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Golden DeFi Daily | The 24-hour trading volume of Uniswap V3 has exceeded $200 million



DeFi data 1. DeFi total market capitalization: $141.005 billion market capitalization top ten currency ranking data source DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2. Trading volume of decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: USD 4.27 billion decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours Source of transaction volume data: Debank’s top ten DEXs by transaction volume Ranking source: DeFibox3. DeFi lending platform total borrowings: $22.96 billion DeFi lending platform total borrowing data source: Debank’s top 10 lending platform ranking sources by lockup volume : DeFibox4. Assets locked in DeFi: 87.43 billion US dollars The "Interstellar Roaming Guide - IPFS Technology and Application Research Forum" jointly sponsored by Interstellar Agent and Mac Storage kicked off in Shenzhen. Maggie, CEO of HashFin, spoke at the inauguration ceremony of the IPFS special fund and pointed out that the surrounding subdivisions centered on Filecoin have shown explosive growth, and IPFS deserves its name as one of the most concerned projects in 2020. The cloud computing power platform "Golden Computing Power Cloud" deployed by Jinse Finance and Economics will be officially launched in the near future. At the same time, the first round of investment of the IPFS special fund will reach 20 million US dollars. The investment objects include media platforms, computing power cloud, mining machines, etc. [2020/6/22] The top ten rankings of locked assets and locked positions of DeFi projects, data source: Debank1. Data: The 24-hour trading volume of Uniswap V3 has exceeded 200 million US dollars. According to OKLink data, as of today 10 At that time, the 24-hour trading volume of Dex on Ethereum was about 3.07 billion US dollars. Among them, the top three Dex protocols with transaction volume are Uniswap V2 with USD 1.06 billion, SushiSwap with USD 534 million and Curve with USD 340 million. In addition, the locked-up volume of the Uniswap V3 version has reached 352 million U.S. dollars after its launch, and the transaction volume in the past 24 hours is 230 million U.S. dollars. Analysis | Golden disk: ETH/USD short-term rebound, downside risk still exists: Comprehensive analysis of golden disk: ETH/USD short-term rebound, but the current funds are still in a state of net outflow, so the downside risk is still relatively large, it is recommended to pay attention to the upper resistance of 280 US dollars. [2018/8/21] 2. Sushi and Polygon launched a joint liquidity mining reward of 30 million US dollars. According to the Weibo news of SushiSwap sushi Chinese website, Sushi has launched a joint liquidity mining reward of 30 million US dollars with Polygon, and reward SUSHI at the same time and MATIC. 3. The decentralized computing platform DFINITY officially launched the Internet computer May 7 news, the decentralized computing platform DFINITY launched the Internet computer, transforming the public Internet into a decentralized global computer. DFINITY stated that the Internet Computer is the first blockchain to run at unlimited capacity and network speed, solving the challenge of the blockchain impossible triangle, namely creating a decentralized, secure and scalable blockchain. In addition, Internet Computer has also released a new Internet identity that allows Internet computers to safely manage user identities locally without the need for usernames, passwords, or encryption keys. At launch, Internet Computer was supported by 48 separate data centers running 1,300 nodes, and it expects to have 123 data centers running 4,300 nodes by the end of the year, DFINITY said. On May 10, in the final decentralization step, the genesis block unlock proposal will trigger the Network Nervous System (NNS) to release ICP governance tokens. Analysis | Golden disk: EOS/USDT ends adjustment and resumes upward trend: Comprehensive analysis of golden disk: EOS/USDT fell back after peaking yesterday, got support around $4.9, and then pulled up again. It is worth noting that if a new high cannot be reached, the 5th wave will fail, and the new high must be supported by sufficient trading volume, otherwise there is a possibility of deceiving the line, so attention should be paid to controlling the position. [2018/8/19] 4. AndreCronje proposed that SushiSwap update the token economics and launch the governance token oSushiYFI founder AndreCronje and Sushiswap community manager 0xMaki jointly proposed the proposal to launch the governance token oSushi. According to the proposal, users can mortgage Sushi to obtain oSushi. oSushi cannot be transferred or traded, and can only be used for pledge for voting. It is mainly used to decide whether the project can be listed on Onsen and the Sushi token reward released by the online project. Users who pledge oSushi votes can get more Sushi token rewards and the airdrop of Onsen's online project. Sushiswap's move is intended to alleviate the growing selling pressure of Sushi tokens. 