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Highlights: "Animals" are coming.This article will give you an overview of the rare and exotic animals in the zoo



Suddenly, like a spring breeze overnight, the zoo's cute pets are vying to come first. Recently, under the leadership of Dogecoin’s soaring out of the circle, a number of projects named after small animals have begun to emerge, and project tokens have been launched one after another, becoming a popular sector in the encryption field in one fell swoop. This series of projects is also collectively referred to as the zoo series. . So, what kind of "exotic animals" are there in the zoo now? How hot are they? We can get a complete picture of the basics of the zoo through basic project information. (Chart data comes from Mytoken) DOGE (Dogecoin) Zoo series coin soul master, backed by Master Musk and got crazy calls, has appeared on Weibo hot searches many times, and has become a hot item in the current encrypted digital hot spot, In the past year, the increase has reached 17261.9%, and it is currently in the top ten of the encrypted digital market value list. However, due to the influence of some of his remarks, there has been a diving market recently. SHIB (Shiba Inu) In recent days, SHIB has sprung up suddenly, sweeping thousands of troops in the currency circle, and the impressive growth has no intention of stopping at all, creating a hundred-fold increase every day. Just like a big positive line, the whole army will meet with thousands of horses, and the hot search-zce term "Shib up" is often posted on Weibo, which stimulates users inside and outside the circle to run into it wave after wave, and the more capital injected, it is bound to further boost The market value of Gao Shiba Inu. The chairman of the subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives asked FTX to provide documents to investigate bankruptcy events: Golden Finance reported that Raja Krishnamoorthi, chairman of the subcommittee on economic and consumer policy of the U.S. House of Representatives, sent a letter to FTX on Friday. FTX's customers, former employees, and the public deserve answers to questions, the company's decision to suddenly declare bankruptcy, and the potential impact of these actions on customers who use your exchange," the deadline for submitting required information is December 1 It was previously reported that the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives announced that it will hold a hearing on the collapse of FTX next month. [2022/11/19 13:23:49] AKITA (Akita Dog) is one of the dog concept coins, which is a 100 %Decentralized community experiment, the current market is going well, and it is expected that there will be further room for growth. HOGE (Pug) Another representative of the dog concept currency, this currency is a deflationary currency, that is, every time HOGE is used When trading, 1% of the transaction will be deleted or "burned" from the total supply. This ensures that there will never be more HOGE in circulation than it is now. In the past week, HOGE has increased by 118.59%. HOKK (Hokkaido dog) BendDAO liquidation Auction of the first batch of BAYC #842 and BAYC #7860 has been sold: According to news on August 22, the floor price of BAYC recently fell below 70ETH, and BendDAO began to liquidate BAYC through the auction mechanism for the first time, instead of selling NFT to the market, reducing the risk of chain liquidation It is reported that the auction information on the BendDAO chain has attracted the attention of many bidders in the industry since it was released. At present, two BAYCs in the first batch of BendDAO have been liquidated to trigger liquidation, and they are all BAYCs that have attracted market attention before # 842 and BAYC #7860 were acquired by the same bidder at the purchase price of 82.64 ETH and 68.69 ETH respectively. So far, the final bidder has not made a statement. [2022/8/22 12:41:40]HOKK is a A fully decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency, fully controlled by its community, with built-in automatic reward revenue (ARF) technology. In theory, each user is an equal owner and contributor to the network. Recently, the project has created ten DOG (Dogcoin) is a decentralized and extremely deflationary currency based on the Huobi ecological chain. During the operation, the liquidity mining pool is permanently locked, and the ownership of the smart contract is handed over to the black hole on the date of issuance Address, in the distribution of 5% tax deduction for each transaction, 3% of it is added to the MDEX fund pool, 1% is put into the black hole address in real time, and the remaining 1% is allocated to holders outside the black hole. The current DOG is completely owned by the holders The development is driven by the DOG community built by coin users. CleanSpark announced that it