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Where did the aftermarket graphics cards "swallowed" by go?



Where did the graphics card go? Why do some users buy second-hand graphics cards on What kind of process did you go through in the middle?

"The video card purchased by must not apply for after-sales in at this stage."

Recently, on Weibo and the black cat complaint platform, many users have reported a strange phenomenon: If you bought a graphics card earlier on and applied for after-sales service after a problem occurred, you were told by’s after-sales service that it cannot be repaired or exchanged. Ask for a refund of the original price. At the same time, there are also users who claim that the graphics card they bought at a high price has obvious traces of use and is suspected of being a second-hand card.

At first, this phenomenon was not noticed. With the gradual accumulation of user complaints, coupled with the background of "mining fever triggering graphics card fever", doubts arose everywhere. Some people think that this is because used financial means to "short" the graphics card after sales, and it ended up being sold out. Someone from revealed to Sina Technology that the matter is currently being investigated internally, but no conclusion has been reached yet.

As an e-commerce platform, how did get involved in this unbelievable graphics card puzzle?

After-sales service can also be "financialized"?

Recently, a blogger posted a screenshot of a chat. The content-zce of the chat pointed out: Jingdong suspected that the graphics card would not be repaired after the sale, but asked the user to refund the original price. Behind it was actually using the price increase of the graphics card to engage in "financial innovation" but fell into the graphics card. .

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Source: Internet

Closing positions and closing positions are futures terms, which are used in the field of e-commerce logistics. The above chat content-zce pointed out that Jingdong after-sales service will not directly return the graphics card sent by the user to the factory for repair, but take advantage of the rising price of the graphics card to resell it at a high price, intending to wait for the price of the graphics card to drop before buying it back user.

During the period, users were even asked to refund the original purchase price on the grounds that the repair was not good enough. If they were stalked and refused to refund,’s after-sales service would tear down the west wall and make up for the east wall, and return the cards repaired by others to the customer. user. However, man’s calculation is not as good as heaven’s calculation. Recently, the price of graphics card has not fallen but has risen.

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Sina Technology asked for confirmation on this matter, but there is no response yet. Although this matter has not been confirmed, it is not unfounded, and many signs have appeared before.

Sina Technology found that since March this year, users have complained about the after-sales problems of Jingdong graphics cards. First of all, in the Black Cat complaint, some users said that the original factory of the bad graphics card had already replaced it with JD. Choose a new graphics card, but the price of the graphics card has increased at this time.

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Screenshot Source: Black Cat Complaint

There are a lot of similar feedbacks on Black Cat’s complaints. At present, some of them have been dealt with by Jingdong customer service, and the user feedback problems have been resolved, but there are still many complaints that are still being resolved or unresolved.

A user said that he encountered the same situation. After the new graphics card he bought was sent to Jingdong for after-sales maintenance due to minor problems, he never received the return card. However, he contacted the manufacturer through the SN code, but was told that the graphics card had been repaired and returned to Jingdong. .

"So where did this card go?"

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The user questioned that his graphics card was sold at a high price by insiders of He told Sina Technology that during this after-sales process, the middle product page showed that there was an appointment, "indicating that the warehouse has goods and will not be exchanged", but the customer service specialist said that the goods could not be exchanged, nor could they make up the price difference. He had no choice but to ask Yuan to return it, but after tossing back and forth, the customer service told Yuan that it could not be returned, and the graphics card had been transferred. "We don't know what transfer means. Later, we called back and said that the card was found. Why did it transfer again? This is incredible...Finally, we negotiated a little compensation and refunded it. It was not enough (in terms of time) gone."

The person said that the price of this graphics card has already increased, and the final negotiated compensation, plus the refund, is no longer enough to buy the same model after the price increase.

At the same time, some netizens reported that the graphics card they bought on was suspected to be a second-hand card that was repaired, so they applied for a replacement, but the replacement was delayed, and they were told to wait or return it.

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At present, the after-sales problem of Jingdong graphics cards is not an accidental event, and there are not a few voices who question the use of graphics cards as futures speculative reselling by Jingdong after-sales.

Behind this unbelievable graphics card puzzle, there is a fundamental incentive, which is the recent enthusiasm for graphics cards that has attracted much attention from the market.