5. DEX aggregator 1inch announced the integration of UniSwap V3 on May 7. DEX aggregator 1inch tweeted and announced the integration of UniSwap V3. 6. Sudoswap, a peer-to-peer transaction protocol based on 0x protocol, launched an Alpha version. The trading protocol Sudoswap launched an Alpha version, which supports mutual transactions between assets of ERC20 and ERC721/1155 (NFT) standards. In addition, Sudoswap adopts peer-to-peer transactions. Users only need to send the transaction link to the transaction object, and there are no other fees except Gas. Before the transaction object accepts the transaction, the assets remain in the user's wallet without custody. Jinse Finance live report V God: All projects have their own role: Golden Finance reported live on June 3, at today's Ethereum Technology and Application Conference "Exploration-Ethereum and Industry Ecology" round table discussion, V God answered "How are all projects built in the future blockchain ecosystem" question: "I think all projects have their own roles. Even in 2040, we will use these decentralized technologies, Very good, very important, very convenient to transfer between assets. I am also very happy that all these people now exist in the ecosystem and are here today to work on more interesting projects instead of boring projects.” [2018/6/3] 7. AAX launched the AAB repurchase plan and will soon list AAB on the Uniswap exchange. According to the official announcement of AAX, because the current value of AAB is seriously underestimated, the AAX team plans to repurchase AAB from the secondary market in stages , It is estimated that the AAB repurchase scale is 30% of the current market circulation. At the same time, the AAX team will list AAB on the Uniswap exchange in the near future, and users can buy and sell AAB with USDT on Uniswap. According to non-small data, AAB is currently quoting 0.70 USDT, and the increase in 2021 has reached 14 times. AAX is a digital asset trading platform driven by London Stock Exchange technology, which provides users with extremely fast cryptocurrency contract transactions, 50+ spot trading pairs, P2P fiat currency transactions, a variety of financial products and supports API access. AAX users can easily buy Bitcoin through its P2P fiat currency trading and one-click currency buying platform. The platform supports more than 20 kinds of fiat currencies. Jinse Finance live report on the guests’ views on the development direction of the blockchain 3.0 era in the round table session: Jinse Finance live report, Tong Yang, a partner of Jine Finance at the 2018 Blockchain Without Borders Summit held in New York today, presided over the round table session, Discussed about the development direction of the blockchain 3.0 era. In this regard, Gu Ronghui, co-founder of Certik, an assistant professor at Columbia University, said that blockchain 1.0 is a blockchain that stores data, blockchain 2.0 stores programs that can manipulate data, and blockchain 3.0 means that it can The blockchain continues to be loaded on the chain, which is the ultimate blockchain. Zhong Fubai, co-founder of Nebulas, said that blockchain 3.0 focuses on the implementation of blockchain technology, and blockchain 3.0 faces challenges in terms of economic model and technology. Blockchain 3.0 can motivate more people in the economic model and provide a development platform with lower threshold. Zhong Jiaming, co-founder and CEO of IOST, said that Bitcoin is still the most suitable for the blockchain, and blockchain 3.0 includes some functions that the current blockchain does not include. Wang Bowen, co-founder of Hydro Protocol, said that the Ethereum blockchain is inefficient and needs to solve the TPS problem. The next generation of blockchain technology needs to solve the problem of whether TPS can increase exponentially. [2018/5/13] 8. DeFi cross-chain perpetual contract platform YFX.COM will conduct LBP on Balancer at 18:00 today. According to the latest official news, cross-chain decentralized perpetual contract platform YFX.COM LBP on Balancer at 18:00 on the 7th. Anyone can participate in obtaining YFX Token. This LBP will last for 48 hours and end at 18:00 on May 9. After the end of LBP, DEX trading will be opened. YFX.COM is strategically invested by NGC, SNZ, DFG, LD and other institutions. It has completed the launch of ETH (layer 2), BSC, Heco, Tron main network and OKExChain test network, and can provide up to 100 times the perpetual contract trading BTC, ETH Assets such as assets have passed the CertiK smart contract security audit many times, realizing the decentralized deployment of derivatives transactions. YFX.COM innovatively uses the high-liquidity, low-slippage QIC-AMM market maker pool trading mechanism, which combines the CeFi-style leverage expected by perpetual contract traders and the liquidity and simplicity of the AMM of the DeFi system. 