has mined 581 BTC year-to-date: Jinse Finance reports that Bitcoin mining company Clea nSpark announced that from January 1 to February 28, CleanSpark mined 581 BTC. CleanSpark continues to hold 494 BTC after converting 253 BTC to business operating expenses focused on a sustainable Norcross facility. Much of this is for growth capital expenditures at the company's Norcross plant, which is expected to increase mining efficiency by 20%. (cryptonewmedia) [2022/3/4 13:36:16] SOGE (Space Dog) SOGE is a foundational ERC-20 coin that supports and celebrates space exploration. Team tokens will be used to establish various partnerships with observatories at high altitudes. These observatories will be used to create custom NFTs based on beautiful images of the night sky. DOG (DogeSwap) DogeSwap is the first batch of decentralized exchanges that support the Huobi ecological chain HECO. It is a new generation of decentralized exchanges based on automated market making (AMM) and combined with ecological incentives. The project aims to combine HECO ecology and decentralized financial concepts bring a high-efficiency, free-trading market to the encrypted asset industry. The first DEX-FairySwap of the privacy public chain Findora announced the cold start: According to official news, FairySwap announced that it has started a 12-day cold start at 0:00 UTC time (8:00 am Beijing time). It is reported that FairySwap is the first DEX built on Findora. Using Findora's EVM, FairySwap provides users with extremely fast cross-chain swaps with L1 chains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The cold start phase of FairySwap lasts for 12 days. From March 3rd to March 14th UTC, all users who own the Findora token FRA can get Fairy rewards by staking FRA, and the pledged users who participate in the cold start will have the opportunity to receive Findora later Fairy NFT in the ecology. [2022/3/3 13:34:27] POODL (poodle) One of the dog concept coins, ten times the coin increase. CHOW (chow lion coin) rose rapidly, with an increase of 174.15% in the past seven days. PIKA (Pikachu) Pika is a 100% meme-based decentralized community experiment, driven by the Pika community. Report: El Salvador's state-run bank accepts 200 Bitcoin ATMs as collateral for $1.5 million in loans: Jinse Finance reports that a state-owned bank in El Salvador issued a loan of more than $1.5 million to a cryptocurrency company, accepting 200 Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs as collateral. The site writes that it has obtained documents proving that Banco Hipotecario de El Salvador (the Mortgage Bank of El Salvador) has signed the loan, which values each machine at $7,760. The loan guarantee period is 36 months. According to reports, the terms of the loan indicate that Athena Bitcoin, a company led by Eric Gravengaard that has launched dozens of BTC ATMs in El Salvador, was added as a "secured creditor or co-signer" of the loan transaction (cryptonews) [2022/2/8 9 :36:43] Although the RVN (Raven Coin) project was launched in 2018, Raven Coin also started trading in March 2018, but it did not show its edge until this year. According to reports, the project is based on a branch of the Bitcoin code and exists as an experimental peer-to-peer digital currency. According to third-party transaction data, RVN has increased by 1027.59% in the past six months, and the market has dropped slightly in recent days. SAP (Flying Elephant Exchange) Flying Elephant Exchange is a revolutionary cross-chain flash exchange platform born under the Canadian blockchain oracle carat. It focuses on liquidity mining and has built-in airdrop pools, liquidity mining pools and NFT mines. The pool provides a Layer 2 solution for AMM-type DEX. The project tokens reached their peak in January this year, and the stage has increased by a hundred times. FEG (orangutan coin) FEG is an experimental progressive deflation DeFi token, in this transaction, each transaction will distribute 1% tax to the holder, and then burn 1% tax, thus incentivizing holding People hold shares and reduce the supply. In the past week, FEG has risen steadily, and the increase has reached ten times in stages. TRTL (Turtle Coin) Anonymous coin TRTL, an encrypted currency designed to protect privacy, can be used as a reward and as a commercial payment, with the characteristics of fast speed, privacy protection, and ASIC resistance. Turtle Coin has risen rapidly, with an increase of 224.68% in the past seven days, and the market value in circulation is also increasing, and the overall performance is good. PET (Pet Token) Battle Pets is a blockchain game for cute pets running on Binance Smart Chain. The game sets that each pet is an NFT, which can be collected, cultivated and equipped with weapons to fight against other pets. Users can obtain PET through liquidity mining and game battle mining. The project has increased