went online, some users couldn't process packed blocks, some couldn't synchronize with the network, and it was quickly shut down by developers. Core developer Protolambda said on discord that the next testnet will be launched after testing and improving synchronization performance. Eth2 validator performance data tracking Paul Hauner of the Lighthouse client has open sourced their beacon chain validator performance data on reddit, starting with proof performance, he provided two links: aAFVV0DA?view Coinbase listed SHIB in the APP profile, alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum: October 30 news, according to Twitter According to the picture posted by CEO Jack Dorsey, Coinbase has included SHIB in the APP profile, alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum. Jack Dorsey was very puzzled by this. [2021/10/30 6:21:40] The first link is a technical document describing the performance data and explaining how they were generated. The second link is an excel sheet that shows the results calculated using about 3 weeks of sample data and compared with the global average data. Source: Verification expansion solution Truebit is launched on the main network blockchain verification expansion solution Truebit is an interactive verification protocol that enables smart contracts to Safely perform off-chain complex calculations in a standard programming language with lower gas fees. The protocol was launched on the mainnet on April 21. According to TrueBit's white paper, in order to solve the computational scalability problem on the blockchain, the solution provided by TrueBit consists of two parts: on top of the dispute resolution layer there is an economic incentive layer in the form of a general The "verification game" mechanism. cr: Truebit The picture shows the token model of the Truebit protocol. The roles in the Truebit platform are: Task givers (task proposers), Solvers (solvers), Verifiers (verifiers). After receiving the outsourced computing tasks on the blockchain, givers will post the computing tasks to the TrueBit network, and solvers and verifiers will receive Truebit's native token TRU as rewards through calculation and verification tasks. Deribit launched an Ethereum options product with an exercise price of US$10,000: According to official news, the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Deribit launched an Ethereum option product with an exercise price of US$10,000 due on December 21, 2021. [2021/1/6 16:32:58] Subsequently, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin published an article EVM optimistic rollup using Truebit on the technical forum. The article assumes that Truebit is a black box that provides delayed answers to queries about "running code and returning output", and gives a solution on how to build EVM optimistic rollup based on Truebit. For details, please read the article: will centralize the integrated expansion solution Arbitrum The exchange OKEx announced that it has reached a cooperation with Arbitrum, the Ethereum L2 expansion solution. Users of OKEx will be able to deposit and withdraw funds directly in Arbitrum without interacting with the Ethereum mainnet. The Arbitrum Rollup protocol launched its candidate testnet V4 version on March 25, and when its team confirms the mainnet release date, OKEx will begin the work of integrating Arbitrum. The transaction volume of projects based on the StarkEx expansion solution exceeds 1 billion US dollars. Currently, StarkEx projects using the Ethereum zkRollup expansion solution include dydx, Deversifi and Immutable. The StarkWare team tweeted on May 7 that the combined transaction volume of projects using its solution has exceeded $1 billion. Among them, about 75% came from the dydx protocol using StarkEx Rollup, and about 25% came from DeversiFi and Immutable using StarkEx Validium. Dynamic | 14,988 new contracts in Ethereum yesterday, up 78.30%: According to data, the total amount of Ethereum transactions yesterday was about 1.261 million ETH, the number of daily active-zce users was about 207,000, the number of new contracts was 14,988, and the number of token transactions was 424,000. Most active-zce contract: USDT. [2019/8/25] Source: StarkWare’s online workshop in the Chinese community ECN united imToken, ETHPlanet, EthFans, Shanghai Frontier Technology Seminar and HiBlock and many other outstanding people Ethereum ecological partners jointly organized a series of activities on the theme of "Ethereum Expansion". On May 9th, the third event in the series invited the StarkWare team and the Chinese community to hold an online workshop. The following are the bilingual videos of this workshop: • "Knowing STARKS, Cairo and StarkNet" • "How to use the general computing programming language Cairo to develop AMM" https://www.• "The Road to StarkNet" releases Layer-2 ecological map Ethereum's second-layer expansion ecosystem enters the ultrasonic mode and continues to grow exponentially . Uniswap v3 was launched on the mainnet on May 6, and the current lock-up volume is nearly 600 million US dollars. Uniswap v3 was launched four days ago, and launched "aggregated liquidity", "NFT position ", "Customized Rate", "Range Order" and other functions, the Optimistic Rollup expansion plan has not yet been launched. As of the publication of this article, the locked-up volume of Uniswap v3 after the migration is close to 600 million US dollars, and the daily trading volume exceeds 470 million US dollars. cr. to official documents, Uniswap v3 version can theoretically "increase capital efficiency by 4000 times", and there is a set of more intuitive data on its data page to reflect the capital efficiency between different versions , that is, the ratio of trading volume to locked position (Volume/TVL). As of the publication, the V3 version is 85.12%, while the V2 is 26.39%. It is worth noting that v2 may still provide a better price at the current stage, and Uniswap will suggest users to choose a version with a better price when trading. As far as the migration situation is concerned, the trading volume of v3 on the first day of its launch exceeded twice that of v2's one-month trading volume. The lock-up volume still accounts for about 93.5% of the total lock-up volume of Uniswap. It can be seen that v3 is still in a very early stage. cr. The LP NFT (Position NFT) in v3 also caused heated discussions in the community, which will generate a unique NFT (SVG format) on the chain according to the user's position attributes. The color is generated based on the token id of the two assets, and the middle curve is generated based on the degree of liquidity aggregation and the initial deposit ratio.


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Ethereum seven-day talk: ETH1, ETH2, Layer2, ecology

Ethereum 7 Day Talk • 24th London Upgrade @trent_vanepps @trent_vanepps, responsible for community ecological integration of the Ethereum Foundation.

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