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What ecology does DFINITY have just launched on the mainnet?



Just a few hours ago, Dfinity, a decentralized computer network, announced the official launch of its beta mainnet. From DFN to ICP, the Dfinity that once benchmarked against Ethereum has evolved into a protocol that is on par with TCP/IP. It has to be said that this is one of the important milestones in the chain world this year. This computing network backed by top investment institutions such as a16z and Polychain also gives us more room for imagination. But how can we say that DFINITY's ICP may be on an equal footing with TCP/IP, and may even successfully lead people into the world of Web3.0? In addition to solving various problems of the existing public chain, ICP also reduces user friction and maintains the experience of using Web2.0 applications. A major usage problem that is often criticized by people is the network handling fee. If you want to use any decentralized application in the network, the user needs to purchase the native token of the network on the decentralized trading platform, then transfer it to the wallet, and then use the application. Such a user experience is extremely poor. The contribution of ICP's "Reverse-gas" model in terms of optimizing user experience is remarkable. The reverse gas model allows users to interact with the ICP protocol without holding any tokens, which greatly reduces the user access threshold and optimizes user experience. As a result, users can enjoy various advantages brought by decentralized applications without perception. The optimization of user experience has opened up opportunities for non-DeFi applications that could not survive on Ethereum. Thrive The DFINITY ecosystem thrives with the help of the Beacon Fund (Polychain management). Babmeo Bambeo is a picture and video sharing platform in the DFINITY network. The platform will integrate LinkedUp, BigMap, and BigSearch in the DFINITY network to provide transparent recommendation, storage and search-zce services. Well-known hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones said that the rise of Bitcoin has just begun: As Bitcoin broke through $124 million to hit a 13-month high, famous hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones (Paul Tudor Jones) tweeted that , "I had previously bet that Bitcoin would be a safe haven from a depreciating dollar, and Bitcoin is doing very well so far. The only regret is that I didn't buy more Bitcoin before. I believe that the rise in Bitcoin prices is far from over. Actual This is just the beginning.” According to previous reports, in May, Paul Tudor Jones stated in a letter to investors that holding encrypted assets such as Bitcoin is a hedge against the inflation caused by the central bank’s release of water. He also hinted that his TudorBVI fund will participate in bitcoin futures trading. In addition, it said that Wall Street may use Bitcoin to witness the historic "birth of a store of value." Plus, Paul Tudor Jones says his Bitcoin holdings are just over 1%, maybe closer to 2%. Note, Paul Tudor Jones is the founder and chief investment officer of Tudor Investment Corporation, a hedge fund management company, and a star macro trader. The hedge funds he manages have set income records for many years. [2020/8/18] Bonus Bonus is a membership system in the DFINITY network. Bonus will provide the company with membership points and reward solutions, and provide members with a points trading platform. Inspired by Chinese culture, Bookworm (Bookworm) provides book publication platform services for DFINITY ecology. CanCan Coinbase CEO: Freedom and opportunities can be found in this field in the encrypted economy: On July 17, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted that intuitively, people need to produce some kind of useful if they want to grow and create wealth. Something of value (applicable to governments, companies, individuals, etc.). When it comes to cryptocurrencies, people are increasingly looking for a monetary system they can trust, because in the traditional fiat economy, they don't trust too many people. The alternative is the cryptoeconomy, which uses Bitcoin as the gold standard and will only produce 21 million of them. Compared with the traditional economy, the encrypted economy is more fair, efficient and global. The crypto economy is the new frontier and the land of opportunity, and the best way to start participating in the crypto economy is to earn or buy a little Bitcoin. But don't be reckless either, because there are risks. Then slowly go deeper and use encrypted payment to participate in other businesses. The crypto economy is just getting started. Freedom and opportunity are to be found within its domain. [2020/7/17] CanCan is a decentralized open source version of Douyin, providing video social sharing services for DFINITY network users. At the 2020 World Blockchain Conference held in December last year, Dominic, the founder of DFINITY, talked about CanCan: "It is similar to Douyin, and users can use tokens as rewards. On CanCan, users can give 10" Super Like". When they see some videos that they think will be popular, they can give Super Like. When a video becomes popular, the first user who gives Super Like can get a lot of reward points. Regularly there will be " drop days”, during the event day, users can exchange reward points for CanCan governance tokens, or exchange reward points for prizes, which are provided by sponsors. Sponsors can use reward points to pay for advertising.” Capsule Voice | We Media: Among the companies in the currency circle interviewed in Shenzhen, there is a new three-board listed company that has just opened its 21st mine: According to the self-media Wu Shuo Blockchain, on the morning of the 18th, the Shenzhen Mutual Fund Rectification Office held a special rectification meeting on illegal virtual currency activities . At the meeting, relevant departments jointly interviewed 8 "currency-related" companies. The content-zce of the interviews was mainly to transmit the policies of the superiors, requiring companies not to allow virtual currency transactions and ICOs. It is worth noting that among them, Shenzhen Internet Online Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a listed company on the New Third Board and also a "mining giant". It has recently opened its 21st mine, which can be described as strong. one share". As a company listed on the NEEQ, Internet Online’s financial report shows that the revenue in the first half of 2019 was about 120 million yuan. It is not known whether the bitcoin dug out of the mine is