by 127.59% in the past 30 days. FOX (Foxswap) Foxswap is a professional decentralized trading platform, which integrates more than 10 kinds of token issuance methods and various fund supervision methods, and completes the rapid cooling of the platform through three methods: transaction mining, liquidity mining and invitation mining. Launched, it is intended to become a one-stop platform for asset issuance, trading, and investment on the Ethereum network. Overall, the project was fluctuating in the early stage, but it is now stabilizing. The MC (Monkey Coin) project was launched in 2019. The project token is issued based on ERC20. The application mainly revolves around blockchain + tip culture, blockchain + community circulation, blockchain + consensus transaction, and blockchain + cultural and creative applications. expand in a field. It will be used as a concept token of the zodiac to showcase monkey culture and develop more cultural and creative application products. CAT (Grey Cat) A token issued by the cat-loving community, the highest price is 0.294 yuan, an increase of more than 200 times in six months. POFI (little yellow chicken) Pollo is a DeFi project that started on March 16 this year. Pollo Swap, Pollo algorithm stable currency and Pollo automatic farming have been released. Pollo aims to build a DAO so that people can contribute to society Get paid at the same time. SCAT (Sad Cat) Sad Cat is an anonymously created, almost independent memecoin primarily for cat lovers. The project is driven by the community. Every week, the Sad Cat team will make public donations on the crowdfunding platform Go Get Funding to nominate kittens in need. In theory, the higher the token price, the higher the donation. BamBooSwap BamBooSwap is a Defi and game AMM decentralized trading platform based on the Binance Smart Chain, aiming to build a decentralized economic ecology based on the Binance Smart Chain. The project token has increased by 640.27% in the past seven days, and the current price is 2.38 US dollars. DUCK (Duck) DuckFinance is a pure YieldGenerator protocol on Binance Smart Chain. By utilizing BSC, DUCKFinance is able to increase transaction speed while significantly reducing fees. The project token has increased by 181.36% in the past 30 days. HUNGRY (Hungry Bear) Hungry Bear was launched on April 12, 2021 by a team in Canada. Hungry Bear is not only a meme coin, but also a charity token. The project is built on Binance Smart Chain and driven by the community. FOX (Fox) FOX is an automatic betting token on the Binance Smart Chain, which provides rewards for holders. The goal of FOX is to build an ecosystem and community, and the publicity content-zce mainly focuses on wildlife protection. PIG (pig coin) PIG is a project released by Binance Smart Chain. It is the first token designed with a black hole. Each transaction has to pay a 5% tax, of which 3% is locked in liquidity, 2% Proportionally allocated to PIG holders. In addition, the project also adopts an innovative automatic liquidation function, which can quickly increase the liquidity of tokens. Based on the unique deflation design and incentive mechanism, whether it is long-term holding or transaction circulation, it will obtain income, and users can realize the steady appreciation of wealth assets. LION (Lion coin) The unique and innovative LION coin smart contract is the first in the world. Every transaction on the chain will automatically deduct one thousandth of the transaction amount and automatically enter the permanent black hole address to realize a fully automatic deflation mechanism. LION is automatically experiencing a Complete decentralization of the market and create a unique community culture. In addition to the projects mentioned above, there are also countless projects in the zoo such as Panda Coin, Teddy Coin, Tutu Coin, Ant Coin, Dragon Coin, Bull Coin, Grumpy Cat, etc. Since the project is relatively new and the number of this section is increasing increasing, and will not be described in detail here. Objectively speaking, the recent upsurge is just the beginning, and we need to continue to pay attention to what new gameplay, new species, and new opportunities will be brought after the upsurge accumulates. At the same time, the underlying value of the animal cute pet trend is not only reflected in the token price itself, but more thinking should focus on the spread and penetration of the value of the industry circle caused by this wave of upsurge, whether it has brought the entire encrypted world, including user groups, Capital flow, technology development and other resources, and this is also the way to win the "explosive money".


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Highlights: "Animals" are coming.This article will give you an overview of the rare and exotic animals in the zoo

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