1. YouSwap will launch transaction mining on May 10 According to the latest news, YouSwap will launch transaction mining on the HECO chain on May 10, 2021. Users can mine YOU through transactions. Transaction mining adopts a phased computing power model, and the computing power is calculated according to the user's transaction volume. Mining revenue will be based on the proportion of personal transaction volume to the total daily transaction volume of the entire network. distribute. After transaction mining goes online, YouSwap will become the only decentralized exchange in the entire network with a quadruple mining mechanism (invitation mining, liquidity mining, transaction mining, and single currency mining). YouSwap is a multi-chain decentralized exchange deployed on ETH, Heco, and BSC. All transactions are carried out on the chain, and it supports decentralized digital currency transactions, liquidity mining, transaction mining and other playing methods. The platform token YOU is generated by mining and can be widely used in YouSwap trading scenarios. It is also a voting certificate for platform DAO community governance. As of now, the market value of the total mining output of the platform is 3,682,090 USDT, and the total number of YOU buybacks and burns is 83,126. 2. Depth, the HECO stablecoin exchange agreement, opens the first phase of DAO pool income collection. UTC+8) to start the first phase of income collection. Users who pledge DEP as xDEP can obtain corresponding Depth DAO weekly income in the form of HUSD according to the proportion of xDEP they hold. According to official data, the total pledge amount of Depth DAO reached 143 million DEP, worth 7.24 million US dollars, and the total income of the first phase of Depth DAO was about 311,000 US dollars. According to the records on the chain, the cumulative transaction volume of Depth.Fi this week is about 63.75 million US dollars, and the current agreement TVL (total locked value) is 412 million US dollars. Depth will be launched in the DAO pool on April 30, 2021. Users can participate in Depth governance by staking DEP and earn HUSD every week. It is understood that Depth will merge all future revenues of other businesses into the DAO pool, and share all platform revenues with pledged DEP users. 1. NFT sales in the first quarter exceeded US$2 billion, a 20-fold increase from the previous quarter Data shows that in the first three months of 2021, the NFT market value increased by 1785%, and sales in the first quarter exceeded US$2 billion, a 20-fold increase from the previous quarter. Growth slowed in April but remained substantially above pre-2021 levels. The information shows that institutions and individuals are still entering the market. 2. Sotheby's will start auctioning "the first NFT ever" on June 3. According to reports from Jin Finance, Sotheby's, the world's top auction house, announced that it will hold an NFT art exhibition and exhibition from June 3 to June 10. Online auction event "Natively Digital". The currently announced NFT works include "CryptoPunk No. 7523", "Quantum" and "The Shell Record". Among them, "Quantum" is generally considered to be "the first NFT in history". cast. Additional works will be announced in the coming weeks. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Sevens Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit organization that works with digital artists and young artists to promote new art mediums such as NFTs. Additionally, artists will donate a portion of their profits to organizations dedicated to helping crypto artists, such as the Mint Foundation. Buyers can choose to pay with fiat or cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum). 3. Redline Capital strategically participated in the decentralized NFT rating autonomous platform Marsis According to official news, a few days ago, the decentralized NFT rating autonomous platform Marsis completed a cornerstone round of financing of US$1 million, and Redline Capital participated in the investment. Redline Capital (Redline Capital) is an investment institution that focuses on investing in the field of blockchain technology. It has invested in star projects including DODO, FOR, KINE, etc., and also invested in star exchanges such as FTX, BITWELL, and LBK.


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Golden DeFi Daily | The 24-hour trading volume of Uniswap V3 has exceeded $200 million

DeFi data 1. DeFi total market capitalization: $141.005 billion market capitalization top ten currency ranking data source DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

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