included. [2019/12/19]Capsule is a minimalist decentralized social media platform that provides Twitter-like social services for DFINITY users. The company raised a $1.5 million seed round led by Beacon Fund in March. Previously, Capsule has also been supported by former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan, William J. Pulte and Wamda Capital. Canistore Canistore is a social network store in the DFINITY network, aiming to become a provider of digital media services in the future, allowing creators to display any video, audio, photo, and text on the DFINITY network, and share or even sell them. Dual Dual is a social challenge platform in the DFINITY network, which aims to allow users to get out of their comfort zone and engage in interactive challenges with distant relatives. Voice | Billionaire Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin is just getting started, and the encryption revolution is real: According to CCN, billionaire Mike Novogratz said in an interview that the growth rate of the encryption market may not be as fast as many people hoped, and There were some unexpected twists and turns. Still, the blockchain industry today is more mature than it was two years ago, some of those bubbles have been cleared, and a leaner ecosystem is emerging. Bitcoin is just getting started, and the crypto revolution is real. [2019/11/8] Distrikit Distrikit is another social media platform in the DFINITY network. According to the publicity, Distrikt will be a combination of LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium. Officials say that users will be able to join Distrikt as soon as this summer. The platform will serve as a professional social network with a greater focus on medium to long-form articles created by users. is a decentralized Reddit application of the DFINITY network, with a custom governance engine embedded. RFL RFL is the abbreviation of Random Fair Lottery, which aims to provide fair lottery and market solutions for DFINITY users. Shi Xiaojie, CEO of Xiaochong Technology: The blockchain revolution has just begun: On April 19, Shi Xiaojie, CEO of Xiaochong Technology, delivered a speech at the 2018 ZeroOne Finance New Finance Spring Summit. The broad areas are trading and circulation. Its change to society lies in the realization of the self-value of the organization and the redistribution of production relations. The blockchain is currently facing disputes over technical standards and the relationship between chains and Tokens. [2018/4/20] Get Impact Now Get Impact Now is a democratic voting application, which provides democratic voting decision-making solutions for users in the DFINITY network. Magnify Magnify is a video conferencing solution in the DFINITY network, providing users with multi-person video conferencing services. Openchat Openchat is the first decentralized encrypted communication application in the DFINITY network, and its functions are similar to those of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and other communication applications. Origyn Origyn is a decentralized identity application in the DFINITY network. It can currently provide non-embedded anti-counterfeiting certification for luxury goods, and has cooperated with many luxury goods institutions. Shield Shield is a decentralized assistance platform in the DFINITY network. The platform will match users who need help with nearby users who can provide help, and users who receive help can pay platform tokens to the helpers. Syra Syra is a decentralized music collaboration platform in the DFINITY network, on which users around the world can collaborate in real-time to create music. Syra provides users with professional recording studio work packages and chat video peripheral functions. DfiStarter DfiStarter is the first IDO platform in the DFINITY network, providing services such as fundraising and publicity for the DFINITY project. Enso Finance Enso Finance is a social DeFi platform in the DFINITY network, aiming to provide traders with a highly customized trading experience. Enso realizes the combination of social and financial strategies, and anyone can enjoy the same benefits by subscribing to other people's strategies. Investment institutions include Polychain Capital, Beacon Fund, Multicoin Capital, P2P Capital, Spartan Group, Zola Global, The LAO, etc. ICP Swap ICP Swap is a decentralized trading platform in the DFINITY ecosystem. At present, ICPSwap has been successfully deployed on the ICP test network, and users can conduct transaction tests of ERC20 tokens. Tacen Tacen is a decentralized exchange in the DFINITY network, providing users with a high-speed enterprise-level trading experience. In addition to being able to trade homogeneous tokens, Tacen can also be used for trading NFT assets, which is still under development. Sailfish Salifish is an open financial services gateway in the DFINITY network. Users can participate with a lower threshold and participate in discussion and strategy sharing. It currently includes functions such as decentralized transactions, asset cross-chain bridges, and lending. Blacksheep NFT Community Blacksheep NFT Community is a social NFT platform in the DFINITY ecosystem, providing an innovative platform for artists in the DFINITY network. DFINITY Exlporer DFINITY Explorer is a block browser in the DFINITY network, providing users with information query services. DFINITY SCAN DFINITY SCAN is a knowledge base website established by third-party enthusiasts in the DFINITY community, and has published the "Internet Computer Express" series of podcasts. Fleek Fleek, formerly known as TERMINAL, is a platform for building web pages and apps. This platform will help users in the DFINITY network easily build web pages and apps. At the same time, Fleek also supports other basic protocols, including Ethereum, IPFS, Filecoin, etc., and provides services including hosting, storage, gateways, domain names, and databases. Fleek plans to migrate its supported Ethereum applications and NFT projects to DFINITY's ICP network. After the migration is complete, all applications can run on ICP's main network. Hero App GeneratorHero App Generator provides application direction inspiration for DFINITY web developers, helping application developers build the next killer application. As mentioned above, the DFINITY network pays more attention to the incubation of non-DeFi applications. The high performance of DFINITY network greatly reduces the cost of network use, and the more friendly user experience provides a better implementation environment for innovative Web3.0 applications.


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