In the past, the graphics card may have been a gaming device, but now it has been used by miners as a financial management tool. In recent years, the popularity of virtual cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has continued to rise. Mining, the nickname for the way to get bitcoins, gets its name because its working principle is very similar to mining minerals.

In the mining market, graphics cards are called "miners' shovels".

For example, a bitcoin mining machine is a computer used to earn bitcoins. This type of computer generally has a professional mining chip, and usually works by installing a large number of graphics cards, which consumes a lot of power. The computer downloads the mining software and then runs a specific algorithm. After communicating with the remote server, the corresponding bitcoins can be obtained. This is one of the ways to obtain bitcoins.

Computer graphics cards that can be used for bitcoin "mining" have become extremely sought-after in recent months as the price of the currency has soared. In addition, due to the global "core shortage", graphics card shipments have declined. At the same time, some newly released games, such as "Cyberpunk 2077", put forward higher requirements for graphics card performance.

All of a sudden, graphics cards became hot spots in market transactions. From entry-level graphics cards worth a few hundred yuan to high-end graphics cards worth nearly 10,000 yuan, prices were rising. With the rising prices of virtual currencies, the graphics card market returned to normal. Can't see the end. This has caused many gamers and other users with practical needs to complain again and again.

According to the Xianyu Index, the transaction volume of buying and selling graphics cards on Xianyu has increased for five consecutive months, and the average transaction price has increased by 1,060 yuan, which is nearly double that of the same period last year. Especially since February this year, the turnover of graphics cards has risen sharply. Entering April, the "graphics card fever" has not subsided. Xianyu appeals to users to purchase rationally. It is reported that the platform will set up a special "cooling-off period for graphics cards".

In fact, since the second quarter of 2020, there have been abnormal fluctuations in graphics card prices. Some people in the industry told Sina Technology that they bought a graphics card last year because of playing games. At that time, the price was 2,500 yuan higher than the normal price. Now the price of this graphics card has risen to about 4,700.

Is the graphics card requirement really that big?

The above-mentioned industry insiders believe that the graphics card market under the mining boom is actually not that big, and more people are speculating, purely "speculating", and even taking advantage of it to manage money.

"In fact, there are not so many graphics cards entering the mining machine market, and most of the graphics cards entering the mining machine market are the low-end graphics cards of the previous generation, and few people use some high-end graphics cards to mine. Mining farms have to calculate the cost. Some new graphics cards are expensive, but the computing power has not improved much."

He told Sina Technology that, besides, not all digital currencies can be mined by graphics cards. Many cryptocurrencies are sold by professional mining machines, which do not require ordinary consumer graphics cards.

Judging from the current situation, it is difficult to predict when the price of the graphics card will enter the "cooling off period", and the overheating of the graphics card needs to be vigilant.

The after-sales problem of Jingdong’s graphics card is still a mystery: many users can’t exchange or return the graphics card sent for repair. Where did the graphics card go? Why do some users buy second-hand graphics cards on What kind of process did you go through in the middle?

All kinds of problems point to the after-sales department of the platform or the presence of tricks. Netizens believe that this matter cannot be done by the government, and it may be a private speculation by a small person in the after-sales department. However, if the so-called "financial innovation" operation of the after-sales maintenance department is true, will also have a great responsibility for its ineffective supervision of the maintenance department. has always taken after-sales and logistics as its competitive advantage. Although this incident has not been officially confirmed yet, it is bound to have a greater impact on its reputation. At present,’s handling measures are more about compensating for small indemnities, but the problem has not completely subsided. For consumers, the price of graphics cards has risen at a relatively high rate. Even if part of the compensation is compensated, it is still not enough to pay for the current graphics card transactions. price.

On Xianyu, the trading prices of several graphics cards used for mining have been called to around 10,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan. Many graphics cards are not in stock yet, and the popularity is comparable to Moutai.

In the case of frequent after-sales problems of similar graphics cards, also needs to give consumers a proper response and solution, otherwise it will be difficult to convince the public.

Produced | Sina Technology

Text | Yang Xuemei

Editor | Dapeng Han


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Where did the aftermarket graphics cards "swallowed" by go?

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