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Blockchain = Bitcoin? You are out......



Recently, a storm caused by "car roof rights protection" has pushed Tesla to the cusp of public opinion. The disclosure of driving data at the time of the accident did not settle the dispute with a final word, but instead triggered more disputes about the credibility of the data. Both sides insist on their own opinions, making the truth blurred in "Rashomon", and vividly showing the dilemma caused by the lack of credible information to consumers' rights protection.

On May 6, just as the aftermath of the relevant disputes was still lingering, the domestic automobile brand Chery "officially announced" its technical cooperation with AntChain in the blockchain field. By introducing AntChain's blockchain and AIoT technology, the brand will realize the "generating and uploading" of driving data, providing a credible data source that cannot be tampered with. If such technologies can be promoted on a wider scale, consumers and businesses are expected to build stronger trust, and the resolution of rights disputes will become easier.

BlackRock executives: Blockchain technology is "incredibly" disruptive and innovative: On June 24, Salim Ramji, global head of ETF and index investment at investment giant BlackRock, recently accepted In an interview with Financial News, he spoke highly of the blockchain, saying that the technology, which is the basis of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is "incredibly" disruptive and innovative. The executive highlighted blockchain's potential to increase the efficiency of financial markets. Ramji said that while major financial firms such as Fidelity have filed their ETF applications, BlackRock still has no intention of launching its own bitcoin product, as the firm hopes to meet expectations in terms of quality and regulatory compliance. [2022/6/25 1:30:19]

The introduction of blockchain technology by car companies to record driving information is just an industry news that ordinary people don't care much about. However, in the context of controversial events, we can see that the blockchain technology, which seems "distant" from daily life, can completely solve the real social problems in front of the public. In addition to consumer rights protection, the application space of blockchain technology may be far broader than we imagined. So, in which fields is blockchain technology most likely to be put into application first? How will the lives of ordinary people be changed by this?

Most of the U.S. stock blockchain sector fell before the market, and MicroStrategy fell nearly 3%: The market showed that most of the U.S. stock blockchain sector fell before the market, MicroStrategy (MSTR.O) fell nearly 3%, Riot Blockchain (RIOT.O) fell 2.67% , Marathon Patent (MARA.O) fell 2.37%, SOS (SOS.N) fell 2.03%, Ninth City (NCTY.O) fell 1.8%, and Canaan Technology (CAN.O) fell 1.72%. [2021/6/25 0:06:34]

In this regard, Yang Fei, an expert from the School of Economics and Management of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and a doctor of industrial economics, mentioned: At present, blockchain technology has obvious effects in scenarios such as copyright, electronic bills, food traceability, and international trade. It can be said that any scenario that requires multi-party collaboration and a long industrial chain has the value of blockchain technology. Although many people think that blockchain technology is far away from them, it has actually come to us. For example, during the epidemic, Zhejiang, Hubei, Henan and other places used blockchain technology to support the cold chain traceability system, which effectively guaranteed food safety and provided regulatory agencies with the ability to "check whereabouts and whereabouts" efficiently.

Ministry of Science and Technology: Support Shenzhen to strengthen key core technology research and focus on breakthroughs in blockchain and other technologies: The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government issued the "Action Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation in Pioneering Demonstration Zones of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics". The "Plan" proposes to support Shenzhen in strengthening key core technology research, optimizing and innovating support methods, adopting organizational methods such as "revealing the list and taking command", "establishing a military order", and "rolling project approval" to focus on breakthroughs in 5G and next-generation mobile communication technologies, artificial intelligence, and integration. Research on key core technologies in the fields of circuits, biomedicine, high-end equipment, new materials, and blockchain, break through technological bottlenecks in industrial development, and cultivate new industries and formats such as smart economy, health industry, and marine economy. [2021/2/25 17:50:50]

A few years ago, when mentioning blockchain, most people would only think of "Bitcoin", which also made many people associate blockchain technology with financial risks. In recent years, as related technologies have matured, many people of insight have realized that the value of the blockchain is far more than that, and the country is paying more and more attention to related technologies at the policy level. In the face of this technological trend, only by actively investing in research and actively avoiding risks can our country be one step ahead in the global innovation competition. In this regard, the public should also change their one-sided understanding of the blockchain and have a better grasp of its overall picture. The academia, industry and regulators should also play their respective roles and play their own roles in the development of blockchain technology.

In this regard, Zhang Lili, dean of the Traceability System Research Institute of Guoxin E-Government Quality Inspection Center and a researcher at the CIO Research Center of Renmin University of China, said: The value of the blockchain should be tested in the scene. To make the blockchain technology develop better, Government regulatory agencies should clarify regulatory attitudes and policies, and suggest that government regulatory agencies adopt "negative list" management, insist on standards first, and formulate and improve standards and regulations. The academic and business circles can strengthen the joint promotion, deepen the basic work of the blockchain, refine the highlights of the application scenarios, and optimize the industrial ecological environment to achieve major breakthroughs and industrialization advantages.

The actual results we see today are just the initial application attempts of blockchain technology. In this regard, colleges and universities and the industry should also focus on cultivating relevant talents, and take a longer-term view, so as to take the lead in future technological iterations, so that the national economy and ordinary people's lives can better enjoy the benefits brought by the blockchain. "Technology Dividend".


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Blockchain = Bitcoin? You are out......

Recently, a storm caused by "car roof rights protection" has pushed Tesla to the cusp of public opinion. The disclosure of driving data at the time of the accident did not settle the dispute with a final word.

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